Stuffed Acorns (with “lids”),Myth Busting Monday, and CSN winner!


I like that it comes with an edible lid


Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I thought I would add some other myths to bust this week besides the usual yoga/food/eating issue stuff. I must say I love this myth busting kick. Be sure to check out the two previous installments  here and here if haven’t already done so.

I can’t blog because I’m not a good writer: When I first started blogging I considered myself a horrible writer. English class WAS one of my favorite classes but I wasn’t one of those people who entered creative writing contests, and neither are most Bloggers. Blogging isn’t as much about being a good writer as it is about having something to say and not being afraid of saying it. You don’t even have to be a writer to be a Blogger. There are many examples of Bloggers who use video or podcasts as their primary medium of communication. Regardless of which medium you choose to go withgive yourself permission to suck at first. Over time you’ll get better. I read that former basketball superstar Larry Bird spent four hours per day, every day practicing his shots when he was a kid. He became good because he was willing to practice and get better. Give yourself permission to practice. Over time you will become better. The beauty with blogging is that it’s the people who produce the most quality content and who learn how to effectively market themselves who win, and not the people with the best writing / grammar skills. Otherwise, the best bloggers would be English/Grammar teachers.

Seafood is more likely than other meats to cause sickness.
According to the FDA you are 10 times more likely to get food poisoning from chicken than fish. However, fish still needs to be properly inspected and stored to be safe

Drinking coffee will stunt your growth: When you are a kid, the notion of being grown up seems so cool, which just proves how innocence and stupidity go hand and hand. Every parent started their day off with a nice fresh cup of joe. As you wanted something that made you feel more grown up, mom was there to mention coffee would stunt your growth. Back to cocoa we went, because being short was like being a kid forever! Coffee has never been responsible for stunting anyone’s growth. The reason behind the lie used by parents is to deter their teenagers from drinking the stuff because of the other side affect caused by caffeine. Caffeine is the most addictive drug in the world, and mom knows that. Having a lot can create anxious teens with too much energy.

If you need to gain weight to overcome an eating disorder, best to do it with healthy foods like extra nuts and whole foods: I’m not a dietitian, but I’ve seen many many people on weight restorations plans. Sure, eating “healthy” whole grains and “healthy” fats is good and all, but at the end of the day, a calorie is a calorie. If you need to restore weight to get healthy and functioning again, I dont care where it comes from and all foods will do the trick. Part of my treatments plan for my weight restoration was to include some “junk” foods like packaged cookies. I think if you love twinkies and deprived yourself for so long of them, eat an effin twinkie! Or eat five apples or whatever the caloric equivalent in apples is (and from my experience, a twinkie is way easier on the stomach than a few apples!). Whether you choose nuts, oreos, cereal, or funnel cakes, just get it in. The extra weight will not look different if it came from a churro or a veggie burger. And, guess what, the it might not even show at all.

When it comes to blogging, no comments mean my blog sucks: New bloggers often experience the “empty room” when getting started. They pump out high-quality content, all excited to see what kind of feedback they get, and then they sit anxiously waiting for someone to leave a comment. When nobody (except maybe their spouse) leaves a comment, they get depressed and wonder why nobody likes what they wrote. After a while, they start to feel like they’re talking to an “empty room” and so they begin to make excuses as to why they don’t have time to write the next Blog post. If you’re not getting comments on your Blog, there is a 99% chance that the problem is not your content but rather that you’re just not getting enough traffic to your site yet. And a lot of traffic doesn’t mean the content is all that great. If you’re getting five visitors to your Blog a day, don’t expect to be getting five comments. It doesn’t mean people aren’t reading either. Some people don’t even know you CAN comment (I think my dad is one of them). Most people spend a long time lurking before they ever comment on anything. Call it Internet shyness or whatever you want, but don’t let it discourage you from Blogging. Most of the blogs I’ve commented on I’ve read for a long while before I dared to leave a comment. And honestly, I read some blogs that get over 300 comments a post and I won’t usually comment on “comment heavy blogs” because I doubt the authors will take a second glance. But remember, comments don’t say anything about the content. Some popular blogs I find are really nothing special and some blogs have few comments but are true gems!

I totally forgot to pick a giveaway winner from the CSN giveaway. The winner is Coco! congrats and buy something cool!

