Non-Wordless Wednesday: Post Foodbuzz Revelation

I will be a copy cat, steal Abby’s idea, and toot my own horn.

Sophia wrote a very lovely description of me and this inspired me to write about how the festival boosted my confidence. Not only as a blogger or chef, but as a person.

I get down on my self a lot. I think I was born hating myself. Not good enough, just below average, ordinary.

In many ways, I developed an eating disorder to set myself apart. To make me unique, to make people notice me. Although Β perhaps on the exterior I really just wanted to wither away and be invisible. But inside, I was yelling for someone, anyone, to notice my pain, be my friend, and tell me I was good enough.

So many emotions came up for me the moment I registered at the festival. And even more the moment I saw all the bloggers on thursday night for dinner.

I didn’t even read 75 percent of the bloggers in attendance. Not only that, I am not popular. I’ve mentioned this before and I dont only mean that my blog is not popular, but I tend to not be popular. As Sophia said, I tell it like it is. I’m nice but I’m snarky, and that is never popular. I’m not “cool” and people don’t want to hang out with me to improve their reputations.

But after reviewing the numerous foodbuzz festival “recaps”, I realized I am pretty darn nifty. Those who didn’t get the chance to chat with me missed out big time. I’m different and I don’t need abs of steel or hundreds of commenters to prove my coolness. When Andy mentioned to me that I’m awesome (even though I thought he was half kidding) I really thought to myself, “hmm…good point Mr. Shrock”.

Honestly, I was so busy today that I didn’t get a chance to conjure up a recipe and witty post. So this declaration of pride is all I’ve got, take it or leave it.

Are you proud of you? Your blog? Your life? Heck even your guitar hero high score? I want to hear.

tell me I'm not gorgeous. I dare you. Dont get me wrong, try me in the morning without breakfast and bed head and godzilla looks like a beauty queen next to me


32 thoughts on “Non-Wordless Wednesday: Post Foodbuzz Revelation

  1. You have every reason to feel good about yourself- from your blog you are unique, beautiful, strong, and often have a kick ass sense of humor!

    Unfortunately I think the weekend has the opposite effect on me. I had trouble putting myself out there and felt pretty small and insignificant as a person. There were so many talented bloggers, yourself included, and I couldn’t find where I was supposed to fit in. This could all be due to other recent challenges and emotions in my life recently, but I know the feeling of never being good enough! I’m working on proving myself otherwise πŸ™‚

    • Aw I’m so sorry we didnt get to meet! There were so many people that it can get intimidating. Some bloggers are not very social, maybe thats why they are better in writing. I hope you come next time or at least make your way over to LA!

  2. I’m not cool either. I’m just like you, snarky but nice. If people don’t like it…screw them.

    I look okay right out of bed seeing as I don’t wear makeup and my hair is already in a ponytail πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m definitely not cool, and I’ve been told before that my snark & sarcasm tends to intimidate people (to which I sometimes want to reply, “Well, duh. It’s called a defense mechanism!”), and that I am a tough nut to crack. But I’ve also been told that once people take the time to get to know me, I’m pretty funny and while I may not be the best food photographer out there, and my blog’s only got a small following, at least I am putting myself out there, and there’s something to be said for that. And I make pretty awesome brownies. πŸ™‚

  4. You are gorgeous, and fun!!! Who cares what other people think of you??? I love your blog, and the way you write! I love snarky πŸ˜‰ its fun!

    I love this post, by the way πŸ™‚

  5. Gorgeous photo, dahhling! You are cool, funny, a great writer, and yes, snarky. But I love the snark. I’m a snarker (word I apparently just made up), too.
    I hear you on the ED as a way to set oneself apart… This is a huge discussion point between my therapist and myself. I am still coming to terms with the fact that my ED does NOT make me unique, joyful, “better than”, fun to be around, or independent. Also, my friends, family, and husband are far happier when I’m not a hungry, over-exercised biatch, so I’m getting there. πŸ˜‰

  6. Actually, I saw you in the morning and still think you are gorgeous and awesome. You truly deserve to toot your own horn, Eden. You are super photogenic, too. And I also agree that you are an orginal, not like everyone else, and definitely cool in so many people’s eyes.

  7. I am not popular. I’ve mentioned this before and I dont only mean that my blog is not popular, but I tend to not be popular. As Sophia said, I tell it like it is. I’m nice but I’m snarky, and that is never popular. I’m not β€œcool” and people don’t want to hang out with me to improve their reputations.

    That’s me exactly. I actually pass time on the subway in the morning composing blog posts in my head (most of which disappear by the time I get to a computer), and the one I was thinking of this morning was almost exactly the same as this one.

    For what it’s worth, I think you’re awesome. πŸ˜€

    ❀ ❀

  8. out of all the dang foodbuzz recaps out there i’m lovin yours the best! its a different take on things. i really don’t want to see anybodys pictures of the vegetarian scallops hahaha but i like things like this. i think your damn cool.

    i know i’m cool too. hahaha nuff said πŸ˜‰

  9. I’m SO glad you finally figured out and have realized what we have known all along! You are gorgeous and awesome! Confidence boosts beauty (inside and out) 100%!!

  10. i don’t see why you think you’re not popular! Look how many have praised you! I’m quite jealous that everyone at Foodbuzz got to meet you. I also sometimes need the affirmations of others to realize my good qualities. It’s like “she said it, so now I know I’m awesome!” Haha!

  11. I feel like I should be proud of myself more often (and so should you!) I often doubt my capabilities (especially with school). I always relied on synchronized swimming to make me unique, and without it, I realized I just need it to be me to be unique:)

  12. This is a great post. Confidence, humor, and wit are SUCH attractive qualities, and you’re beauty doesn’t hurt either! πŸ™‚

  13. Not going to Foodbuzz and hearing everyone’s recaps kind of made me feel left out and not-so-nifty, but it will pass. I hate feeling insecure, so I’m sure I’ll find some way to avoid it until it goes away!

    As for you, toot away! You know you’re gorgeous and popular and witty. As the Queen of Snark myself, I deem you the princess.

  14. Hahaha! You are so very ‘cool’ in my book.. for whatever that is worth πŸ˜›

    I love this, and you totally deserve the confidence boost that you’ve gotten from your Foodbuzz experience. I’m a little jealous that I didn’t get to meet you πŸ˜‰ Although, considering I am supposed to be tooting my own horn here, I would have to say that you should be jealous that you didn’t get to meet me. Right? I’m pretty darn nifty too!

  15. I pretty think I am somewhere near dirty and that grim on the bottome of shoes that won’t come off. I never think highly of myself and I avoid praise at all costs. I almost didn’t go to my college graduation because they wanted to give me an award. I am proud of myself, but I rarely feel good about myself.

    And you are awesome. I don’t throw that around without thinking.

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  17. you are GORGEOUS!!! deal with it!!! hahah! no i’m damn serious girl! who cares what you look like in the morning? oh yeah our perfectionism does. but honestly who doesn’t look like a** in the morning?
    I am happy to hear that this festival has given you what the anorexia tried to hide from you. your confidence and the way to love yourself. you are unique without this ilness and I find it unique enought to follow your blog like a little dog by your side.
    Girl you got it all going for you. Open your heart and let your own soul in and give yourself a big loving hug!
    I love this blog, I love the way you write and I love your honesty!

  18. I would agree with everything stated in this post actually!!! And I only hung out with you for a hot minute πŸ˜‰

    I’ve got the driest sense of humour there is. Few people actually get it… but I like that because when someone DOES get it, I know we’re a perfect match πŸ™‚

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