Candy Corn Popcorn and Decisions, Decisions

two kind of corn: candy and popped

I don’t know if you all have this problem, but I’d like to start a “I can’t decide support group”.

Astrology freaks have warned me that it’s because I’m a Libra that I’m so indecisive. It may have something to do with it, but I also think it manifests into other aspects of my history and my life.

There is evidence to my indecisiveness from my early years as a toddler. My dad was practically ready to put me up for adoption after me agonizing over which cereal too choose for breakfast. It sorta went like this:

Dad: What kind of cereal would you like?

4yr old Eden: What kind do we have

Dad: Cheerios, mini wheats, and Toasted Oatmeal Squares

4yr old Eden: Cheerios!

(Dad opens fresh cheerio box)

4yr old Eden: no, actually mini wheats!

Dad: I just opened a new package of cheerios! now they will get stale quicker! Fine….(gets mini wheats box, bowl and proceeds to pour….)

4yr old Eden: FINE! I dont want stale cheerios! I wan fresh cheerios! so I’ll have cheerios!

Dad: I you sure

4 yr old Eden: yes

(Dad pours cheerios into bowl, gets a spoon…)

4yr old Eden: Actually…..what what that other option?

Dad: you’ll miss Mr, Rodgers if you don’t make up your mind soon. We also have toasted oatmeal squares.

4yr old Eden: ok, no I still want cheerios

Dad: thank god

(passed me the bowl and as I’m about to dig in…)

4yr old Eden: But I love mini wheats too! I dont want to hurt their feelings

Dad: Mini wheats dont have feelings! I’ve had enough!

(he pours all three into a bowl and I sulk because I’ve missed Mr. Rodgers taking off his sneakers which is the best part of the show.

Anyhow, I struggle with this all the time, every day. Sometimes its minor, like which blogs to read or which movies to netflix. Other times its brutal. What career should I go after, should I go on a date with “that” guy, whats the wisest Β thing to buy…etc.

When it gets too food, its always tough. I like restaurants where my options are limited. Delis suck cause they have menus that resemble a twilight series book. I am also indecisive about how I feel about my body. Some days I feel too thin, some days I feel too fat, sometimes I love the way my hair looks, and today, I’m willing to go bald.


I often wish decision were just made for me. Although I know I would get pissed at that too. I like having the power to decide, but yet it would be easier if decision were simply made for me. Once again, evidence to my reluctance to grow up and take on the responsibilities of adulthood.

Currently, I’m very behind on my blog reading and my house cleaning because I’m wasting my precious time surfing kayak and yelp trying to decided on when to book my flight and hotel for foodbuzz (although I have two nights already booked, I decided to stay an extra night so I need to book for that night). I factor in too much (money, amenities, location, etc) and I keep thinking I should wait hoping prices might drop. In the meantime, my laundry is piling up, my google reader is bursting, and I still dont have a flight or hotel.

But all in all, indecision is basically the seed of fear. Fear of making the “wrong” decision. But really, what the worst that can happen if I chose mini wheats over cheerios? I suppose nothing. What a waste of fear that was. or was it? I don’t know, I can’t decide.

Anyhow, in desserts class we made candy corn popcorn in celebration for Halloween. . For the record, I don’t love candy corn. I have one or two and think hmm ok….but more than that and I start to feel sick. Anyhow, kids love them and they pay me to handle some kids for an hour, so why not. To make the popcorn you will need:

– 2 tbs canola oil

-1/2 cup plain popcorn kernals

-about 2 tbs sugar

-dash of salt

-candy corn (the more kids, the more candy corn)

Heat the oil in a sauce pan that has a lid (if your like me and tend to lose lids, a plate will do). Once it gets hot, drop a few kernelsΒ and wait to see if they pop. One they do, pour the rest of your kernels.Β 

one of my students offered to help with the photography. Not bad for a seven year old

Pour in the sugar and candy corn once most of them have popped but leave on the heat so they melt a little.


the kids busy in action

Serve and beware, there are no leftovers with kiddies running around.


27 thoughts on “Candy Corn Popcorn and Decisions, Decisions

  1. candy corn, projects with kids, this makes me smile πŸ™‚

    your decisions…only you can make them, but you know this.

    extra nite..have thought of it too but no, i have a hubs, child, and FT job here that i cant/dont want to over-extend. i am gonna savor my 48 hrs and then come home.

  2. I watch Mr. Rogers every Saturday morning. I still wish he’d finish tying up his shoes before the music stops. I guess it’s a peeve of mine.

    Mmmm…candy corn. I’m bad with decision making too.

