Sweet n Spicy Citrus Salmon and Myth Busting Monday!


I think salmon always looks good with some green underneath


Hey bloggers and lurkers!

It just came to my attention that Millionaire Matchmaker has a new season coming up. And in true Bravo form, they are showing old episodes before the big premiere. Incase you missed me, my episode airs this Tuesday at 10:00am (eastern and “specific” time). So dvr or tivo it if you’re at work and didn’t see my debut last season. You can read about my experience on the show here.I’m mainly in the beginning until the middle but I m in a lot of scenes so you won’t miss me.

Moving on….

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I can’t believe that I will be at the foodbuzz fesitval after the next two weekends! I’m very excited, but at the same time nervous and anxious.

Its monday, which means another round of myth busting! This by far seems to be the most popular posts of the week!

Myth #1: You can’t die of a broken heart: Well, your heart doesn’t literally break like they show in cartoons. But, it is definitely possible to become so upset and stressed over losing a loved one that it can lead to death. The condition called cardiomyopathy causes death. People who die from this condition have no previous heart disease but have had an extremely stressful emotional situation and die. How to prevent? Chocolate and family guys (or anything that will make you laugh and forget about that a-hole).

Myth #2:I got criticized on my blog, I suck! The fact ism your readers will not always be kind, they may criticize or disagree with you and express it in very harsh ways. They may not like what you have written or how you’ve written something, but its not their comments that will determine your reputation. Rather, its how you respond to these comments. Don’t take it personally and provide authentic information. If you think that someone has a point in what they are saying, then acknowledge it graciously. Think of it as an opportunity to interact with your readers and engage them in meaningful conversations.

Myth #3: Washing dishes by hand saves money: On average, modern dishwashers use about 1-1.5 kilowatt hours of energy and 3.7 gallons of water, which is actually equal to one full kitchen sink. Now think about how many full sinks you use to wash your dishes and the water you use to rinse them after. Don’t forget that in general, a dishwasher runs every 2-3 days, whereas washing by hand is usually a daily chore. It’s pretty clear which one is less water-efficient. Since I slaved most of culinary school washing dishes by hand, I embrace the dishwasher with open arms!

Myth #4: Rats are unhygenic: I lived in a student apartment near the east village in NYC where I became familiar with a number of rats that hanged around. Of course they freaked me out because I thought they would carry diseases and what not. However, after some research, I found out it depends on the rat. Pet rats are actually quite compulsive when it comes to cleaning, spending approximately 60% of their time cleaning. That sounds like my grandma. Since they’re very social animals, they will often help each other out to clean those hard to reach places, which means if they have passed by a bait box the baits get transferred from one rodent to another. I’m still afraid of rats, but I’m mainly just fascinated another creature spends more of their day cleaning than my grandma.

Myth #5: Your blog is yours, it doesn’t matter what you say: Yes, it IS yours, but I have four words: It’s on the internet. Even if you don’t publicize your blog, people can find it. An online forum as a substitute for journaling comes with risks — your boss, friends, parents and more might end up reading it. Is it likely? Maybe not. Is it possible? Yes. Some young people have a blog and share it only with their friends. Don’t count on them not forwarding it. If you REALLY don’t want anyone to read it, maintain a password, or consider a Word document on your hard drive. Or go old school, and get a paper diary. I only write what I feel comfortable sharing with anybody. So with that in mind, I dont share EVERYTHING. Believe me, there is some serious trash talk and gossip I’d love to gush, but this is the internet, and my blog is not about to become the next US weekly.

For today’s recipe, we have sweet n spicy citrus salmon. People get scarred of cooking fish but this was a frozen fillet from trader joes. All I did was take it out of the package, slather the marinade, and cooked it. Heres what goes in:

-1 salmon fillet

-3 tbs of blood orange marmalade

-a generous shake of red chili pepper

-dash of salt

Place the salmon in foil, slather the marmalade, pepper flakes and salt. Bake at 350 for about 20 minuets (less if its fresh). Check often and flake with a fork to test the “doneness”. Easy right?

27 thoughts on “Sweet n Spicy Citrus Salmon and Myth Busting Monday!

  1. I want to see you on tv. How cool that you were on there. I think I’ll be able to watch for a few minutes before I leave for school. If not, I do get to meet you in person soon, which is so much cooler!
    One of my good friends in high school had pet rats. I think they are so cool and so smart. And I have a chinchilla. Not a rat, but still a rodent. Definitely not a dirty animal at all, even though he poops everywhere and baths in dust.