I have a super simple “put together” recipe, all you will need is:

-1 acorn squash

-baby bella shrooms



-vampire poising (garlic power)

-salt n pepper to taste

cut the top off and roast the acorn squash for about 30 min. Then stuff with broccoli, shrooms, garlic and parm and let it go for 15 more minuets. Put the acorn lid or “hat” and enjoy!


29 thoughts on “Stuffed Acorns (with “lids”),Myth Busting Monday, and CSN winner!

  1. I love your myth busters.
    Especially the weight restoration point. When I was gaining weight a few years ago, I’d drink full fat milkshakes, eat pastries, and sugary cereals. I had no idea what protein powder, etc — all those “healthy” weight gain foods were. I just ate what I hadn’t let myself. Unfortunately after a year I lost some of it — but what you say is true. It’s weight no matter what form the calorie is in. 🙂

  2. Hehe.. when I was growing up, I was a good FOOT shorter than all of my friends. I secretly liked it, and drank coffee despite the ‘stunt your growth’ lies being thrown at me because I wanted to stay that way. Eventually, I grew 😛

  3. I think this is your best “Mythbusters” yet, although I think parents don’t want their kids drinking coffee because a)it will make them even more spastic, b)it might start an addictive and expensive Starbucks habit and c)they don’t want to share. Then again, most feed them sugary drinks and candy, so I’m not sure what the difference is.

  4. I completely agree with the blog comments myth. Some comment heavy blogs are pretty great, but I usually don’t comment on them. And some of my favorite blogs get a handful of comments. It shouldn’t matter if the blog is for you and not monetary gain. It’s so fun to put yourself out there and make friends. In my opinion, mostly great things come of it!
    I love that you call garlic vampire poison. That is awesome.

  5. I had Jason pick up 2 acorn squash yesterday to stuff. So excited. I’ve never just done stuff squash (well, zucchini, but not winter squash). I always cube it, roast it, puree it, etc. Oh and on days when my comments are low, I’ll admit to sometimes feeling a little unloved 😉

  6. These were great myth busters. I especially like the one about eating disorders and calories as I am a dietitian that works with ED patients. I wish more patient’s would realize that but its so hard for them. Great post

  7. I never drank coffee — I still don’t, because I hate the stuff — which must be why I’m not short! Oh, wait, I wasn’t short as a kid either. Never mind, then.

    While a calorie is a calorie, I definitely did NOT like being fed a bunch of processed crap to gain weight… because it made me feel like crap. I’m sure it would feel pretty crappy to eat thousands of calories in vegetables, too, but there ought to be some middle ground there.

    ❤ ❤

  8. I absolutely loved this post, Eden!
    I loved hearing your opinion on weight gain after an ED. You really convinced me of the obvious – a calorie is a calorie, no matter what! I shouldn’t blame myself for eating bigger portions then the others, or for eating more frequently then them. My body needs the extra-energy!
    That recipe looks awesome too, by the way. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Wish you a great day!
    Brazilian XOXO’s,

  9. These are great myths! I agree with all of them. I’ve found some great blogs that get very little comments, and they will just stop blogging all together eventually and it makes me sad to see them gone 😦

    I know people read my blog, no matter how little they comment. I think it’s just a connection that you want to get from them. In a comment you feel like you are getting to know who’s reading your blog. Your no longer just talking at them, but talking with to them, you know? Even if I get 0 comments, I still like blogging because I like to journal and write my thoughts down. It’s for me mostly, and that’s all that matters 🙂

    Oh, and I think my first blog post sucked big time!! Haha, I didn’t even know how to upload photos, and the ones I did upload, looked terrible. I learned how to take better pictures with my camera though, eventually, and like you said it just takes practice. I’ve learned a lot through blogging!

    This was a long comment sorry!
    ❤ Tori

  10. Comments (or lack of) are why I’m OCD about checking my stats every 5 minutes (not really). I know people read, they don’t always comment, and I’m cool with that. what really cracks me up are the newbies who leave comments on other people’s blogs just to try & drive traffic to their own sites. That just smacks of desperation, and it’s kind of patheti-sad. I used to tell people that the reason I’m only 5’2″ is because I started drinking coffee when I was 11. Nowadays when people comment on my short stature, I just tell them I’m going to bite their ankles after they bite my ass.

