No Oven Apple “Pie” (or Crumble) and a “Pregnant” Pause

I know, not beautiful,but I also had that ultra unflattering school lighting to deal with

Before I indulge you in my musings, just reminding you I will be on at 10am on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker re-run (the episode is called “Justin and Tyler” incase you want to dvr it).

WARNING: this post is kinda lame and random, I was just really busy today and had nothing brilliant to say


I had a bunch of rowdy kids for my monday desserts class today (although it will be yesterday for most of you). I get irritated that they don’t respect me as much as they respect their other teachers. They realize I’m young and I hate that they think that because of that, I can be taken advantage of. Anyhow, they got to make a nice dessert and I get paid at the end of the semester. Thats all that matters.

I wanted to update you on what I’ve been learning in Yoga Teacher Training school. As most of you know, I’m in the midst of my 300 hr professional training to add on to the 200 hr I did last year. This weekend we had a workshop on pre-natal yoga.

It was actually pretty awesome. We learned all about the different approaches to birth (having a “doula”, a midwife, obgyn etc) and about how the body changes when you do get pregnant. We also had to strap on “belly” which was really just a thick blanket folded up and tied with a yoga strap to our bellies. I feel pregnant after any meal, so this wasn’t much of a stretch.

More than anything, I was glad that guys in our training had a little taste of what its like to have big belly in your way when your trying to hold a plank pose.

Although interesting, this just convinced me more and more that I should not have children. Who needs birth control when I’ve got this workshop.

I hope I’ll find this week to observe a prenatal class. I bet the students have creative ways of getting into poses with their expanding bellies. There are also many calming yoga poses that I bet would feel awesome after you carry a 7 pound fetus in your midsection all day. I think seeing people find relief would make me feel better.

If you are a mom, ever done yoga while pregnant? If your not pregnant, would you take up yoga? And for the sake of discussion (because this is a hot button topic) would you get a midwife, doula, obgyn or a combo of two or more of them?

To make the deconstructed apple pies that we made in desserts class, you will need:

-granny smith apple (about 1 per person)

-about 1/4 cup sugar (or stevia or splenda or whatever artificial crack you prefer)


-Trader Joe’s Pecan maple granola

Again, with kids, you gotta keep it simple. Pour the sugar in the pan and wait a few minuets so it get its hot (but not melted yet). then pour in the chopped apples (you can peel them, I prefer leaving the skin on). cook for about 7-10 minuets or until the apples are soft and turn a bit golden. Pour on to a bowl or plate and top with granola. I guees its more of a crumble. But not oven needed!

these smiths are "sugar coated", shamelessly

25 thoughts on “No Oven Apple “Pie” (or Crumble) and a “Pregnant” Pause

  1. I really want to see you on TV! Do you know what date it’s on so I can tune it? šŸ˜›

    I honestly want to get into yoga because it really interests me.. but I have no idea how! I want to just start on my own, but part of me feels like I won’t be doing it right unless I am in a class or something…. and I’m not even pregnant!

    ā¤ Tat

  2. My husband & I have been testing the yoga waters with Jillian Michaels, and I like it. I wish I’d been doing it when I was pregnant, as I think it would’ve helped with my back problems. I loved my ob/gyn, but after finding out that we actually have a doula available in my tiny town, I might contact her if/when I become pregnant again (I’m still thinking one child is enough).

  3. The recipe sounds delish! Oh, and I totally use real sugar–can’t abide the fake stuff at all. Can’t wait to try it. I already watched you on the MM recently, and you were charming, esp. in the face of the evil harpy–ehem, I mean, Patti. Sorry, but she just kinda freaks me out.
    I no nada of prenatal yoga–thank goodness. Eek. I am happily childfree–wheeee!–and will remain that way. However, since most of my friends are now 35 and on their first, second, or third (how retro!) kiddos, I know a little something of pregnancy exercise… I have one friend who did yoga throughout her pregnancy and had a MUCH easier labor and delivery b/c of it. Although who knows, she might’ve had a “fine” labor even without it, but I like to think that yoga aided in the baby coming out easier, sans drugs (by the way, I think drugs are just fine, so no comments from me on that!).