  2. i wish i could convince my grandma of that dishwasher thing. I am so sick and tiered of doing the dishes when there is a dishwasher in the kitchen. but i guess old people will never accept anything from younger people.
    I would be really happy if you could email me a few recipes from your treatment on how to help the weight gain. I do have some too but I have to say that the food there did not impress me at all so I am not really looking into cooking any of those 😉
    my email is neela.ewerhart@yahoo.com
    thanx for your help

  3. woohoo, I want to see the re-run!! And I am a sucker for the handwashing trick. Maybe I should just run the darn dishwasher. Can’t help it, its the part of me that thinks it “going green.” haha!

  4. I have a dishwasher that I have never used. Even when I lived at home we had one and it never got used. This might be because I tend to use the same few dishes all the time, so I just wash them when I’m done!

    I wish I could see you on TV–or in person–but I will be at work when it’s on and in Tennessee for work right before you leave for FoodBuzz. Boo.

    And good lord, if I worried about getting criticized on my blog, I would have stopped posting the same week that I started. I might not always be thrilled with what I put out there, but once you hit “publish,” it’s open to all!

  5. I love the myths!! I definitely thought rats were pretty unsanitary beings. They’re still gross, though, nonetheless!

    Hopefully I’ll see you around foodbuzz fest!!

  6. Wow, I just read your post about being on Millionaire Matchmaker! we don’t have the show here but I think I have read about it or maybe even seen an episode once so it’s not very familiar to me but I think gathering different experiences is part of life. I once, 10 years ago, appeared on a Finnish TV show a few times, it was reality show as well and I did regret it for a while but the older I get, the more I can laugh about it.. it was fun and definitely an interesting experience.

  7. Oh my gosh! I just watched the episode you were on and thought you looked familiar. I thought that “fences” actor was beyond creepy. Ick. You looked gorgeous by the way and much too good for either of them. Live and learn right?

  8. part of being ‘out there’ online is definitely reason for people to comment as they please and feel they can say what they want because they have access to do so, and i guess we as bloggers sort of expect it, or at least learn to, and then in turn, learn to ignore the negative opinions/views. ur so right, i mean anyone can have access, and even though we should always express our lives in a way that makes us happy, we have to think about certain risks that may end up making us unhappy because of what we post. i try to remember certain people in my head before i post and think “ok, if they saw this, how would i feel” and if i feel confident about it, i click submit..otherwise i try to re-word a little and i guess get back to the whole point of writing the post in the first place.

    Thanks for ur myth busting mondays, i cant say enough how much I LOVE THEM!

  9. I’m so going to watch the show! If I remember that is, because I have a terrible memory!

    You have talked me into trying the dishwasher approach! My whole life we always washed dishes in the sink. I don’t know why, because we have always had a dishwasher! I think we’ve only used it like 2 times!

  10. As always, I love the two myths related to blogging. Very true that you have to be mindful of what you put out there because people ARE reading it. Its important to be respectful. And criticism as a blogger will happen. Go with the flow!

  11. (((Sigh!))) Our dishwasher broke down a year ago and we can’t afford to have it replaced yet. I MISS that thing!

    Rats are CUTE!

    Patti the Matchmaker is NUTS. Her clients are losers. Bravo USED to be “The Film & Arts Network,” now it’s the whiny, self-absorbed, shallow women network. You dodged a bullet!
    I saw that episode a while ago, before I knew it was you. And I wanted to STRANGLE Patti for what she said to you! That was a big part of why I stopped watching the show, actually. Because this woman is basically a glorified pimp; she casts women with small self-esteem but big hair and bigger boobs as potential dates for millionaires with zero social skills, then blasts the one woman who keeps it real!

  12. I want to see you on millionaire matchmaker, but I don’t think they show it in Canada. Anyone want to put it on youtube? (I’m only half kidding…I do want to see it!)

  13. ahhh i’m SO glad i read this!! i’m totally dvring it hahaha 🙂 btw i love your spag squash cheesyness and i totally wish all of the ritter flavors came in DARK chocolate! i’m not a fan of milk chocolate and i feel like it would make such a big flavor difference! i almost bought a ritter the other day at target but i wanted it to be dark choco!

  14. I love my dishwasher – it is the single most important thing in my life. And I mean that! I also get criticized about the things I write on my blog all the time…I’ve had to learn to let it roll off my back. It isn’t easy!

  15. good to know that dish washer is actually more efficient! I have one but feel that it doesn’t clean up the dishes as good as when it’s done by hand. Maybe I’m not using it correctly? mmmm…. need to investigate that 😉

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