Flax Crepes and Blog Reading “Filter”

Hey everyone!

So just a heads up, tomorrow I’ll be attending a very special blogger meet-up (yes, the festival made us bloggie friends rather addicted to each others’ company). So be on the lookout for a very awesome recap.

By now, the “recaps” of the Foodbuzz festival have winded down more or less. I can’t believe it was last week! A part of me wishes I can go back in time. There were many bloggers that I read and never got a chance to meet. I think I should have been more ballsy and talked to the people who I’ve never heard of and more likely never heard of me.

I got a sudden wave of pressure to churn out really stellar posts right after foodbuzz. I had a feeling I would get some new readers so it felt sort of like your parents coming to visit your apartment so you better tidy up and make a good impression.

But this got me thinking about how I choose which blogs to read.

I will say this, my blog-readership preferances have evolved quite a bit.

I first began blogging my freshman year of college. I started Nutritious Junk.com which was mainly a tongueΒ and cheek food review site. It was quirky, but kinda lame. I read other “review blogs” and that was about it. I dont read much of the blogs I read in college.Β I started reading other sorts of blogs after treatment and culinary school.

I think one of the first of this new blog reading kick was Janetha’s and Heather’s. I still read them nearly daily. I read a bunch of other blogs I dont really visit anymore and obviously I won’t name them. Its not that they stink, but I lost interest. And mind you, for a long ass while, I never commented because nutritious junk was defunct and was nervous about posting as just a reader for some reason.

I finally decided to start a brand new one. With that, I started reading a new batch of blogs. Abby was a big inspiration for starting my blog because she proved to me you can be a total foodie and still “have issues”. And boy do I have issues!

With that, I started reading blogs from my favorite blog’s blogrolls. I had a hard time getting myself to comment on blogs with LOTS of comments, but I still read them. I started reading the blogs that were loyal to leaving comments with me and I started clicking on other commenters on other people’s posts to discover new blogs.

Now I think I actually have a big filter as far as blog reading.

Am I biased to reading the blogs of the people I’ve actually met?

Absolutely.Β I won’t deny it. When you actually realize you mesh well with a blogger in person, you look at their blog a little differently. This may sound harsh, but you start to truly give a shit about what they say. Not that I dont care about the troubles and lives of people I haven’t met, I most certainly do! But it takes on a new meaning when you click with them in person.

But with that said, I’ve let go of many blogs. For one, I dont have time to blog surf all day. It would be fun, but its unrealistic. Second, I dont have internet on my phone (I know, I live in the stone age) so I dont have access to these blogs 24/7. Lastly, I have evolved and some things that other bloggers talk about just dont interest me. I dont like whiny bloggers, ultra negative/self depreciating ones, I dont care what people ate at every single meal, and I dont like bloggers that are cold in real life. Yes, if you are an a-hole to me and I like your blog, I will stop reading you blog.

But I do want to stay positive, so what kind of blogs attract me?

I like authenticity more than anything. I like it when I can see a personality shine through. This is why I’m not surprised my favorite bloggers are awesome in person. Sure I like food, but I dont look at blogs for food porn. But I have no problem if lovely shots do entice you to read certain blogs. I have a lot of respect for good photography and I know how time consuming it can be. I like bloggers that having thought provoking ideas and insights. I like getting practical tips; anything from house cleaning to fixing things. Humor is a big plus. And yes, inventive recipes are appealing too. I dont even browse cookbooks anymore! I just turn to my fellow bloggers!

Boy did I ramble! I’m done now!

So how do you “filter” which blogs you read? What grabs your attention when checking new blogs, what gets you coming back to that blog?

So I tried to make granny smith apple chips this afternoon, but my oven was on way too high so I ended up burning them. So instead, I made a flax crepe and used the apple chips as a garnish. This isn’t that innovative but it is yummy.

