Myth Busting Monday: Foodbuzz Festival Edition and More Sanrio Pics

Since the foodbuzz festival wiped me out last week, I skipped “Myth Busting Monday”.

So to make it up, I’ve written up a special “Foodbuzz Myth Busting” edition.

For those of you who frequent the many food blogs, I’m sure you have had enough of all the pictures and recaps. But I have yet to see a blogger conjure up myth busting like me. Hmmm…Think I’m cocky much????

Anyhow, without further ado…..

Myth #1: The Foodbuzz Festival will be a giant estrogen infused popularity contest: This was my fear before going. And yes, there were a lot of women, but many men too. Plus, some female bloggers dragged their significant others along with them. I have a feeling no guy would object to a free food Β and booze emporium with other hot babes walking around. So that takes care of the gender myth. As far as popularity goes, I think there were SO many different bloggers that popularity became a little bit of an after thought. Β I did feel some bloggers wanted to hang out with “popular” bloggers (although I don’t know what they were trying to get at, as if being next to someone who get a lot of comments will automatically give you a lot of traffic?). All in all though, people were open minded. Many people I became fast friends with never heard of me and I wasn’t expecting them too. But the cool people stuck by me not because of my blog, but because I was a damn cool person. No one got special attention because they were popular (at least I didnt feel they did) and no one walked around with their stats on their tag. I think the only contest held was that lame natures pride raffle they had at the tasting pavilion (and who ended up wining that?).

Sophia's eye balls turned into radishes by the end of the evening

Myth #2: You will eat SO much and surely gain a few lbs: Many people fear this when they take vacations. I’m unusual in that I end up loosing weight when I’m not at home. Anyhow, the reality is that the foodbuzz folk dont feed you all that much. You get lots of free nibbles and samples and yes, a gala dinner, but that’s about it! Don’t count on them to feed you breakfast (aside from the farewell brunch which was nice in theory but the food was kind of lame). I’m not complaining. San Fran has so top notch restaurants that are worth a visit. But I think people assume since its “FOODbuzz” there is food everywhere you turn. Plus, everyone seems to really like working out and San Francisco is home to some pretty steep inclines. So I would not worry about being away from your gym or whatever. And even if by chance you do gain a little weight, so what?! two or three days won’t tip the scales that much and when else are you given this kind of tasting opportunity? Eat up while you can!

Myth #3: My blog is new and no one will know who I am, so I better not go: This was at the forefront for me too. Although I had my old blog from five years ago, Eden’s Eat’s is fairly young (about 8 months). And truly, its only recently that I started having the balls to actually comment on some peoples blogs. So I felt I would not belong. Plus, my blog isn’t all about food. In fact, its a fairly small part. So I felt like I’d look like a desperate deer in the headlights in front of some other veterans. But everyone I clicked with was super cool. I’ve been reading Holly’s blog for a long time and only started commenting when I realized she was going to foodbuzz and thought she might as well know that I read her blog so I dont look like a doofus reading her! But I think even if I had never commented, Holly would have been awesome. She greeted me with a warm hug as if I’d known her for years. I think even if you blog is a week old, there is something about meeting people in person that makes it easier for them to warm up to you. I dont think there is much room for snobbery. I mean you have a blog, you didnt cure cancer.

Myth #4: Foodbuzz is just a giant advertisment: Um, yes, there is a hell of a lot of product placement, but I will not criticize it because they pay for all of our swag and the food and all that. I actually think foodbuzz is a genunirley cool company. The CEO had a chat with me on friday night (I did not know he was the CEO until into our conversation, I asked what his blog was and he said he doesn’t have one because he is the CEO of foodbuzz). The people there really care about bloggers using the internet as a form of expression and truly building a community, yes, as cheesy as that sounds. I just wish smaller companies could have gotten their hand in there instead huge companies like “nature’s pride” and “electrolux”.

Myth #5: The hotel rooms are teeny: Actually, they are fairly small. But most of the buildings there are old so I guess thats the small price to pay for a little authenticity.

Do you have any myths about foodbuzz you’d like to know te truth about? Or any myths you would like me to bust? Are you getting kind of tired of myth busting monday? I’m running out of myths!

And as promised, more pictures from the Sanrio Festival and Blogger meetup. Check out yesterday’s post for our video!

Dont you wish we all just had bakeries of plastic pastries in our pockets?

I think I could like this version of hello kitty

I'm totally digging this version

I think Amanda is cuter than hello kitty!

This piece is made entirely of jelly beans! I have a feeing though that after a couple of beers, I'd be eating it off the wall!


