Halloween Leftover Banana Pops, Kiddie Yoga, and “Weird” Things I Do

They look a little random, but I think they are charming

I know. I skipped myth busting monday. I am a little brain dead and I’ve been trying to juggle work with the errands I need to run for foodbuzz. By the way, I wanted to ask you lovely readers what you would like for me to do write while there? Would you like a full rundown with pics or is that too rubbing it in your face that you arent there? Do you want to hear about the foods I’ll be trying or maybe an interview with a blogger I’ve never heard of before? would you like for me to abandon the blog altogether? I’m open to suggestions.

Anyhow……I’ve been thinking about how I’m probably really weird lately.

But then again, that would be putting judgment upon me which is not the healthiest mental health habit. So I wrote down a list of the werid things I do and googled them. Turns out, its not so weird afterall, and seriously, who said “weird” is a bad thing???

I guess what I didn’t want to be is unhealthy with eating disorder related stuff. But in this day and age, the line between “weird habits” and “eating disordered behavior” is blurry. I’m sure some “werid” habits stem from unhealthy thoughts, but I’m confident some have nothing to do with it. Anyhow, to make myself feel better, I found our that in fact, many people do some of these things. Here’s my of weird Eating and workout habits:

-mustard on anything savory, from french fries to salads

-salt on french toast (its a sween n savory thing I’m after!)

-ketchup in sandwiches that aren’t burgers (can you tell I am a condiment whore???)

-dry cereal

-drinking through a straw

-Eating the skins of potatoes and squash (I swear its the best part. I really wish they sold “Roasted Squash Skin” at the grocery store).

-I Eat ice cream (and yogurt too actually) with a plastic spoon

-When I have a sauce or dressing, I have it on the side and dip every bite of the food into it to ensure every bite is coated in the yumminess

-I eat out of “gladware” very often because its easier to clean, it doesn’t break when it falls out of my hands (cause I’m Ms. Clumsy), and if I dont finish, I put a lid on it.

-I eat shrimp tails. Well, only if they are extra crispy. I bake them for a little longer at home.

Workout habits:

-I MUST eat before a workout. Not a feast but I am not one of those people that can get up without eating anything and go for a run or do yoga. BKS Iyengar (a yoga guru) always said never to do yoga on an empty stomach.

– I dont always do full “chatarungas” in yoga because i broke y shoulder a few years back and its taxing on it. Its the most physically challenging part of a sun salutation but I dont see the need in hurting myself.

-I dont drink water in a yoga class or while a workout. Only before and after. Whatever, I’m a camel.

-I hate the elliptical (please tell me I’m not the only one!)

Do you have habits that are “weird” and might actually be somewhat normal? I hope you do so I dont feel like a weirdo. And please answer my foodbuzz question. I have a feeling it will get annoying seeing blog after blog brag about the even so you input is important to me.

My desserts class ended early, so they asked me what my other jobs were. I told them I teach yoga and so, I taught them a few poses:

The cutest updog I've seen

eagle pose

I wanted to take advantage of half price candy today for my desserts lesson at the school.


I also wanted them to get some fruit so we made “leftover banana chocolate pops”

All you need is:

-frozen bananas

-popsicle sticks or bamboo skewers

-1 bag of semi sweet chocolate chips

-1/2 stick of margarine (or butter)

-leftover candy!

I stuck the sticks in the bananas and froze them overnight. In class, over a “double boiler” (a pot of boiling water with a bowl over it) we melted the chocolate chips with the butter to make a smooth and shiny glaze.

ugh, my fugly thumbs

my lovely student was playing photographer

Then we dipped the frozen bananas and sprinkled them with bits of discounted candy.


Cheap, easy, fun to eat, and you get your fruit serving in. Nice.

Some kids loved it so much:

Kinder than meat on a stick

While other did this:

poor banana

I should have figured. You can stick all the fruit in their face as you want sometimes but some kids will never warm up to anything healthy.

Oh well. Bless them and their rocket metabolism.


37 thoughts on “Halloween Leftover Banana Pops, Kiddie Yoga, and “Weird” Things I Do

  1. Eden, we should totally interview cool food bloggers, that would be fun. Or have a question or two that we survey lots of people with. I actuay do all of the weird things you do, except I am not the biggest ketchup fan and I don’t eat shrimp tails. So you are definitely not weird. At all.
    I put sea salt on lots of things, from apples to pancakes to lots of other things.

  2. I hate the elliptical, too. You are not alone. Those kebabs are so fun. I loved reading your quirks.. salt on FT, crazy lady! But I am not opposed to trying it πŸ˜‰ See ya soon!

  3. I like the interview food bloggers thing. I’m actually prob gonna do a full recap, just bc…well, that’s my habit. I feel uncomfortable just speeding through such a great event, and just ending with, “It was fun! That tasted GOOD! They were NICE!” You know what I mean? But that’s just my very particular perfectionist habit. People have different styles of reviewing such events, and that’s what makes it fun to read their different methods and perspectives, even though it’s the same event and food and people.

    Dude. I eat the skin first of potatoes and kabochas. It’s DEFINITELY the best part!!

  4. every weird thing you mentioned……I DO TOO! I eat the skins, I love mustard and ketchup on everything, I eat shrimp tails (love the crunch), and I love ice cream with a plastic spoon. HAHAHAHA! I think weird is that way too be. Who wants to be normal? Thats boring. Love this post!

  5. I hate the elliptical. When I ran in college my coach would make us use it if we felt an injury coming on, and it always felt like punishment.