-1/2 liquid egg whites or 2 whole eggs

-3 tbs flaxseed meal

-1/2tsp baking powder

-2 tbls almond or any other milk

– stevia or sweetener of choice (I actually didn’t use any, so this could be a savory crepe as well)

Mix all the ingredient in a blender or with a mixer. In a well-greased and heated skillet, pour about half the batter (to make a large one). Cook for about a minuet on each side. Serve with failed apple chips.

36 thoughts on “Flax Crepes and Blog Reading “Filter”

  1. I am a bit jealous that you are all meeting, but I cannot wait to see pictures and read recaps. My blog reading list has changed these days. I use to read a lot of “healthy living” blogs, and now I read a lot more food friendly blogs and blogs from people I have met. Because like you said, I actually care about them. I get intimidated by all the comments on some blogs, too, but then I realize that it isn’t a big deal. Just comments. And mine will most likey be cherished and read, too!
    I do like to look at blogs for food porn, because the pictures inspire me to cook and bake things.

  2. I have to be honest…I sometimes skim. Especially if the blog post is just about daily eats. I have zero interest in oatmeal and healthified recipes and workout regimes. I read blogs the way people read facebook updates: to socialize. I am so much more interested in the person behind the blogs, so I pay more attention when they start talking about their life, or their thoughts. Esp if I met them in person, I would catch up on their blogs as often as I can…even if I sometimes find the content boring.

    I can’t stand self-deprecation, or constant negativity as well. It makes me sad. But I still find myself sometimes visiting these blogs because I’ve interacted with them somewhat, and genuinely like the blogger. I just have a mushy heart. Or maybe I’m just nosy.

    My favorite blogs have strong passions, and a unique voice and personality that makes me FEEL stuff. Honestly, I’m not interested in learning about new nutrition updates, or how to make raw desserts. Or even recipes, because I prefer to make up my own. And if I needed information and news, I would look somewhere else. Blogs, to me, is about the community, the emotions, the excitement, the passion.

  3. I kind of do what Sophia does. I skim blogs through the pictures, and into the text that is descriptive pertaining to the person. I’m so interested in reading about people and their journeys, their insights, and the more personal and individual the blog, the more interesting I find it. I’m still new to the whole blog world, I’m amazed that some bloggers blog 3x a day!

  4. My favourite blogs have some sort of substance to them. Honestly, the ones that just have daily meal shots are good food porn and all, but I could live without them in an instant. When people talk about themselves and open up it usually has a big impact on me, and I start really wanting to get to know the person behind the words. I’ve never met anyone in person, but I have a huge list of people that I would just love to meet!
    Also, art is a big thing for me. If someone expresses their content with brilliant words, I am hooked because I am such a english nerd at heart πŸ™‚ I also love to see other art, whether it be paintings or food photography.

  5. Since we’re spilling our guts I admit to reading ADD as well. Especially people with extremely long posts and multiple pictures of the same things.

    I am going to try that crepe today! Thanks!

  6. Interesting idea on choosing the blogs we/I read. I started off reading blogs with fantastic veggie friendly recipes as well as blogs about lifting and working out, even running. There are some blogs I still read and some I stopped reading. I am with you on authenticity. If they don’t feel honest and sincere, forget it. Also, there are some bloggers who never ever ever reply to commenters. I know that you can’t always reply. But when there are never replies…are they really even paying attention? I love interacting with my readers.

  7. I love reading blogs that have good messages-oh, and pictures!!! I can’t stand reading anything without pictures…it is just too long!

    I don’t like the this is what i did and ate blogs, but those that share recipes, stories, and ideas!!

  8. Pretend I said what Sophia said, as ironically, hers was one of the first blogs I read. Like you, I don’t have the Internet on my phone (and don’t want it) and don’t have tons of time to just read about other people’s lives, as I kind of prefer to have one of my own. But with that said, I’m tied to the computer all day for work, so that allows me to catch up on my favorite people quite often.

    For me, that’s what it is–the people. I couldn’t care less about the food or exercise. If I feel that connection because of the food or exercise, great, but otherwise I think the same thing applies to blogs as it does in real life. Sometimes you meet someone and you just “click,” while others are just “meh” and not the best use of your time. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that it’s not for you.

