Colorful Granny Smith Parfaits and Foodbuzz’s HOT or NOT

Its.....gasp.....actually healthy! Kids will never guess it though!

Hello readers and hopefully, new reader friends I made at the festival!

I decided to play around with stuff that went on at the foodbuzz festival and do a “Hot or Not” thingermabob (yes, thank you English majors, I am well aware that it is not a word, suck it).

So here is what I thought was HOT:

1) Beer. Although I actually cant drink (yep, I have a disfunctional liver, every fraterinty boy’s nightmare), beer was EVERYWHERE! I’m sure Andy will have plenty of material for his “Beer Monday” segments for at least a year. Janetha has a hilarious picture of Holly watering her with the free golden brew. It was everywhere and in every flavor (from honey basil to vanilla bean!).

2) In San Fran, I suppose lost dog signs are HOT and used as creative outlets of expression:

so um.....yea, it speaks for itself

3) Hotel beds and pillows are awesome:

Those pillows called my name

4) 1 dollar pickles from the San Fran farmers market, always HOT:

yes, I know its phallic

5) Crossing legs like a lady while listening to a photography session and sporting super cute boots: (incase you are wondering, mama pea’s are on the right, mine on the left)


And here was what was NOT:

1) Cash bar at brunch: why would I spend 10 bucks on mimosas and bloody marry’s when we were given truck loads of wine and beer for free for the past two days????

2) “Tofu” scallops served as the vegetarian option at the gala dinner. They gave me one by accident and I did not like it. Vegetarians out there that got it, was it bad or am I completely insane?!


3) the “scavenger hunt” at the gala: You had to get a group of 8-10 people to go to a bunch of different bars in San Fran, order and round, and do jumping jacks and other lame things. Then you had to blog about it and maybe you would win 500 bucks. I dont think one could do this and live to blog about it anyhow let alone win the money.

4) Finding this on your brutal walk uphill:


5) using this for you pies (found at the ferry building’s farmers market):

If you would like more shots of me, I think Jolene had a good recap here and here.

Today in my elementary school desserts class, I really thought of something at the very last minute. I bought a bunch of granny smiths because they were insalnely cheap! 39 cents a pound! So heres what you will need for the parfait:

-1 chopped up apple

-about 1/2 cup rolled oats


-1 tbs or so of honey or agave

-greek yogurt (although I used plain with the kids because it would be super expensive to get enough for the whole class)

-about 1/3 cup water

-chocolate covered and candy coated sunflower seeds

For the oatmeal mixture, mix the water, cinnamon, honey, and oats in a bowl and set aside. I decided to build the parfait like this:

apples, yogurt, oatmeal mixture, apples yogurt, sunflower seeds.

Do it anyway you like but I promise kids will eat this up!

om nom nom nom

18 thoughts on “Colorful Granny Smith Parfaits and Foodbuzz’s HOT or NOT

  1. I definitely think that beer is hot. Very hot. But I didn’t like a lot of the beer at the festival. What can I say? I am picky! The tofu did look squishy and I am very very glad that I am not a vegetarian. The real scallops were far too delicious to miss out on. I really like the idea of an apple parfait. I have a nice big bag of granny smiths in my fridge, so maybe they will be used in parfaits after the week is through.

  2. great post…and I read somewhere that the tofu scallop was a NOT. I dunno though, cuz I didnt have it.

    It was great to finally meet you…considering we’re practically neighbors, it was good to finally connect! And glad you got my gift! At least I know you’ll put it to use ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Is that a poster for a “Lost Dog” or two hedgehogs humping? (The one on the bottom looking extremely unenthused, I might add. Must be the female.)

    I don’t like beer, but I heard there was quite the variety. Maybe they took the “buzz” part of Foodbuzz a bit more seriously than the “food” part.

  4. Confession: I love beer ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I don’t drink anymore (just personal preference.. my liver is just fine thank you very much) but when I did I loved a good beer ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am so immature.. I would have laughed so hard at that drawing on the street. Maybe it’s a good thing I live in a much smaller town? Haha.

  5. #4 is hilarious, yup, that’s San Fran for you.

    While I was trying to hail a cab to get to the Friday night reception, I was harrassed by a homeless man and he flashed me. He was like, “you want a cab, I got your cab”.

    Not fun…gross!!

    Love your funny recap Eden, I’m behind in my recap but as soon as it’s up, I’ll post some pictures of us if that’s ok.

    • haha! ok, you officially topped me with the San Fran weirdo factor! I has such a good time with you! go ahead with the pics, just put up a disclaimer that I’m prettier in person.

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