Eats and Lessons of the Week

I also learned flashback fridays are pretty awesome, and that I think we can all agree I was a pretty cute kid

I was really busy today (will recap it tomorrow) but thought I’d share with you some cool recipes and musings of the blogosphere (yes, maggie, I’m ripping you off a bit).

Eating up on….

Asparagus + Meyer lemon + risotto= yes please!

Hugs and Kisses (without getting too touchy feely)

Puttin on the Ritz

Shakshouka! (funny name, delicious dish!)

What I learned this week:

Since I will be attended the foodbuzz festival in less than two weeks, I found these tips very helpful

I learned the Fifty Nifty States!

My shopping habits may reflect my recovery

Dont work out after root beer and pizza

Im now convinced I need to buy a dehydrator

I wasn’t the only one with a cereal childhood

I want Momma b to adopt me and take me with her on her travels

Blogger Face-Offs are fun

What have you learned this week? any new recipes you’ve found that you want to try out (bonus point if there are one of mine!)

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