Butternut Hash and The Final Thank You Letter to YOU!

American Thanksgiving is creeping up on us, and hence this is my final thank you letter. Of course there are many people and things I should thank in my life, and this week of thank you letters barely scratched the surface. But I needed to include this one. It is a truly sincere thank you to all my fellow bloggers, readers, and yes, even those silent lurkers.

Here goes nothin….

Dear Eden’s Eats readers,

First off, I must comend you for putting up with my terrible grammar and spelling. Seriously, I often get asked “who learned me how to right” (hopefully you understood that was a joke). And I must give you bonus points for putting up with my rambles. I have far too many posts I wish I didn’t and I hope I’ve never come off as whiny or a brat (because I was seriously beginning to think that after my lululemon post).

Like many bloggers when I first started out it was basically out of curiosity, and a simple way of virtual socializing. The great part of it was I found that I could participate when I wanted to, and didn’t have to sit there and try and make small talk amongst a group of people like you do in a standard setting

In all honesty, it is you that keep my coming back to my computer, typing up whatever shenangins I have swirling in my mind, creating inventive and some not so inventive recipes. In many ways, you’ve helped me in my journey to self fulfillment. I have felt so in adequate most of my life; that I have no purpose. But knowing that someone, even if its one person, gets a kick out of me…… well, that makes my heart smile (hmm, thats corny, “hearts smiling”, eh whatever, I’m leaving that in there).

Going to the foodbuzz festival this year really reminded me that I am indeed capable. Sure, I’m not “popular” and I high doubt people her wispering about me as I walked by. It was as simple as Sophia crushing my arms with hers in a tight embrace and a shriek, “OMG! Your Eden!”.  Its as simple as seeing bloggers comment on every single post of mine even if I dont get a chance to comment on theirs. Yep, even those of you who never read my posts but leave a comment anyhow(and yes, I can usually tell who you are by your comments and boy do I hope you actually read this one!). Even the snarky commenters I embrace, because I’m not excatly miss nicey nicey myself.

So I’m happy there are actually people that give a shit about what I have to say or what recipe I conjure. I’m happy you all aren’t obsessed with what I eat at every meal or “healthy” I am (not!). I’m thankful for you just caring even for a breif moment. I don’t find myself all that interesting. I dont consider myself “recovered”, I dont know how to brilliantly “veganize”  foods, and lord know my photography needs a lot of work. But if I have ever just once made you smile or smirk, well, my job here on earth might be done. But don’t worry, I hope to stick around for a while. I am just thankful for all of your support and your friendship.

So I hope you bloggers that indeed never actually read take a small moment to merely skim if you must, because I do want to extend a thank you to each and every person who had come and visited me. Has reading or writing blogs helped you or maybe harmed you? Are you thankful for them?

On a totally unrelated note, I dragged Sophia for a Whole Foods run and I’m sharing the evidence of this excursion.

Foodbuzz would be so proud sophia!


there is nothing like sophia coming to attack you with brussel sprout bat in the middle of whole foods

stroking vegetables

Ok, so now for a recipe since I’ve been test running them for the big day. This one was quiet a hit so it might make an appearence on my table this year. For the hash you will need:

-1 peeled and seeded butternut squash

-1 onion sliced thinly

-2 tbs mararine or butter



-salt and pepper

Saute and the onions in the butter until they are translucent. Add the shredded butternut squash and spices. 

Cook the squash until golden for about five minuets.

Hash it out


30 thoughts on “Butternut Hash and The Final Thank You Letter to YOU!

  1. I’m thankful for you as well! I understand what you said in this letter–the reasons you blog are all of the same reasons that I do.

    I can’t wait to plan our vacation (let’s get it figured out this week and we can unroll it next week, what ya think?)

  2. I always read your posts Eden, and I definitely do not think you are a brat! Especially after meeting you in person, I know you aren’t a brat. I really can’t wait until the next time I see you.
    Jealous that you get to hang out with Sophia, and at a Whole Foods. You see, in College Station I have neither a Sophia nor a Whole Foods.

  3. Oh please. You don’t know it, Eden, but when we returned to the hotel, Mimi, Jackie and I definitely gossiped about you. No worries, no bad stuff, just how cute and amazing you are. I liked you immediately for your outburst of “I’m not healthy!” like, 5 seconds after we met. Hahaha!

    Dang. Me and brussel sprouts tree. I look fierce. I should carry a brussel sprout bat everywhere I go. Nobody would mess with me then! Ha!

