Tag, I’m It

I again was so busy today, so no excited recipe, but thankfully, Amanda tagged me so I at least have something to post! woop woop.

1. Favorite flavor of ice cream? chocolate, any which way

2. Do you say soda or pop? Or something completely different? Is there a difference??? I guess soda, cause I associate pop with poptarts or popcorn or pop music….

3. If you could travel anywhere for a month, where would you go? If it were less time I’d go to India, but I’m afraid I wouln’t be able to handle it for a month. I’d love to go to Australia again.

4. Favorite thing about blogging? I think the support and friends you make. When you feel crappy, you can vent and people tend to understand. Or they simply stop reading, but regardless, you feel someone out there cares about you.

5. Do you prefer tricks or treats? tricks……yes, tricks!

6. Are emoticons annoying or fun? I think they are fun if you dont abuse them. Some people abuse them and then it just turn to creepy.

7. Would you rather spend your vacation relaxing by the beach or hiking through a rainforest? I think hiking on a beach. I love hiking but I dunno about the rainforest. They tend to be humid, right? I can’t stand in humidity, let alone hike in it.

8. Have you ever been stung by a bee? yep. I was in fifth grade on a field trip to an outdoor shakespeare play of A Midsummer Nights Dream. It was no dream.

I apologize for a short and sweet post. I have the weekend off from yoga school so plenty of time to whip out new recipes and thoughts.


O right…..I need to tag people…hmmmmm…..

Amanda tagged seven so I guess this means I gotta do seven as well. I’m not sure I have more then seven readers on daily basis that would find out they would get tagged! O, well….

So I’m tagging Astrid (cause I know she won’t kill me for doing so), Abby (because I could talk her out of killing me), Heather, ToriJamie, Tatianna , Christine (who’s giveaway I won and NOT because of some random generator, but because her brother makes wise decisions!), and Jolene.

Here are my batch of questions:

1) What was your favorite game to play as a child? (I think mine is a tossup between chutes and ladders and candyland)

2)Would you rather be good looking or rich? (honestly? good looking. shallow, I know)

3)If someone wrote a book about your life, what would they title it? (I’ve written about this before, either “Dont bother me, I’m eating” or “Never trust a skinny chef”

4) Have you ever eaten something not exactly edible? if so, what? (I had some play dough as a kid. Is it really sick today its not that bad, salty!)

5) What did you want to be as a kid?

6) Halloween candy of choice? (hmm….I can always eat a twix or snickers, but I think milk duds are kinda rare so thats my answer: milk duds!)

7) weirdest thing you got trick or treating? (I got a ziploc bag full of pennies and this one year, I’m ashamed to say my mom handed out Quaker chewy bars because we never got trick or treaters so we didn’t prepare. I sweat she pulled out a whole box of cereal but I stopped her.)

8) Who is the last person you called? (my roommate, but it went straight to voicemail. No one picks up the phone anymore)

If I didn’t tag you, feel free to comment and answer! I’d love to hear from you (yes, readers and lurkers too!)

And PS, I cannot believe less than a week from now I’ll be at Foodbuzz. Just had to say it!

I decided to take a picture of myself on the way to work, a la Julie Go Lean


19 thoughts on “Tag, I’m It

  1. Thanks for the tag! I guess I’m in the “regular 7 readers” club! Haha! I probably only have like 5 regular readers! Who cares?! 🙂

    You look great in that picture!

  2. Haha…you definitely have more than 7 daily readers b/c I read every day for my breakfast entertainment, but sometimes if I’m up late I just can’t wait so I read it then [I’m am on East Coast time]…although I haven’t blogged in over a year, so I guess you just meant fellow bloggers. Happy Halloween!

    p.s. you should post a photo of the caesar salad costume!

  3. Fun! I’m just going to put my answers below, as I don’t have seven other readers to tag either.

    1. Favorite game as a child? If we’re talking board games, it was Sorry, Clue and Monopoly when I could rope someone into playing with me.
    2.Good looking or rich? I would go with rich, because then I could do fun things for other people, animals, etc. and not have daily financial stress (and endless Greek yogurt.) That would make me MUCH happier than being hot (unless we’re talking super ugly or something…)
    3. Book title for my life? I love your “Don’t bother me, I’m eating.” That sums it up. However, it might be something along the lines of “I Have Issues” perhaps?
    4. Eaten something really not edible? I’ve done Play-Doh as well and toothpaste on more than one occasion. I’ve also tried a dog treat when I was little, and honestly, it wasn’t horrible. A few bugs have flown into my grill over the years as well. So sad.
    5. What did I want to be as a kid? A bunch of things, but it usually boiled down to “the boss.” There was a marine biologist phase, a lawyer phase, a Broadway star (my true dream, except I can’t sing) and anything sports-related. I need to revisit this option.
    6. Halloween candy? I like Milk Duds too, except they stick in my teeth. I guess if I had to choose something “different” from the normal everyday crap, I would say I like those mini Mars bars and Baby Ruth.
    7. Weirdest thing trick or treating? I got a dollar once from some old guy that didn’t know it was Halloween but liked our costumes, coupons for free French fries at BK and some floss. Yes, floss. We’ve also gone through our drawers and cupboards looking for extra candy to give out and I had to stop my mom from popping Mentos into the bags. Oy!

    • When I was first learning to brush my teeth I was scared of spitting out the toothpaste (don’t ask) so I would always swallow it! I wish I could sing, too, because being a broadway star would be a dream! Abby, you definitely hvae more than 7 readers!

  4. the pic of you in the car, julie style, is awesome!! you look soooo much different than in the head shot/top banner of your blog with your mouth open. As in way prettier and more sophisticated and lovely 🙂

    happy Hween! loved your factoids…i want to go to india too, but not for amonth!

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