    I sometimes worry that my blog is too “meh” because it’s the only place I ever really open up and I fear I sound whiny when in fact, I’m totally not. But then again, if you like me even a little whiny, you would love me in real life πŸ˜‰

  9. I read blogs because of the persons as well. The most appealing features are a witty, humorous, and / or passionate style of writing, combined with some nice pics. Although I appreciate beautiful food pics, I really like if the pics reflect something of the life of the bloggers. I don’t read so many blogs, rather a few I follow regularly because of the persons behind them.

  10. It’s funny how our “taste” in blogs develops. I know that my blog has changed a lot since I started it a year ago (and now in the last month with the move and job change), and I think as I’ve found my voice as a writer my taste in what I choose to read every day has definitely changed. I also have less time than I used to so I have cut back on the blogs I read and comment on. Quality over quantity right? I do love the relationships I’ve built with people I haven’t even met though! I feel like I know more about some of my “blog friends” lives than I do some of my real life friends who I only catch up with once a week!

  11. I think my blogging/commenting history is just about the same as yours! And I look for the same things too and try to comment on blogs that I know read mine as well. But it’s not like I comment just because I feel like I should. I really have grown to love every blog that I comment on, and I don’t waste my time trying to like the ones I feel like I “should” like because it’s popular or whatever. And I;m like you in that I don’t ever really comment on the blogs that get like 50+ comments every post. I feel like my comment would just get lost in the crowd, you know?

  12. I filter my blogs a lot like you do, the downers are just not fun to read. It’s understandable to have bad days but week after week, it gets ridiculous. Especially after seeing how many comments they get trying to help them, but they don’t take the advice and just remain depressing. Ugh. Other than depressing people, those that are in denial, self ritious, sarcastic, stuff like that. Basically, anybody who I’d like to actually meet in person..I’d like to read their blog.

  13. If I could read blogs all day I would…but unfortunately nobody pays me to do so. Yet. I love reading about people’s lives and where they go and what they do! I blog less so I have more to read about others lives.

    There is a blog meet up today??

  14. Sophia’s right – I started reading blogs originally because I was looking for gluten-free recipes, which I’ve founds loads of! But, although I like the recipes, it’s all about the personality of the person writing it and the humour… they’re the ones I’ll go back to which is why I like yours – it’s individual! πŸ™‚

  15. It really depends on the blog. I prefer the blogs with personality no matter what though – sarcastic, witty, humorous, personal. But, I do read some just for recipe inspiration, and some because I am friends with the author and some because they are hysterical (food or otherwise) and some because they have great information.

    I guess I don’t have a blog personality? That sounds so lame.

  16. my favourite blogs are those that i can learn something from, usually health or fitness, not necessarily food or what someone is or is not eating. i also lean towards a possitive attitude as i find complaining is draining.

    this is a great topic, thanks for starting it! it’s intereseting to know what others in the blogosphere are thinking.

  17. I like blogs tht are raw and real. Even though, I don’t really do that with mine, haha. But I like to see people’s thoughts, humor, and overall personality shine. And if they have good inventive recipes, thats even better. Why do you think I a still linger around yours…..REAL, RAW, and oh how I love sarcasm (sophia’s sarcasm is awesome too)! Plus recipes are creative yet simple. Lovely!

  18. it’s not fair we’ve never met so that pushes me out of your favorite blogger list. hahahaha i kiiiid of course!

    by the way i totally want to make cornbread tomorrow! i think it would go so great with the beef stew i’m supposed to be making my brosef. mmm i guess i gotta find some cornmeal!

  19. Ugh, I really need to learn how to blog filter.. although I’m slowly getting better. Here’s a couple things that prevent me from reading blogs:
    1)Boring. Yes, boring. If a blog has nothing but pictures of food with a tiny bit of words then I’m out of there. If there’s nothing but them writing about exercise, once again, I’m gone. I like both but I need variety!
    2)I don’t click with the blogger. 90% of the blogs I read, I read because I like them but ALSO because I feel like if I knew the blogger in person, I would be friends with them. I won’t read a blog if I feel like I wouldn’t be friends with the blogger in real life.

