Flashback Friday: Halloween Edition!

Before I begin, I just wanted to tell those bloggers that I visit that I’m sorry if I’m MIA in the comment dept lately. I’ve had a crazy end to the week! I’ll come by once the weekend hits! promise!

In honor of flashback friday, I thought I’d tell you little tid bits about my Halloweens as a kid. This may end up being a boring post, but I was so busy chasing five year olds with a spatula at my cooking lessons that I really shut off the creative part of my brain.

please don’t stop reading.

So I’ll first say that my mom was super creative and artistic. So Halloween was a great opportunity to live create a fu project around my Halloween costume.

Take exhibit A: My Halloween costume from third grade wa pipi longstocking. I thought that at the time it was pretty orginal and my mom took apart a wire hanger and made it to fitΒ the shape of my head. Tada! radio-active braids!

I had to draw in freckles. the sun never blessed me with them

I got lots of extra candy for that one. I remember some guy at one house saying, “Come look hun, this kid’s hair actually sticks out!”.

my hair took viagra

It was cool but many little kids were smacked in the face after I turned around. To bad for them.

Exhibit B: I think this was sixth grade where I was a gypsy. My mom was a gypsy when she was young. But my mom was raised in Israel where the equivalent of Halloween is this Jewish holiday called “purim” where people dress up and get drunk. Yes, its actually mandatory as part of the holiday. Oddly enough, this has yet to turn into a slut dressing fest. Anyhow, I had my BFF’s mom who is a pro make-up artist do my make-up.

yep, i was eleven and I look 25. Make up works wonder. i promise, i'm not as pretty in person (take heed foodbuzz goers)

I found random “old-lady” scarves at the thrift store with my mom and a good looking 11 year old gypsy was born. At eleven, I may have not had breasts (dont think I have much of those now) but I was hot.

Exhibit C: I’m pretty sure this was fifth grade? I wasn’t something super creative. I admit, I was in a “clique” in elementary school and “we” decided to be butterflies. I thought it was lame, but it would be fifth grade social suicide to not join in. But once again, my BFF’s mom stepped in and beautified my best friend and I. When the other girls saw our faces, their jaw dropped. They looked like butterflies from a face-painting station at a carnival and we looked like butterflies from the editorial pages of Elle.

yep, I flew the other flies out of their cocoons

Exhibit D: Fast forward to me at 21. I was fresh out of my impatient treatment (three weeks to be exact) and decided on being a caesar salad. I wore a roman inspired ella moss dress, a wreath, with a caesar salad bag glued to my back. I thought it was clever. Needless to say, we went to a pretty weird house party where a 37 year old dud asked if my roommate and I were over 18. She looked disgusted, and I just kind of wanted to say yes to shoo him away.

And finally, I just wanted to show you what the schtick my dog and my dad did on that Halloween when I was pipi longstocking. I don’t know what they were, but they creeped everyone out. Except my dog, milli. She was just cute.


17 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Halloween Edition!

  1. I had fun reading about your costumes growing up. Love the butterfly make-up! And I’m sure you are just as pretty in person. πŸ™‚ When I was little, I was tinkerbell for 3 years in a row, an angel, and a tightrope walker. That’s all I can think of.

  2. Hehe! I love that you have so many pictures! I don’t have hardly any from when I was a kid.. let alone from Halloween! I was Pipi one year too… although my braids didn’t work out as well as yours πŸ˜›

  3. Your Mom was a genius! I love those photos! And you are so as gorgeous in person, I saw you on tv (finally)- just stunning!!
    What are you gonna be this year? Maybe you and your roommate could be Thing 1 and Thing 2!!!

  4. I’m looking at your pictures, and you’re beautiful in every single one! I went through the awkward years from 5th grade to well…now. LOL. It’s weird that I can’t remember what I was for Halloween when I was a kid? I do remember my Dad taking me out for a couple of them, though. Hmmm. I dress up now for MY kids, because they love when I do. I was Daphne from Scooby-Doo, Little Red Riding Hood, and this year is Psychedelic 60’s girl. πŸ˜€ What are you going to be this year??

  5. Did you NOT have an awkward phase? Good lord, you looked like a model even in 5th grade.

    Anyway, I wish I had a scanner, as I would love to post some old pictures from Halloween. My mom wasn’t a fashionista like yours, but we usually got pretty creative πŸ˜‰ I love the Caesar salad idea, even though I don’t like Caesar salad–anything Roman and goddess-like is fun. I’ve never gone as food, but we dressed the dog like a lobster last year. He was thrilled.

  6. I LOVE your costumes! Particularly the Pippi and the butterfly! Hehe, I think my favorite costume was when I was a werewolf, because I got to wear my mom’s mink coat. Yeah, I’m llucky PETA was taking the night off.

  7. I want to be a butterfly!! Actually you look like a fairy, which is even better πŸ™‚

    Your dad looks like a bag lady or something Haha! I know I’ve said it before, but your dad seems like a cool guy!

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