28 thoughts on “Myth Busting Monday: Foodbuzz Festival Edition and More Sanrio Pics

  1. It’s good to know it wasn’t a big giant clique or popularity contest! I like it! Hopefully, someday me and you can meet. I can imagine we’d have an awesome time together.

    But, I will say this…I just want all of us bloggers to meet somewhere for the hell of it and not for a conference! I dont want to pay registration fees or sit around in presentations all day–I want to be out there, partying and hanging out with everyone the whole time! I just want a blogger vacation! for the hell of it πŸ™‚

    • I totally agree with you! The thought of presentations, registrations, scheduled “fun” and lack of time to really just hang out sounds like work to me. Blogging is a hobby and I want to just hang out with all the awesome people I’ve virtually met πŸ˜‰

  2. Is that Sophia from Slurps & Burps? She seems like a sweetheart. Sound like you had fun. I think my imagined myth would be that everyone at foodbuzz would be a food snob who knows things like what wine to pair with what dish!

  3. GAH! Eden! Not supposed to be advertised! (the secret plan I mean!)

    Anyway. I wish I had met the CEO of Foodbuzz. I would have begged him to accept me as a (paying) intern.

    “I mean you have a blog, you didnt cure cancer.” –> wahahahah! So true…though, I think some bloggers may think they indirectly do with their healthilicious green monsters and supplements and what-not.

  4. thank you for this!!! And sophia’s right, you’re spot on —sometimes i feel so intimidated by the “big blogs” that i refuse to comment even if i read them religiously or whatnot, as if the person who is writing is some kind of celebrity.
    foodbuzz looks like it was so much fun. thanks for bringing it down to earth for those of us who didn’t feel cool enough to go(me) or jsut, ya know, aren’t particularly falling in the food-blogger category (me, again) πŸ˜‰

  5. ‘I mean you have a blog, you didnt cure cancer.’ Hehehe… I love this, because it’s easy to get incredibly serious when it comes to blogging. I mean, after all, ANYONE can write one πŸ˜›

  6. Wow! These are great myths! Maybe I should go next year πŸ™‚

    I, lke you, and weird and lose weight when I’m out of town. I think its because I don’t have all the food in my own fridge saying “ooo…I can make a yummy dessert/snack/dinner/breakfast!”

  7. It sounds like you had a fabulous time! I hope I can make it to a conference next year. I’ve had such a blast with all of the girls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting randomly!

  8. I think some people do get carried away with their own blog fame. And I admit that I got a little giddy when I saw certain “big” bloggers. But it was a very fun weekend, and not an estrogen filled popularity contest. It was full of a lot of real people who share the same fascination with food.
    Eden, you think of such creative and honest ways to talk about th same things everyone else is talking about. Great post!

  9. honey! one word for this post: RELAX! I know you’re talking about myth but seriously isn’t it crazy how our minds start racing before we go to an event. I wish i could just chill and enjoy myself instead of worring about what all the OTHER people will think or feel.

  10. Love this. I definitely felt a little bit lost at this event! But I think that has less to do with the event and more with me being very overwhelmed by brig crowds, and I ended up meeting a lot of amazing women whose blogs I’d never read! And there was a lot of wine. So that helped.

  11. Your thoughts on this are really appreciated from (1) a new blogger and (2) someone that didn’t go to the Foodbuzz Festival but read all about it and thought it must be overwhelming.

    πŸ™‚ Happy Monday.

  12. hahaha i pictured foodbuzz as a place where all the bloggers try and swarm around the popular ones. if that was the case i would take that opportunity to hit the food tables hahaha.

  13. A few random thoughts.

    I felt like the only boy in a sea of girls. Maybe I am dumb. I found some people to be a bit high schoolish, but I don’t care. I came to eat, dammit! I really think some people view Foodbuzz as the best thing they will do. I don’t want to make fun of people, and while Foodbuzz is really enjoyable, I’ve had better. The only reason I go is for food and drinks. And some people are cool too!

  14. I’m glad you wrote this! I didn’t end up going, but not for any of the reasons/myths that you wrote about (although I did have many of those preconceived notions). As a relatively “baby blogger” I find myself sticking with (and preferring) those “less popular” blogs [like mine? ;)] and as they are the people I want to meet…and probably in a more interesting setting, like a quirky restaurant or coffeeshop. I did have a this vision of the “cele”bloggers holding autograph signing sessions or something…but since I’ve actually met a lot of them in person already I felt like I’d be OK with that. πŸ™‚

    And lame that there is not that much food. I’d want to be FED.

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