Buzz Kill

I felt disconnect with the blogosphere since arriving in San Francsico for the second annual foodbuzz festival.

Its not so much that I haven’t had time to write a post, but mainly I havent had much time to visit and read other blogs. And with new blog friends, I feel like I have a hell of a lot of catching up to do.

I was unsure about about my format for reporting about the festival. With over 300 bloggers in attendance, I wasn’t worried the coverage of the food served would be an issue. Although I do think my blog deals with food, i didn’t want to take pictures of the food. The food side of my blog is about the recipes I conjure up and the projects I make with my kiddies at school. And as I have said, my camera is a poor man’s “point and shoot” (although if you are reading this dad or some rich admirer, I’m very open to having a new one!) so I didn’t bother taking intricate pictures of the food.

And speaking of food….

I had a feeling many of you are curious about how I handled “the food”. Yes, I’m a trained chef and an adventerous foodie, but I do shamelessly admit I have battled a bitter battle with food for almost a decade.

The food at foodbuzz was surprisingly not intimidating. I did not feel obligated to eat anything but nothing felt “scary” anyhow. My biggest gripe was the fact that aside from the gala four course dinner, there were no “structured meals”. Most of the food was a sample small serving from a sponser and I had to basically nourish myself by collecting as many samples of black truffle popcorn or mini tacos as I could while standing up. I had no idea eating while standing up really messes with you hunger/fullness signals. And although I am expert at this when I go to sample meccas like costco, I also get to go home to a kitchen where  I can fill myself up. So in the end, there were many points in the day I was actually hungry and craved t simply sit down to a home-cooked meal.

In many ways I was proud. I was proud I finished everything on my plate at the sit down dinner (I sat next to Alissa and Lea if you want to see pictures and need proof) and more proud that I didn’t feel an ounce of guilt from eating anything. Even after I visited the salty caramel ice cream stand for a sample twice.

All in all, the food was ok. It is the FOODbuzz festival so I wasn’t expecting lame veggie trays and pigs in a blanket. But for me, it was not about the food at all. It was about the people, the bloggers.

Meeting bloggers I’ve been reading for so long in person is actually more intimidating than meeting any celebrity. Its only recently that I have gotten the courage to comment on a few of those blogs so that I don’t look like an idiot introducing myself to people.

And I have discovered hidden gems and truly loving souls.

Bottom line: The food was good, but the peopler were gooder.


So that is why I indulge you in pictures of people. People eating, people smiling while eating, and most importantly, enjoying the company of like mined people.

So enjoy!


The "Everytarian" (aka, Holly), who is as awesome in person as she is on her blog


The not surprisingly super cool Janetha

My new canadian friend who throws envious dinner parties, Jolene

The shameless "burpin n' slurpin", sophia

gluten free muse, eating the gluten free dessert at the gala

mim, who seriously made me feel so loved. I love her too.

Jackie eating....something at brunch. I dont know what, but does it matter?

diana, still "chic" even while chewing

Mama Pea, minus her peas though

And I’m not one to take pics of everyone eating and forget about nourishing myself:

I know, not a beauty shot, but I think one of the most important lessons I learned is that food doesn't have to be beautiful, and neither do I!

I might add some more random musings tomorrow. But I got in a few hours ago and I’m still sad its over and need something else to look forward to so I dont get all depressed.

But more Eden recipes and regularly scheduled programming to come!


33 thoughts on “Buzz Kill

  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great time at FoodBuzz fest meeting wonderful bloggers — I kept looking for you, but missed you somehow!! If you’re ever back up in the bay area let me know! I am looking forward to my continued enjoyment and entertainment by reading your posts!

  2. What an adorable revelation. Yes, food does not have to be beautiful, and neither do you when you’re eating it (but you are still beautiful, of course)! I totally want to meet Mimi and Sophia! They seem like such wonderful girls!

  3. I’m so glad you had a great time! It’s been weird here at home while I read the event reviews a million times over from all of the bloggers I follow 😛 It’s neat to have everyone’s perspective!
    It makes me want to be there myself… though I know that I am no where near ready for something like that.

  4. I am so happy to hear about the food festival and that you handeled it well. I think the best is that you got to meet all the amazing people and hopefully will built some really good friendships with them!
    I made your coconut fish the other day, I posted on my blog. it was fantastic! thank you for sharing

  5. glad to know that everyone is as cool in person as in their blogs! And I Love your perspective. its been nice to see everyone’s view point. I almost feel like I was there in “spirit.” I told Sophia that next year I will be the creepy food stalker that crashes the party. Should spice it up a bit, no? haha! Way to nourish your body and soul!

  6. It doesn’t matter how it looks, it matters how it tastes (the food, of course.) It’s kind of funny that the food was a little scarce at a food blogging festival, but I suppose it has to be with so many people there. I bet the local restaurants had a big boom this weekend!

    Glad you’re back safe and sound and I kind of hate you for getting to meet everyone.

  7. I am glad you got home safe! It was awesome meeting you and rooming with you. What was your favorite bite at the festival? That cupcake was pretty amazing. I feel a massive disconnect, too. Time to catch up!

  8. Interesting on no structured meals. That would throw me way off too. I definitely gravitate towards being a grazer – that can be good and bad though. I think you can very easily overeat that way if you’re not careful. I just find it all so tempting 😉 I do hope that it was worth the trip though!

  9. I think I also would have been so excited to meet all the bloggers, that it would cancel out any anxiety of food. (I think)

    I also love seeing some of my favorite bloggers meeting! I love Sophia’s blog, and knowing that you two met is cool!

    ❤ Tori

  10. I think I’d find the unstructured meals hard to deal with. I am not a grazer! I need a proper sit down meal to feel satisfied.

    Great recap. I wish I’d been able to go. Maybe next year…

  11. Eden, I’m pissed. I was so pumped to meet you, and even saw you on Saturday night and thought “She looks familiar,” but was shy, unsure, and walked away. Another day, I hope!

  12. You are the sweetest! I’m so glad you had a good time! Hehe, but like you, I was happy to be able to sit down and have a quiet meal when I got home!

  13. I am on the verge of tears that you didn’t take a picture of me eating. I feel the love. Really. I do.


    ps…awesome seeing you.


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