Lessons Learned From Getting to San Fran

Well, it appears I’ve made it in one piece to “Rice-a-Roni” town.

The festival doesn’t start until tomorrow evening but there are lots of activities planned out by other bloggers.

I’m actually writing this post on the BART (the San Fran subway) so I dont forget a few points I’ve picked up while getting here.

1. Parking at the airport in LA is a wise decision. I was going to take those shuttle vans but they wanted to pick me up three and a half hours before me flight! For a domestic flight that is only 50 minuets anyway? I think not. Parking is only 10 bucks a day and I the shuttles to the lot are always there. The control freak in me is tamed.

2.I love trains. I wish LA had them (boy with a city as big as ours, we sure need it!). I just hate traffic and trains tend to be prompt.

3. Virgin America is a fine airline. Although I do think the lighting inside the airplane is very “nightclub”, it was such a breeze to check in and board. Seriously the only place I had to wait was at security (which is the airports fault). I hate nothing more than standing in line. Plus, they had snazzy screens and even wifi.

this was the check in area for virgin america

4. Hilton is a fine hotel chain. My uncle does work for them in Asia and Australia, but I didn’t get a discount or anything. But they are very accomidating and friendly.

  1. if only my bed at home was this big

view from hotel room

5. Food bloggers are more like photographers. They take loads of pictures of food and I wonder when they get to enjoy it. Anyhow, I am a horrible photographer so I’ll direct some of the eats I’ve come by to this lady. She does an awesome job and shes a very awesome person to match.

yea, before eating, everyone take 10-20 min to have a photo shoot

Tomorrow I’m going to a photography session another blogger is hosting and maybe a yoga class (although it will be A LOT of bloggers coming so I dont know how that will work out).

I think I found Uncle Jesse, and he told me to tell you, “have mercy”.

16 thoughts on “Lessons Learned From Getting to San Fran

  1. I can’t wait to hear more from san fran, and I am so jealous of you staying in the hilton with that amazing bed. enjoy it!

  2. It’s so funny to see your perspective of everyone taking pictures forever before they eat! Did you wait on them to finish or did you just say F it, and start eating?! Haha!

    Hope you’re having fun!!

  3. Ok…. I’m about to get the Millenium post up and then one each day until I cover it all! Its hard to keep up with all this amazing food celebration… I’m already two food events behind and it hasn’t officially started yet! Oi.

  4. Isn’t the point of enjoying food to eat it while it’s still warm? I could never take 10 mins to conduct a photo shoot. Plus, I would feel like a weirdo (although not if everyone else was doing it, like at Foodbuzz.) To each her own!

    Anyway, yay for getting there safe and sound! I just got home myself, although my luggage didn’t. It’s being “delivered” tonight (I hope.) Have fun!

  5. I do love taking foodie photos but definitely don’t do it daily or too often if I am out…especially with friends who don’t know I blog. Oh, and since being in LA…I totally am missing the ny subways…I hate traffic!

    have fun in SF! I wish I was going to Ashley’s photo session!

  6. Have you heard of the Fly-A-Way? It leaves out of Westwood every 30 minutes or something and goes directly to LAX for $5! It is amazing. As is Virgin America. My new favorite airline when I can’t leech frequent flier miles of my dad or FIL!!

    I hope you have a great time. Can’t wait to read all about the event!

  7. I love trains too! And guess what, they are building more of the metro- woot! Hopefully we will have some benefit over here on the west side!

    And haha re. that photo of Susan. She looks soooo bored! 🙂

    I often forget to take photos of my food (um, ok like 90% of the time) partially because I’m not a real typical ‘food blogger’ and also because when the food comes I get so dang excited, I totally forget!

    Hope you had fun and your food wasn’t cold.

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