  4. That apple crumble is right up my alley. I used to make things like that once upon a time. After spending time in the kitchen making dinner, I don’t really have time for dessert now. My friend used a doula for an at home water birth (2 friends actually). Just not so sure – I want doctors, nurses, drugs.

  5. Well, I’m either going to be a midwife or pediatric nurse practitioner (haven’t decided which route yet, but I need to soon) so I’m slightly biased. For sure I want a midwife!

  6. Hmmm…I’ve never been pregnant, but I definitely want kids in the future! I want to do prenatal yoga and I think I want a drug free pregnancy (ideally). I mean our bodies were made to give birth, so I think I want to see exactly what my body is capable of. I just saw you on tv by the way!! Your no bake apple crumble has convinced me that an apple pie (a baked version) needs to be made n my near future. Good thing I have lots of apples in my fridge!

  7. I just watched the show! It came on at 9 here! I think you were so cute and obviously a lot more “real” than the other girls seemed to be. Of course they both wanted you šŸ™‚

    As for the guys though, they were a little……….well lacking Haha! It was funny at the end when you were talking to the camera and said you were “hopeful” to find another millionare. I laughed cause it made you seem like a gold digger! (which I know you aren’t) Or are you……..!

    • o god, i saw it again today and I totally forgot that they yelled my weight on tv! mind you i dont know if i was my weight because i had to fill out a form while i was there and i didn’t know what to put down for weight so I just put what was on my drivers license (which was done like six years ago). And def not a gold digger. But you couldn’t pay me enough to marry either of those guys!

  8. I did yoga during both my pregnancies, and it was a lifesaver, lol! Especially in the third trimester; I felt like I had more room to breathe after a class, and I needed all the room I could get!
    It’s great that guys wear the pregnancy belly. Now if only we could find a way for them to experience constant heartburn, insomnia, having to pee every 10 minutes and, oh yeah, contractions, lol!

  9. I’m really enjoying your blog! Wow, I didn’t realize it took so many hours for yoga teacher. I think teaching prenatal yoga would be so rewarding! Personally I did ever think of it or anything other than the family doctor….but I was from a small town.

  10. Getting pregnant is NO WHERE on my radar, but I do think if I end up having kids (I’ve always imagined myself adopting…), I’ll be screaming for the heavy drugs…

  11. Pregnant ladies are so adorable! Ugh but the body changes so much after the baby… My mom said she used to have the prettiest strongest nails until she had April and I.. Now she gets acrylic fake ones like every other week. It stinks cause I have long, strong nails just like she did which im probably gonna lose! šŸ˜¦

  12. I remember all the things my yoga trainer said about pregnancy..and we werent even learning prenatal moves! It’s incredible how “dangerous” yoga can become for them if all the proper precautions aren’t taken. She also told us this story of a woman who insisted on doing inversions all the way through her third trimester and her baby came out with a knot in it’s umbilical cord. LUCKILY it didn’t wrap around it’s neck of cut off food supply..but geez!! It’s a miracle, really.

    The apple crisp looks great! I love that it’s so simple and quick, too. No waiting on a pesky oven. šŸ˜›

  13. Hey girl!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

    I am staying at the Drake too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should shoot me an email @ so we can chat and maybe plan to go out and see/ do stuff!!!

    Are you flying? What time do you arrive? I get into San Fran at 12:10 and will be looking for someone to share a cab with to the Drake. I also will be going back to the airport around 6:00 am Monday morning.


  14. I’m pregnant and just did my prenatal yoga DVD this afternoon actually. I LOVE it!! It’s Shiva Rea’s DVD (not sure if I spelled her name right??). It feels sooooo good to do at the end of a hard day at work. I wish there were more prenatal yoga DVD’s on the market!!

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