    By the way, I definitely am VERY thankful for the wonderful community that is this blog world. Healthy living, vegans, lacto-pesca-vegetarians, gluten-frees, bullshitters, non-bullshitters, bacon-lovers, everyone. I love them. 😀

    • AHAHAHA! “I’m not healthy!” ha! indeed, you and me both. Just like we almost got kicked out of whole foods today! And yes, maybe that brussel sprout tree might even scare away vegans. And I especially like the bullshitters, you know, opposites attract!

  4. I’m so thankful for my readers (that includes you!) and the fact that I have the opportunity to blog in this community. You have definitely made me smile or smirk more than once, and even pulled at my heartstrings a few times. You may not have the best grammar, but damn you know how to make a blunt statement that will stick in the heads of readers until the end of the world 😛

  5. I love your shennanigans, its always a good read and very REFRESHING to hear! I am glad you blog is the way it is, grammer and all (I think I do the same anyway). I love love love your Character and your passions (witty, honest, talented yogi, etc)!

    So thanks for the letter to us, and in return, we thank you!
    got any good recipes with butternutsquash puree? Something super simple?

  6. I’m thankful you write like you talk/think instead of trying to be some grammar Nazi. (If you ever write a book and get famous, I will be your editor. It’s kind of my job, but I’ll only demand payment in the form of quality time and food spent with you.) You’re you–take it or leave it–and I’ll take it.

    I’m also thankful for the blog world in every way you (and Sophia) mentioned, as I actually feel like I have “friends” that get me for once in my life. Corny? Yes, but it’s true. They accept me even if I’m snarky and moody or annoyingly positive (it does happen on occasion.)

    I’m not thankful that I’m hundreds/thousands of miles away from all these cool people and that I have no Whole Foods/Trader Joes/blogger friends in the area. However, I’ll take what I have and run with it 🙂 (Well, not run, but gently walk in a non-exertive way.)

    • I feel the same. It’s almost scary, but there are a handful of people I’ve never met before, and I feel closer to them than to most of the people I know in “real” life. Blogging has helped me so much! Most important, it got me to find those people that are of the same kind that I am, even if they live on the other side of the planet.

  7. Thank you for your insightful blog, Eden! I look forward to it every day 🙂 That butternut squash hash looks amazing, too 🙂

  8. I wish I had a vegetable shredder. Or didn you use a cheese gratter? I just bought 2 butternut squash for Thanksgiving. I was just going to roast them cause I’m creative like that ;0

    Have any suggestions though?
    Happy Thanksgiving girl!!
    ❤ Tori

  9. Ohman, that butternut hash is right up my alley!

    Thank you for being YOU Eden. You really are a fabulous blogger, and your spirit always shines through in your posts!

    I am however amazingly jealous of that Whole Foods trip.

  10. thank YOU for making me want to go into my pantry right now and break into the butternut squash that has been in there for almost a month. haha i just wish it wasn’t such a pain in the ass to cut that biotch open!

    thank YOU for always being you and just being cool 😉

  11. Eden–I made the hash for dinner tonight–it’s amazing!!! Definitely going to be making this alot in the weeks to come. Thanks for the recipes–and great post, otherwise 🙂

  12. I always look forward to your posts Eden! You always call it like you see it, and usually say what I’m thinking in my head… So thank you for being brave enough to “say it out loud!”

  13. thank you all for being there and being you!
    you all help, not just for recovery but for actually being an enriching part of my life. no thanks giving stuff here in london for me per se butbeing thankful should always have time , so thanks, ta and much appreciated (spelling?)

  14. Thank YOU for blogging Eden!! You’re one of the few blogs I still look forward to reading through because you actually have real things to say. You’re funny, up front about real life issues, insightful, inspirational, and beautiful. I want to read about you and learn from you, not see a chronicle of what you’re eaten, or how much you’ve exercised, or how healthy you are. Sure, it’s great that there are so many healthy resources and girls that write about that out there, but it’s just not one of my top priorities. I love a good recipe, but food doesn’t define who you are or your self worth, whether you’re a junk foodie, healthy foodie, vegan, omni, or exclusively purple food eater. It gets boring.
    I love Sophia too because she doesn’t hide who she is, whether people like it or not! And I also am obsessed with WF but have made myself take a break from the $$ suck for a while. I want to make squash or pumpkin latkes for Hanukkah this year but am not looking forward to the time involved grating! Your dish looks scrumptious though 🙂
    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  15. Clearly I am really, really behind on my blog reading. But I loved your letter to your readers and blog-friends. It made my heart smile too. 🙂

    Sophia looks so adorable with the brussels sprouts stalk in hand, lol.

    I would love to hash it out asap

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