Butternut Squash Wontons and “Thank You” Letter To Lululemon

I know, your probably sick of this “thank you” letter kick I’m on.

Suck it up, I’m gonna do two more and than back to normal Eden rambles.

Today, I’d like to thank something very vain. Yoga has done a lot for me spiritually and physically, but this is not a thank you letter to yoga. I thank yoga at every class I take when I bow my head to my heart.

No, this is a thank you letter to lululemon.

Dear Lululemon,

Where do I begin?! Well, the addiction started innocently enough with a pair of yoga pants. Now I’ve read the fabric description that you come up with to use in your yoga pants (“Luon”) and that’s all fine and good. But I’m pretty sure it’s some NASA scientist’s discovery on how to make every woman’s booty look good. I can weay them to yoga or to dinner. You can stuff them into Uggs. OK, I won’t win a fashion award for this look, but it’s the ultimate in comfort. They’re indeed an incredible improvement on sweats (as sweats make me feel fat, you?) and they make my legs look slim (especially black yoga pants). And hey just make me feel fit. Awesome, instead of the gym, I slip into yoga pants and I’m fitter already!

I love that you give discounts to yoga teachers in order to wear your gear and give feedback on items so you are constantly looking to improve on the original.

Being veritcaly challenges, most pants run super long on me. So I thank you tremendously for offering to hem them for free. Could you do some work on my jeans?

Yes, you can be pricy,but I wont hold that against you. I can buy a dress at $90 and wear it once or a ski jacket at $100+ that I wear maybe a few times a year. In my mind, based on my wear pattern of Lulu gear, I consider it money well spent.

And after being in Yoga teacher training school all day, I myself am spent.


Eden (and Eden’s Ass)

And now lets look at the many ways I wear yoga pants:

In snow

On the couch

Stuffed in Uggs at social occasions

Is there an article of clothing you’d like to thank? Do you have a “uniform”, an outfit you find yourself wearing all too frequently? Personally, I find myself resembling a Lululemon retail sales girl with flip flops. And no, I dont work at Lululemon, but they better start paying me dontcha think?

Ok, so like yesterday, I am testing some thanksgiving recipes for the big day. Oy….what a  mess did I get myself into telling everyone I’m fine with hosting! Anyhow, these can be light dessert or appetizer. I tried these on the sweeter side today. You will need:

-Wonton wrappers

-peeled, seeded and steamed butternut squash (or pumpkin or any other type of winter squash)


-pumpkin pie spice or nutmeg

– 1 tbs brown sugar

-walnuts (optional)

(for a savory version, omit the sugar and try it with sage and a little butter)

Mash together the squash with the spices, sugar, and walnuts. Take a little spoonful of the mash and place it in the center of the wonton. Wet you finger and run it across the edges to ensure it seals. Fold the wonton wrapper in half and crimp the edges a little bit. Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes. It might take a little more or less but these wont take very long so dont go watch an episode of glee or something. Stick around the kitchen and check to see when they are golden. You can garnish with some cinnamon or powdered sugar or some kosher salt if you are making savory ones.

19 thoughts on “Butternut Squash Wontons and “Thank You” Letter To Lululemon

  1. I have only been in Lululemon once – in Philly. We don’t have a store here. The only things I purchased were headbands though. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay those prices. Though, I know that you typically get what you pay for. I don’t know that I really have a typical “Heather” uniform actually. Jeans perhaps…

  2. I am notorious for always wearing jeans. Always. And I have a green jean jacket that I have owned since I was 15. I still wear it all of the time. I really want Lulu yoga pants, but you now me, I get scared away by prices. Then again, I know it will be worth it, because I would wear them all of the time. I may ask for them for christmas.

    • I honestly thing they are worth it. They last forever and most items there are under 90 bucks. I’ve yet to get rid of any of my lulus and I’ve been buying from them since my freshman year at college. The best part, most of their stuff is reversible, so its like two in one.

