Pumpkin “Trail Mix” Pizza and Pokemon Tutorial


fall appropriate but totally random


I’m very glad most of you enjoyed myth busting monday!

I do want to add something that may have been misunderstood about the weight restoration.  I did not mean that one should gorge on doughnuts and funnel cakes over “healthy” options. I just want to remind people that its silly to think that health foods will lead to a different kind of weight restoration. Of course I know its not good to eat processed stuff, and I honestly dont eat very much of it myself, mainly because it gives me tummy aches. I even get a little weirded out by eating protein powders. Anyhow, don’t get me wrong, I’m a big supporter of good nutrition.

moving on……

I had a busy day today teaching my desserts class. So I thought I would share a video of one of my energetic students bragging about his pokemon. Sorry I’m not enlightening you with some brillant Eden musings today, so I’ll let this seven year old take the stage. Once again, to protect the privacy of the student, I shot them from the neck down. Note that his little brother interrupted the filming at the end.

I dont think pokemon existed when I was his age. I asked him if he knew about “pogs” but he looked at me like I was speaking Swedish or something.

Where you as fanatical about a toy when you were seven? I liked pogs, my little pony, care bears, fraggle rock, and hot wheels. Yep, I was a girly girl with a little boy on the side.

I was so lazy yesterday, I didn’t go grocery shopping for my desserts class so they had to deal with the random stuff I had in my pantry. Hence “Trail Mix Pizza” was born. You will need:

-1 tortilla

-some pure pumpkin puree

– chocolate chips

-sunflower seeds

-cheerios (any kind of cereal, this was just kind of laying around)


-pretzel piece


(you can pretty much use anything, I would have put some asian pear slices, maybe some sliced almonds and maybe even coconut flakes.


my student took this picture of me warming up the tortilla. I have very unsexy hands


Heat up the tortilla until it gets nice and crispy. Then, proceed to open a fine can of pumpkin and spread the yumminess around. Then top it off with all the rest of the ingredients that ended up resembling a trail mix. Slice it up and enjoy. No delivery needed


kiddies spreadin that trail mix topping



22 thoughts on “Pumpkin “Trail Mix” Pizza and Pokemon Tutorial

  1. Hehehe! That was so cute!
    Confession: I have about 300 pokemon cards stashed away in my room from years gone by 😮 I used to collect them like crazy… but I never learned how to properly ‘play’. I just liked the artwork 😛

  2. I remember last Thanksgiving, I was at my step-mom’s brothers house. His son is like 10, and obsessed with Bakugon. I don’t know if I spelled it right, but anyways, I didn’t even know what it was, but I got a full educated lecture on all things Bakugon that day. If only kids studied school like they do toys and games. They’d all be geniuses!

  3. This just made me smile. I adore kids so much, and that one was super excited! I loved girly toys and boy toys growing up, too. I had my barbies and a huge apartment for them with an elevator! I also loved FraggleRock, Care Bears, and I did collect Pogs. And I had an awesome hot wheels race track. For cards, I collcted the disney trading cards. My dad still has my albums full of them!
    Those pizzas do look delicious.

  4. I loved My Little Pony! Also pogs. And those troll dolls with the jewels on their bellies. Pokemon was a little after my time, but I remember some younger kids playing with the cards. I can’t believe those things are still around? Usually the fads disappear after a while and they come out with some new sensation.

  5. hahaha thats adorable!!

    i confess- i actually really liked pokemon the game and pokemon the tv show…the cards however, i never really got into. I of course denied that i ever did like them and just pretended that I was forced to watch it and play it when i babysat my little brother 🙂 when i was younger haha

  6. Okay, I seriously laughed out loud when I saw the “pumpkin trail mix pizza!” I don’t even know why it’s so funny to me. It just… is. Of course I do the same thing—random creations when I neglect the grocery shopping. It’s surprising how much food you actually do have when you scour the cupboards… and the many things you can create with it!

  7. Looks funny! Was it sweet or savory?

    I mostly played with my stuffed animals as a kid. I wasn’t into Barbie or something like that at all. And I had a lot of Lego and built castles from it, took them apart again, built new castles, etc, for years.

  8. Maya is taking a cooking class at school and makes the coolest things! From Calzone to desserts, they are always making something new. This is a great idea! I am going to suggest it to her teacher.

  9. Hells yeah pogs! Not to mention Kenan and Kel. Did you ever have Gogos? Those like hard colored statue looking things?

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