Guest Post (kinda) with a Blogger Face-Off!

Obviously, we both have a weakness for pups

Hello lurkers, readers, and bloggers.

You may remember how Abby and I like to trade turfs every now and then. I think we wanted to do one this month, but I think both she and I have felt a little lack-lusting in the “wise blog post” department.

But I saw this “blogger-faceoff” on some other blog and thought we would do something similar. Abby and I answered the infamous questions asked on “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. Its kind of funny how our answers were similar and I was surprised at how these questions were not easy to answer. Anyhow, without further ado…

Questions Abby Eden
What is your favorite word? I’m a writer. I can’t pick one, as they all escape me when I need them most–like, now. I like savansa (the final resting pose in yoga)
What is your least favorite word? Placenta. Eww anus. gross, right?
What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Nature (cue singing birds and tap-dancing squirrels) love, humor, and youtube
What turns you off? Creatively? Creative conformation, sitting in one place too long and professional politics. In other people? Arrogance, dishonesty, smoking and littering. I hate litter. Arrogance, ignorance, bad breath and bad odor in general
What is your favorite curse word? I swear a lot when I’m by myself, but have tried really hard to curb this in public. So, it would have to be “What the eff?” Not the real “f” word, but just “eff.” Do I have to pick one?? I like my hybrid of excuse me and “F*%$ you”: “ex-fukin-use-me”
What sound or noise do you love? The “Baseball Tonight” theme song, with fountains a close second. anything narrated by Morgan Freeman
What sound or noise do you hate? People slurping or glugging drinks and the sound of someone eating corn on the cob. airplane toilet flushes
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I would love to be in sports talk radio or writing, have my own general writing column (not necessarily sports-related, but more on life through my sarcastic hazel eyes) or own my own cafe/coffeehouse/etc. full of baking and creative energy. Talk
Radio Host. I can’t stand all this top 40 crap music stations, Talk
radio is all I listen to. I like it so much, because you build a
personal relationship with the talk host. You listen to them everyday,
and it’s almost like they become your best friend. I would love to be
able to have my own show, and talk about my perspectives on life.
What profession would you not like to do? Politician or nun. No offense, but I hate collars and headwear and would probably burst into flames upon entry into the convent Parking enforcement officer and politician (I’m a bad liar)
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Joel McHale is over there you got punk’d
Care to join our face off?

great bloggers think and oddly enough, sorta look alike

19 thoughts on “Guest Post (kinda) with a Blogger Face-Off!

  1. You’ll hate me, Abby. Because I slurp. Hence, my blog name. Oh, and I burp and totally chew very very loudly. What? I’m Korean. We eat like cows.

    I think a tap-dancing squirrel would be very distracting, actually. But wouldn’t I love to see one!

  2. This is awesome and I can totally relate to you BOTH! Love the voice of morgan freeman. So soothing! And I HATE to eat corn on the cobb with people for the noise factor. Yes, I am petty like that. haha.

  3. My least favorite sound: a loud buzz from a bee. I hate bees! Favorite sound: a cat meow. I love cats. If I could have any profession, I ould have my very own bakery, or I would be a personal chef. Or…a life coach. You see, I can’t figure out my own life, but I would love to help other people figur out their life. This was really fun to read. Awesome idea!

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  5. Haha, this was awesome! I think my random job I’d like to attempt would be the token female sportscaster on a football reporting team!

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