Grocery Discoveries Round 2

I’ve been itching to write a new post because my last one was such a downer dud.

I’ve read a bunch of blogs lately posting about how they spend their friday nights grocery shopping or dodging children at target.

I felt some sort of comfort in discovering that other people enjoy a know “going out night” in a store. Indeed, its saturday night (although probably sunday for those reading this), and I spent it grocery shopping.

Since I was in yoga teacher training school during the day, I don’t have some spectacular recipe for you all to drool over. Instead, I have another round of grocery store finds:

I spotted this and was very intrigued. the price prevented me from actually buying this, so if you want me to review it, tofurky, I'll gladly accept a free sample.

So this is probably terrible, but they look like the ones they sell near my grandma's apartment in Belgium. But I dont trust an American jelly company that make frozen crustless PB&J sandwiches to make proper waffles. So I passed.

This looks like a wonderful thing at first, but at second though, I think a toll house cookie is pretty sweet and delicious on its own. Having a caramel filling feels like too much. Its like wear too many accessories. I guess I'm a purist, the classic chocolate chip cookie don't need no filling.

Very curious, but not enough to actually thin my wallet out a bit for it. Call me conventional, but I like chili in my chili, not my chocolate.

I think I gaged a little at the thought of a strawberry boost. First, the only time I had to have a boost was that one time in treatment when something was wrong with the cucumbers in our salads and it made our mouths numb. So we had to have boost instead. The chocolate boost was pretty awful, so the thought of a pepto bismol colored one makes my mouth numb.

Actually, I think this cornflake/chocolate combo might actually work. If only it came in dark chocolate. If only my thumbs weren't so ugly!

And for some good measure….

I think its kind of mean to put an elderly couple smack dab in the front like that. And their expressions dont really say "Man, I could really use an 'undergarment' right now". Also, there is no such thing as comfort fit. Ask any baby.

Find anything cool at the store lately? Or maybe just plain weird? Is anybody else creeped out by those pumpkins grocery stores have been displaying that look like they are growing some sort of tan algae on it? (I spared you a pic because the sight of them really do give me chills)


19 thoughts on “Grocery Discoveries Round 2

  1. I haven’t found anything weird at the grocery store.. but I did stumble upon a streaming video the other day on how to deep fry candy bars. I was seriously disturbed.

    PS. Cornflakes in chocolate ROCKS – anything Ritter Sport really. They make a fabulous one with a biscuit inside, and their milk chocolate is to die for too!
    ā¤ Tat

  2. I was more of an Ensure girl myself! Haha! That is until I just decided to eat real food instead šŸ˜‰

    They have some crazy chocolate bar creations now! I’d really like to try one, but I get so overwhelmed when I go to that aisle! Plus they are expensive!

    Hey, I bet that older couple got paid well for that photo! If it was a good sum of money, they’d probably be able to talk me into putting my face on them too!

    ā¤ Tori

  3. For the record, I also went grocery shopping BEFORE the Target trip. Yes, my Friday nights are spent grocery shopping.
    The Chili chocolate is really spicy, but good! Plus, it’s only $2 a bar, so “splurge” a bit. šŸ˜‰ Third, I’ve had to buy adult diapers for years for my grandma, but trust me, I get weird looks (and there are no creepy people on the package.)

  4. I get the heebee jeebees (sp) when I look at the algae bumps on those pumpkins. SHUDDER. Oh and I love that chili chocolate, its really good. You just have to suck on it and let it melt in order to really enjoy it. It’s just a slight warm heat, not like salsa or anything šŸ™‚

  5. I’ve had the cornflake Ritter bar before–I thought it was really weird before I bought it, but it’s surprisingly tasty. I’ve never had a chocolate bar with chili, but I’ve made “hot” chocolate cookies before (a basic chocolate cookie with some cayenne added for a kick!). I bet it’s good. I didn’t find anything that unusual or wacky at the grocery store this morning, although I got a little excited when I saw some new chicken patties in the organic section.

  6. I feel the same about those filled cookies. Seriously, how else can they inject sugar and calories into those things? Next thing you know they’ll just sell them with sugar-filled sryinges that you can just prick yourself with before even eating the cookies for an even bigger kick.

  7. Yeah, I’ve tried the Chili Chocolate too — It’s good, but you can certainly live without it. I do LOVE Lindt Chocolates though. šŸ™‚

    And regarding your comment on Nibbles of Tidbits re Bobby Flay — I’m with ya sista, hahaha. My friend wanted to go. I first passed on the idea, since I think he’s kind of a jerk to his assistants, but I was just down the street and thought it to be a good photo op for the blog. I was gonna write all that and more, but thought not, since I really didn’t have anything nice to say, except his food looks good on TV. Apparently people weren’t able to use their camera flash, since it hurt Bobby’s eyes. šŸ˜¦

  8. The only things of these I’ve actually seen are the chili chocolate and the strawberry Boost. Can’t have Lindt, and the strawberry Boost is just as nasty as you’d expect!

    I know how you feel about the Tofurky pizza, though — there’s a Yves product I’ve been trying to find forever, and I finally did… but I was not about to pay $8 for it. Oh, well.

    ā¤ ā¤

  9. Oh I’ve totally tried the chili chocolate. I loved the kick to it but NOT worth the $$. I also tried the margarita chocolate, now that one is worth the $$! haha.

  10. anything good or weird…god most of the food at the groc store looks weird to me. Things like shelf stable soup that can remain in a can for like…10 years.. that’s kinda weird i guess šŸ™‚

    Stay dry in this miserable rain and dreary weather!

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