  3. Confession: I LOVE candy corn. Okay, not candy corn, but caramel corn. I never really know you could make it yourself though… very cool πŸ™‚

    I can relate to this so much, because I am about as indecisive as you can get when it comes to everything. Food, clothes, purchases, groceries, ugh! It’s so annoying – but you’re absolutely right in saying that it is a direct result of fear. When my indecision with food was at it’s worst, it was because I was so consumed by my ED that all food terrified me.

    Good luck with the hotel booking… I’m sure everything will work out perfectly!

  4. I can be super indecisive, too! It’s mostly when things don’t really matter to me. If I know what I want, I’ll go for it, but if I don’t actually want it, I will take forever. Like with Netflix, if there isn’t a movie or yoga video I want to try, it iwll take me forever to pick. I think I am getting better at it, though. (Hey if you are staying the extra night, let me know, I will pay my half and we can just by at the Drake all 3 nights.)

  5. Candy corn is also fun and easy to put into rice crispy treats for Halloween. I don’t like candy corn, but it’s colorful and pretty πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I used to be extremely indecisive about most things, but the past couple years I got over it. Most of the time I do know what I want, but then I just add in extra factors that are unnecessary and clutter things up. My mom was freaking out when I got my house because it took me only a weekend to pick out paint colors, a couch, etc. But why spend so much time worrying about the “wrong” choice if you’re satisfied with what you have to begin with? I like Cheerios and Shredded Wheat, so why can’t I have one now and one later? There’s always the option to do something again, and if there isn’t, it’s not the end of the world.

    Quit doing so much research, just decide what you feel is best and move on. It’s no use getting stressed out about–it’s a fun thing! Plus, it’s food-related and you get to meet so many cool people! I’ll be stuck in the mountains with hillbillies πŸ˜‰

  6. Become vegetarian and live in the south – it makes your menu options really easy!!! πŸ˜‰ Kidding aside, when it comes to making a decision, sometimes it’s that first thing I think of or the one I keep circling back to that sort of ends up being the deciding factor. I thought of it right away so it was first in mind or if I think about it more than any of the other options, then obviously it must be right. When it comes to big things: pros/cons lists!

  7. My general rule for decision making (and I use this in Scrabble): The longer it takes to decide, the less it matters. Because the two options are probably about equal. So I just pick one and run. If one option is TRULY better than the others, then it will jump out as better right away and no time will be required.

  8. I’m super indecisive! So usually whenever I can I’ll impulsively let someone esle choose. But then I end up not liking their decision and trying to change it. Arguments ensue.

    Love Mr. Rogers. That man liked his sweaters and shoes, didn’t he!

  9. I wouldn’t blame it on being a Libra — I’m not a Libra and I’m pretty much the most indecisive person you’ll ever meet! Honestly, booking a vacation is so stressful because of all the decision-making involved, that if I didn’t need a vacation before I started the planning process, I definitely need it by the time I’m done. (I just got lucky this time because I didn’t have the luxury of thinking about it! Check back in a few months to see how that one worked out.)

    ❀ ❀

  10. I am always the one who insists on ordering last at a restaurant. I’m insanely indecisive. Also, the giant pumpkins are the best part of candy corn by far

  11. omg i’m so mad at myself because i haven’t had candy corn yet!! nobody in my family likes it so we never buy it haha. but i did just have popcorn mixed with peanut butter and chocolate chiiiiiiiiipies πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  12. I can make decisions for you, but it will probably go poorly. I have similar issues with making decisions both big and small. I’ve had numerous freak outs recently about everything in my life. Candy corn helps.

  13. I go with the mix. A little bit of cheerios and little bit mini wheats. All is well! Candy corn and pop corn? Yep, that suits me right….maybe a handful of chocolate chips as well!
    Hope you get everything done, wait, you will! The cleaning can always wait, right? haha.

  14. Umm, I can’t decide if I would join the “I can’t decide” support group!! πŸ˜‰ That’s how bad I am! I could never build a house – it would drive me insane having to decide on so many things. I just painted my walls and now I am mad because I didn’t choose a different color/shade! Oh well….so far your decisions all seem pretty good so far – especially your recipes πŸ™‚
    Yummy! Candy corn!! The best easiest mix ever (I make every year as my Harvest offering at work) is to mix a giant can of salted peanuts with a large bag of Brachs candy corn – mix in a big Ziploc. It tastes like a PayDay! Everyone loves me when I bring it!!

  15. Oh good god I used to live on candy corn (how gross am I?) in high school. Now I can barely have two without feeling totally crappy. I guess my body got used to less processed sugary stuff.

    I’ll join your indecisive support group πŸ™‚ My job involves making decisions for people all day long and when I get home I can’t even decide what to make for dinner. Oy! Luckily my husband is uber-decisive and tends to help balance me.
    P.S. I can’t find corn flour–where did you buy yours?

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