Another big, deep, deep breath

I had a very thought provoking and witty post, but it will have to wait.

When I came to my dad’s home this afternoon, he didn’t look good. He was slurring his speech and complaining of pain everywhere. His good friend (who happens to be a doctor) decided to call the paramedics.

So I spent the rest of the evening in the hospital, seriously thinking that I would leave an orphan.

Now, I’m not religious, but I prayed a little to myself. Nothing “religious” just thinking about how on the 8th night of Hanukkah ten years ago, my mother took her last deep breath. I didn’t want this to be a tradition. So I just prayed that my mom was up there, watching over my dad, working he magic.

The neurologist came back saying the CT scan showed much improvement and he was able to leave the hospital later that night even.

So I’m not superstitious or believe in ghosts or anything, but I do think my momma wanted to keep the eighth night just for her.  Plus, every nurse thought my dad actually was Rober De Niro and the doctors were finding it distracting people that patients were asking for autographs (no joke). So tonight, my dad is back in his own bed, where he belongs

Side note: I wanted to give a little shout out thank you to Abby. She managed to text some sense into my nervous meltdown. Sometimes, you just need someone removed from the hoopla to remind you to stay calm and take care of yourself. I already got dibs on Abby so go find someone else 😉


23 thoughts on “Another big, deep, deep breath

  1. Oh wow. I had no idea. What a heart-stopping day. I’m so glad his results show improvements.

    Your Abby is my dad. I call him for everything, and he always knocks sense into my head, even if it’s something I don’t wanna hear. If this happened to my dad, I think I would be in freezing terror. You’re STRONG to survive this, Eden. And I pray that this is the 8th day of Hanukkah to change things.

  2. I am happy to hear you had addy to help you get through these rough times!
    I wish I could do more to help you! So the only thing I can do is tell you that if you ever need to talk or something I am here for you!
    You’re in my thoughts Eden!
    big hug from me

  3. wow, so glad to hear he’s doing better. I am praying that this hanukkah will be a “healing” time for you both. Vent anytime….. its comforting to talk to people that are disconnected from the situation but not from you!
    Big hug!

  4. This must be so hard. I’m impressed with your strength and love for your dad, he is so lucky to have you. I am not religious but I do send as much love and strength as I can to friends and family who need it. I have a very close friend in France, who I call a brother, suffering from leukemia right now, so I am “praying” in my own way. Thinking of you and sending a ton of love your way.

  5. I am so sorry Eden. If I could snap my fingers and make all of this better I would do it in a heartbeat… just as I am sure everyone here would. I know I’ve said it a million times, but your dad is so lucky to have you by his side.

    … I don’t blame the people at the hospital one bit. Your dad is the spitting image of Mr. De Niro.

  6. You and your shout-outs. That’s what friends are for, my dear. I slept with my phone by my bed just in case 😉 Glad it all worked out for the best for now. And yes, take another deep breath…

  7. Your dad does look a little like De Niro now that I think about it! I guess in L.A. it wouldn’t be so incredible that he was in their hospital.

    I know it’s hard for you to try and keep it together right now. Most anyone would be loosing it and highly emotional. Im glad you have someone to talk to and help you get through it.

    ❤ Tori

  8. I wish there was something I could do to take some of this load off of your shoulders. Just know that we all are sending so much love your way!

  9. I am so thankful that your dad is home and alright! I wish there was something more that I could do. Just know that I am truly thinking of you and your dad and pulling for you guys!
    Sending you a big hug.

  10. Holy moly, how did I miss this post too?

    Well, I’m so glad that Dad is home and love the news that the CT is IMPROVED- woot! Yah, your mom can just hog that 8th day of Hannukah all to herself (heart-breaking in and of itself). She needs to be patient as it’s not Dad’s time yet 🙂

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