  3. It’s so freaking hard to find yoga pants for myself! I’m 5’9 so as you can imagine, most of them I try on are more like capri pants on me 😦

    If Lululemon has some good yoga pants, in long inseams, I’d buy those suckers!! I have one good grey pair of yoga pants I got at Target (of course) and that’s all. The rest I’ve bought, I usually end up cutting even shorter to make shorts out of them instead of walking around “flooding”. It sucks being tall……….

  4. I love hoodies. I don’t know if it’s the lazy college girl in me, but they always look inviting before 9am classes.
    And best of luck prepping for the thanksgiving dinner! What a trooper you are to be hosting!
    And those wontons look delish…

  5. Honestly.. I’ve never been to a Lululemon! I love all their stuff, but I’ve never been close enough to an actual store to go and snoop… and I don’t think I could ever justify paying almost a hundred bucks for a pair of track pants – no matter how cute they make my booty look.
    For me, my ‘uniform’ is usually a pair of AE jeans with a tank top and zip-up hoodie of some sort. I love American Eagle 🙂

  6. I love their clothes and pants! I live in mine. Too bad I only have one pair. I might have to become a yoga instructor just to get a discount, okay I kid I kid, but hey….it might be worth it. I like letters, its fun!

  7. I’ve only been in that store once–in Dallas–and sorry, unless they come with $100 worth of groceries or a hot pool boy to give me a personal massage, there is no way I could pay $90 for pants. My uniform at home is a T-shirt, sweatshirt and track/yoga pants (under $20.) Otherwise it’s jeans and my tennis shoes 😉

    Then again, if yoga was my “job,” I might be able to justify it as a business expense and purchase a pair.

  8. I sometimes find myself in full Lululemon, which is the Vancouver uniform, and think “oh crap”. But hey, it’s so comfortable and it does my butt some favors so who’s complaining?

    I’d like to thank my mom for picking up a pair of 5euro thick leggings in France that I notoriously wear every day to work with boots and a long cardigan. It’s like maternity wear at it’s finest.

    • I have a feeling if I ever get pregnant, its gonna because I will need an excuse once and for all for why I dress the way I do. And maybe why I eat the way I eat as well!

      • Also free range of getting someone to run out and get chocolate covered almonds or barbecue potato chips at midnight because the baby needs them.

  9. i’ve seen this brand before but I was put off by the price tag they carry.
    I love you letter and I think your humour is fantasitc! i really enjoy reading your letters these days 😉 hope there are loads more to come

  10. I’ve made something like those wontons before… we weren’t really crazy over them, but that’s because I used canned pumpkin, and I think it required roasted pumpkin. 😉

    Article of clothing… Victoria’s Secret yoga shorts (which are no longer available… tear) and Aeropostale hoodies. I have lost count of how many hoodies I own. It’s really quite frightening.

    ❤ ❤

  11. If you find me on your doorstep on Thanksgiving begging for these wontons, don’t be too surprised… My lulu yoga pants are life changing. I just put a pair of their running crops on my Christmas list! I would say my uniform changes with the seasons. Currently it’s jeans, a sweater, and boots. Always boots.

  12. You’re so pretty Eden. You have like super flawless skin!
    I like the way the yoga pants looked inside the UGGs the best 😉
    I usually buy cheapo yoga pants from Marshalls lol!

  13. Oh my gosh, I don’t know why I didn’t discover Lululemon gear sooner! Since I knew they were pricey, I always steered clear of that store– thinking I was “better off” not knowing about their cute clothes. But 3 weeks ago, against my better judgment, I walked into my local store and fell in LOVE with everything! I don’t know how they do it, but those pants are miracle-workers in the butt department! I’m hooked! (and totally jealous of your discount!)

  14. I’d like to thank my jacket. It’s big and warm and comforting, and putting it on is like putting a protective cocoon around me. I’m a jacket person in every respect.

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