Foodbuzz: Round One

I’m pooped.

So I did arrive a day early to San Francisco a day early so I had lots to do today (friday) before the event kicked off last night.

The day started with a photography session at the children’s section at a local Borders.

Looks like story time, but the employees at Borders I'm sure wanted to kill us


It helped a lot because Ashley, who led it, is not a professional so it helped to hear about about all the photography details in my language. It was also my first time meeting some of my favorite bloggers which was a trip!

I must say it is SO bizarre meeting bloggers in real life. Some bloggers are so different in real life. Some are very similar to their blogs and totally like the style they write, if that makes any sense. Some really surprised me in a good way! I met some bloggers I haven’t read that were totally awesome! And then there are a few that kind of disappointed me, or maybe I’m just not “cliquey” enough.

There were a few brief moments where I felt a bit lonely and “out of the loop”. I dont know if its my personality or the fact that my blog is not super popular. There is always the fact that some people have met each other at the healthy living summit or maybe some other blog meet-up. But I think for most people, it was the first time meeting one another in person.

Anyhow, I spent the rest of my afternoon with Lindsey and Tiffany. We took the cable cars to fisherman’s wharf and had lunch at Boudin (for some famous San Francisco sourdough) and somehow, managed to climb up those hills back to our hotel.

We found some random dude took take this, so its so not my fault I look like utter crap.

Crabzilla or "Carb Crab", take your pick

I met up with Jolene and Astrid as we browsed AnthropologyΒ only to get super depressed how expensive everything was.


Then I entered what seemed like a foodie circus mishmash. With all honesty, I didn’t take many pictures and I wasn’t all into talking about the food. More than anything, I was excited to meet people.

I promise, more pics tomorrow. I honestly with all this blog meeting, I’m very fed up with actually blogging myself. For those few readers I might still have by now, please stay with me. I promise, I think I’ll regurgitate something worth reading when this festival is over. For now, bear with me.

Joey Gladstone is still a no show.

27 thoughts on “Foodbuzz: Round One

  1. Hi Eden, just wanted to say that I’ve scanned/lurked other bloggers with their re-caps of the FBF experience thus far. Mostly just pictures of them and their group, all of the posts seemed identical to me though, except yours. Yours was the only one that channeled your own voice of honesty, and more importantly, how you felt. So, basically, just saying that this blog/FBF post was completely unique. I’m not a blogger myself, just a blog reader really, and I enjoy your honestly and personal voice in your posts.
    Hope you have an enjoyable rest of the weekend! πŸ™‚

  2. we’ll still be here! Enjoy time in San fran! And yes I have met bloggers before that totally surprise you and some that you feel kinda weird around. But thats life in general, haha.

  3. Hi Eden! It’s so Lindsey! It was SO great meeting you. You are so sweet and I wish you lived in Portland. I totally agree with you about the bloggers, some are just like they are on their blogs and others have really disappointed me. I had a great time with you yesterday and can’t wait to see you today!

    Hey Eden’s readers! She is just the sweetest ever and you totally wouldn’t be disappointed if you met her! πŸ™‚

  4. Eh, I’m not that popular either, and I’d probably be feeling the same way as you if I’d been able to come to Foodbuzz. Still, I’m jealous that you’re there & I’m not! πŸ™‚ I like your take on stuff–You’re one of the least pretentious bloggers I’ve come across, so I’m curious to read your recap!

  5. I knew you’d shine some honesty onto this FoodBuzz debacle! I know you wouldn’t ever go as far as naming names on your blog, but I almost want to email you and get all the dirt ;-0

    Hope you’re having fun at least!

  6. Hey girl! I had SUCH a great time meeting you! You were definitely one of the bloggers I was happiest to meet in real life. But haha, I know what you mean about feeling out of the loop. I’m not a hardcore blogger whatsoever, so I’m just like “Yo…uh…so how was that pumpkin pie oatmeal?”

  7. It totally makes sense how some bloggers can match their writing and others wouldnt. Still, it’d be awesome to meet them all!

    I remember seeing those cool bread designs. Last time I was there, I had to stop and take a picture of all the cool designs! Teddy bears, lobsters, cool πŸ˜›

  8. Thank you for letting us take part in your trip! I really enjoy your reports! πŸ˜€

    I think blogging is not about popularity or number of clicks or comments, but about having something to say. Having a few loyal readers who like to visit your blog because they enjoy it is a very precious thing. I often find the small blogs that don’t get so many comments (and clicks, supposedly) much more interesting than the super-popular blogs. I also like when I comment and feel my comment is read or even answered. This kind of exchange and taking interest in each other is more pleasing than just one-way groupy-ish manners of leaving superficial comments on crouded blogs.

    I like your blog because it’s so fresh and witty, and spilling over from funny ideas. I also enjoy your creative and often surprisingly simple recipes. I don’t miss series of at least 20 photos of one perfectly illuminated dish, taken from different angles and distances. (Boring.) So be sure I’ll go on visiting here often, even if you don’t post for some time. I won’t forget you in the meantime!

  9. girl. I cannot WAIT for you recap. Everyone, nanny nanny poo poo I already know how she’s gonna post her foodbuzz festival recap!! And it’s brilliant.

    Stop selling yourself short, Eden. I think you’re freaking fantastic and I will stalk you for as long as you blog, and hopefully we’ll meet up for real. Otherwise, I might just have to drag you by the hair out of Westwood.

    p.s. See you soon tonight muahaha!

  10. Hi Eden! It was so nice to meet you!

    I’m so glad to read your review because I feel the same way. I feel like I didn’t meet that many people either, and I’m blaming myself. I should have tried harder. But I’m glad I meet you! I didn’t know you were a yoga instructor–I used to teach too! I love yoga πŸ™‚

  11. Hey Eden! First time commenter/reader. It was interesting to see your take on it- and you did so in a classy manner- not badmouthing or namecalling. My hubby says that the blog world is like a sorority and he’s right in many respects. I definitely try to just meet the nice folks out there. I’m certainly not very ‘popular’ but I like sharing my story/recipes/dumb cat photos/dumb everything photos, and if I get some loyal peeps reading, it IS a gift (as your commenter above said). I have seen your comments all over the place and didn’t know that you live in LA, as I do.

    And one more thing: LOVE the Tiffster. We have met and hung out and email/text on the regular. A friend of Tiff’s is a friend of mine! πŸ™‚


  12. I’m glad you are enjoying yourself at Foodbuzz. I appreciate the honesty about what you were feeling when meeting other bloggers. I think that I, too would have some moments of loneliness among those masses of girls! Don’t worry, it’s only the ones who appreciate you that count!

  13. Eden! It was SO nice getting to meet and hang out with you this weekend! I totally echo your sentiments on meeting some bloggers. Being a naturally shy person myself, I like to attribute any cold shoulders to social awkwardness. Perhaps naively so πŸ˜‰

  14. Can you believe is taken??? There goes my whole side job!

    I’d love that cottage cheese ice cream recipe we talked about! You were such a wellspring of good ideas. Thanks for pal-ing around with us!

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