    You’re right though, meeting the blogger in real life makes reading their blog SO much more meaningful. That sounds cheesy.. but you know what I mean.

  20. I posted a bit on who I am yesterday, alternative, “out there”, not mainstream and I had a slew of readers (you included) who said you read my blog BECAUSE I am that way. I read other blogs who are real too. If they share zero personal details, I have no idea what they look like (pics of the person’s life i am reading about matters to me..otherwise it feels too anon and weird)..anyway there is some nebulous “magic” element but yes, I have cut down on commenting, reading, and even replying to my own commenters unless they truly have a question…all to save time…cuz we all need more of it πŸ™‚
    Great question, Eden!

  21. i agree whole heartedly about choosing authentic people’s blogs…and i can probably guess which are no longer on your blogroll…but thats neither here nor there. anyways, that LA sanrio thing looked…uhhh…interesting, haha. i think we need to plan a meet up in santa monica now. preferably one that doesnt involve scary characters. cool?

    oh and yoga. yes. lets plan a date to go. ill email you about my schedule because i have a free week pass and i wanna start it when i know ill go the most # of days in a week to maximize its use. but i really need you to be my security blanket for the first session or two. πŸ™‚

  22. Thanks for reading mine. I rearrange my reader all the time. I’ll try out blogs for a while and then unsubscribe. I just get hooked or I don’t. Plus I have design and sustainability blogs on their too so I have to be choosy or I would be reading blogs all day (not that that’s a bad thing!).

  23. My views on blogs, the writer behind the blog, have changed in over a year. I stopped reading some, stopped commenting on some, and then found new ones. Why I stopped reading others is pretty similar to your views. I try not to really judge others, but if I have meet someone and they were rude to me than I tend to let them go. It is hard but I have come to realize that not everyone is going to like me and same goes the other way. Plus I do not have a lot of extra time so the blogs I do read I really what to connect and be friends with the writer behind the blog πŸ™‚ And learn something or get inspired!!

  24. I always give bloggers who comment on my blog a chance. I put them in my Reader and will read their posts for a few weeks. If, after that time, I just don’t find myself interested in commenting or reading, then I delete them and move on!

    you obviously made the cut! I’ll say it again–I REALLY want to meet someday!

  25. I am slowly reading blogs from the weekend. I know, I am slow. But I loved this post and I really enjoyed reading the comments.. maybe I will be late to the party more often so I can read what others have said!! And I am glad I didn’t get cut from the list πŸ˜‰ XOXO love ya lady

  26. Well clearly, I don’t ever read blogs as they are newly written πŸ˜› I have TONS in my reader, but I NEVER read every single post by a blogger. I usually just scroll through and pick and choose whatever sounds interesting, then I “mark all as read” the rest. I would have to quit both my jobs if I wanted to read every single post by every single blogger I follow. And even then, I don’t think I would WANT to.

    Honestly, I don’t read blogs that are really long. As in, I don’t like blocks upon blocks of text. A blogger has to be a GOOD writer for me to be interested. And take GOOD photos. Maybe it’s the snobby journalist in me, but it I think there’s a reason why a lot of people turn to blogs instead of paid writing positions. And sometimes that shows.

    I definitely have to feel like I “click” with the person behind the blog. But I actually really like the fact-based informative posts, recipe tips, ideas, and workouts. I have an ungodly number of posts starred and bookmarked for recipes or workouts. With that said, I may lose my mind if I see another “healthy eating tips for the holidays” post.

    I know this comment may seem a little on the harsh side – but I’m just being honest! I’m really happy that I’ve started following your blog πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad your honest and I dont think your harsh at all. you just have a life and dont have time to read blog after blog. Ha, glad I made the cut! But I really must take better photos!

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