    I put hot sauce on strange things. When I used to eat fish, I would make tuna salad with a teeny bit of mayo and a whole lot of franks red hot. I also scooped it up with potato chips and called it “Jessie’s Fish and Chips.” How’s that for weird?!

    I love the idea of interviewing a food blogger- I might actually steal it!

  6. If you’re a weirdo, then I’m a total freak, as I do so many of those things as well (I thought I was the only one with the plastic spoon and Gladware. Yay!) I abhor condiments though, although I always use a straw and eat dry cereal. It evens out. Another thing of mine is that I like to eat out of bowls. It keeps things kind of tidy and decreases my chance of spillage, although that usually happens anyway.

    As for Foodbuzz, I think you should just put your own Eden spin on things. You’re also kind of on vacation, so don’t put too much stress on yourself;) I would love your “real” take on things as opposed to everyone else talking about “yum” and “delish.”

  7. Well your the only blogger I follow that’s going, so I want to see a lot of pictures! I’m a visual person πŸ™‚

    Most of the things on your list aren’t weird at all. If I don’t do them, I know many people that do.

  8. You & one other blogger I follow are the only ones I know who are going, but I like the idea of you tracking down male food bloggers. You’re right–There don’t seem to be too many of them out there!

    And as for weird habits…The only condiments I care for are ketchup, malt vinegar & Italian dressing. I love tomatoes in almost any form, except raw. However, I make an exception for Caprese salads. I also like dipping French fries into chocolate shakes (It tastes best with Wendy’s French fries & chocolate Frosties).

  9. I love just the apple skin.

    I love the butt of bread loaves.

    I find any reason to use BBQ sauce.

    I stop at eating at 8p (exactly!) every single night except Fri and Sat.

    I’m sure there’s more too πŸ˜‰

  10. I also use straws, and ALWAYS use plastic utensils, I lost a tooth when I was a kid from biting down on a fork and it scarred me for life.

    A couple weird but not necessarily disordered habits I have: eating food that comes in pieces (like apple slices) in order from smallest to largest; eating around the perimeter of a sandwich, cookie, pop-tart, etc, and eating the center last; putting ketchup on salad instead of dressing, and eating the skins of potatoes, eggplant, and kiwis, although not squash. Oh, and I cook oatmeal in a coffee cup instead of a bowl. Quirks are fun. πŸ˜‰

  11. I thought I was the only person in the world who ate shrimp tails! I don’t eat shrimp anymore, but I used to love the crunch of the tails. I remember I was sitting across from an old boyfriend a few years ago and there were a few shrimps on my plate…at the end of the night he noticed that there were no tails on my plate and asked me what happened to them. I told him that I ate them, and he looked at me like I was the biggest freak and started flipping out…apparently eating shrimp tails is the most taboo thing you can do in his mind? I was embarrassed so I said “just kidding” and I’ve never admitted it to anyone since then.
    I also do a lot of other weird things, including many of the ones that you do- eating out of gladware, dry cereal, squash skin, not drinking water, etc. So you can’t be THAT weird.

    I would love to see lots of pics from Food Buzz! And interviews would be cool.

  12. Reading your blog seriously just brings a smile to my face.

    some of my quirks…i always use straws. i don’t drink out of wide-mouthed water bottles (they tend to end up all over me instead of in me). i add salt to almost every dish, and often to ketchup. i almost always eat dessert first.

    See you Friday @ Food Buzz!

  13. Frozen banana pops are the best πŸ™‚ I took advantage of the reduced Halloween candy today, too except I only bought stuffto use in baking..otherwise I’d end up eating it all.

    Hmm..weird food habits. Well, I eat with baby spoons because they change color when they’re hot and that’s cool. I only use chopsticks when I can. And I eat sunflower seed shells because I’m too lazy to work for that tiny little seed. πŸ˜›

  14. I have weird quirks too – I like to eat in bowls only and with little spoons. I cannot eat before I workout. I can’t just eat, I must multi-task, as I am doing right now.

    I love mustard on everything and I really love potato skin! Can’t say the same about squash though….

  15. HAVE to eat before a workout. Ketchup on everything. I eat dry cereal every morning with a protein shake that I could pour over the cereal (and used to) but it last longer if I don’t. I eat my shake every night with the same type of spoon (I have like 10) that I still before I left college at William and Mary

  16. I’m so glad to know, after reading the post and comments, that I’m not alone! I’m with you, Eden, on the dry cereal, the ketchup, the squash skins and straws. I’m with Ameena on the little spoons and with Shanna on the apple skins and ends-of-loaves!
    I also always save the best bit of anything till last and, with meals, save a little bit of everything till last and eat it together so the last mouthful’s the best πŸ™‚

  17. I LOVE most condiments but especially mustard. I have to keep backup mustards in my pantry and if I open a jar of tahini and don’t have a backup already in the pantry, I go out and get one asap. I must have had a life during the Great Depression or something the way I keep certain things stockpiled (or so my parents say).

    And definitely ice cream with a plastic spoon. A real spoon gets too cold and ruins the experience somehow.

    When my husband found out that the only part of the kabocha I don’t eat are the seeds and stem, he was weirded out. But whatever, I love potato and squash skins probably moreso than the actual insides. Yum!

  18. I also drink out of a straw (tea/coffee included), and eat my ice cream/yogurt/oats etc from a plastic spoon! Mustard literally on anything (so good when you add some raspberry flavor, or thyme) and Salsa on EVERYTHING! Dry cereal is the best, and I completely agree about the skins tasting the best! Especially when they get a little burnt and are crispy. I sometimes purposely over-microwave my brocc/cauli with seasoning- so it gets crispy and tastes amazing!

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