  11. Morning! Loved this post with the myth busters! How fun! Just a few comments:
    1. with the weight gain thing. I completely agree that a calorie IS a calorie BUT nutrition is still important, even when you are trying to gain weight. HOWEVER, IF you are trying to gain weight after an ED…TOTALLY different ballgame. Yes, you NEED to eat the foods you kept off limits for SO long to realize they are not the enemy! All foods, even the “junk” foods should just be viewed as food and nothing else. It’s so psychological that we need to figure out where these ED thoughts are spawning from in the first place. Very complicated.
    2. Blog comments: you are correct. I feel like there are people who will only comment or visit my blog If I visit their blog first. It’s like a game. And you’re right, some blogs are ACTUALLY saying something worth saying and others just aren’t but they will get TONS of comments. I look at it like this. DO I have a lot of readers. No. Do I value the readers I have? Yes. If they leave a comment FANTASTIC but I care if they keep coming back MORE!

  12. one of my favorite things about squash is eating the insides with a spoon! i especially love doing that with spaghetti squash and sprinkling the “leftovers” with cinnamon and then forking it out standing in my kitch until the outside is all floppy hahaha

    i suck at writing and i still blog! people will read if they like who you are not if you’re a good writer 🙂

  13. I love your myth busters. I actually had the same concerns about blogging when I first started. Granted I started a blog with the intention of no one reading it because I didn’t think people actually read blogs, but when I started realizing that blogs are indeed read, I began to wonder what it was that made min incompetent. Slowly but surely, the lovin’ started comin’.

    Your stuffed acorn squashes look delicious, and I most definitely will be trying them soon! We have a BAJILLION acorn squashes from our garden, and they must be eaten soon! Thank you for the recipe idea!


  14. Great myth busting Monday again! I especially loved your thoughts about blogging and commenting.


  15. Fun read Eden 🙂

    I agree about the comments on the blog myth. My blog is new so I don’t have a lot of readers yet, but for those few that do comment often…I have become friends with them. My family and friends read but never comments. They’ll send me texts instead or message me on facebook, instead of commenting. That’s fine with me, the message gets to me one way or the other 🙂

  16. The first blogging myth is so true! I consider myself a pretty good writer, but my blog is a bit lackluster, to say the least, haha. Coming up with topics is not my strong point. Oh well, we can’t all be good at everything! :)And I was just trying to remember what it was I ate when I was on a plan to gain weight. I remember I was obsessed with the V8 juices…not the gross vegetable ones, but the yummy fruity flavored ones. I think I budgeted in for chocolate chip cookies and oreos as well. They may not be the healthiest options, but I feel there is an exception with ed patients. Gotta break that food fear somehow!

  17. Your first myth about writing is so spot on. My writing has improved by leaps and bounds just because I do it EVERY day!

  18. Love your myth busters 🙂 As for the weight gaining thing, I still think it’s much more important to add calories through healthy foods over greasy junk food when gaining weight. We learned in some nutrition classes how differently the body reacts to say avocado fat vs. potato chip fat. But yeah, if they’re going to eat healthy foods and not get the calories they need, then maybe some high calorie slightly-junk food could be added…but it all depends.

  19. I really like this new installment.

    Let’s see—about the weight gaining thing—I have gained weight from eating a bunch of good for you stuff plus I have gained eating junk food. I say—eat what you like and what you want.

    And about the comments thing–it is disheartening. Even now that I actually get comments, sometimes I feel like I write a GREAT post and for whatever reason I dont get the comments I think I will and it disheartens me. So, anyways, as long as you love blogging and what you do, dont worry about the comments. Thats what I tell myself 🙂

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  21. I love the myth busters and the recipe!! I am obsessed with stufing squashes lately 😛 It is just so comoforting, scraping away at an edible bowl with delicious filling 😉
    Good explanation as to a calorie being a calorie. Same goes for weight loss – a calorie is a calorie. People can lose weight and gain weight due to either consuming more energy than they need, or consuming less energy than they need…how you make up those calories/energy is where you health lies, though! I think too often people miss that note, so thanks for bringing it up 🙂

  22. thank you Eden!!! I haven’t won a giveaway for a long time, this is so exciting!!! 😀

    I totally agree with you about blogging! you read my mind 😉

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