Wheat Free Oat Bread and What “Fuels” Me (Besides Food)


sliced up and actually better when toasted again!


Hello lurkers and bloggers.

For those of you who drive often, I think you are familiar with pumping fuel. I’m a weirdo in that I actually love the smell of gasoline. A lot of perfumes make me gag, but I could smell gasoline all day. I would die shortly after of the toxic fumes, but still. We always like things that are not good for us, right?

We all know food is our fuel, thats a no brainer. No really! Because if you dont take enough food, your brain starts to go missing (lame joke, forgive me).

But I think we all have other sources of “fuel” for a physical and mental needs. I thought I would share with you some of mine:

-Photos: I suppose this is where I actually facebook comes in handy because I can browse through albums. But photos of me as a child (including those spotlighted in flashback friday) remind me who I was before I was cursed with an eating disorder. A lot of my work getting myself out of the ED hell hole is getting back in touch with my inner child. I was an intuitive eater, I played, I danced, I was everything good that the eating disorder stripped away. Cutting down on the exercise and nourishing properly has helped bring that little girl back. I’m funny and outgoing again, I find joy in painting and even playing skip it. I cant dance like Beyoncé, but really, who can? Anyhow, I always look a picture of me as kid when I doubt my recovery or start to feel guilty about my body/food/exercise. I admit, I was pretty damn cute, and I dont fancy  little kids normally!


even as a kid, I was lazy, "just wheel my stroller somewhere". I really wonder how I got addicted to exercise. Obviously, I'm not naturally "active".


-my yoga mat: I find that one’s yoga mat is so much more than a mere sticky mat. Its a sanctuary of sorts. I try to leave my issues aside when  step on it. I try to be “one with my body and my mind” when I’m on it (I know, that line was super corny, but true nonetheless). I’ve meditated, sweat, cried, grunted, and slept on that thing. I stare at her (yes, I decided the mat is a “her”) and get motivated to do my body good. Whether it be a yoga sequence or meditation. I never regret what happens on her. Plus, she’s a beautiful purple color!

-My mom: Its not what you may think. Of course I loved her dearly, but what keeps me going is her history with cancer. I’m not asking for a pity party, so I will say this with the outmost humor (if thats possible). See, she had cancer since I was born, and died of it thirteen years later. She lost her hair, retained a lot of water and gained some weight, had no eyelashes or eye brows. Basically, a lot of the trademarks of femininity were stripped away. But she strutted her extra junk, found the best wig she could get her hands on and made the best out of it. Compared to her, my life ain’t so tough. plus, I also don’t have an annoying adolescent daughter like she had (and I mean me).

– Awesome Bloggers: Sometimes, when  feel worthless and “whats the point” about my life, I look at old blog comments. I think developing the connections through blogs is invaluable. WAY more valuable than “facebook” friends or “followers” o twitter. Blogs are windows into our minds, our canvas of expression. We feel like we know people on a whole other level. That being said though, some blogs give me the willies. Some are so dark and depressing, or just plain strange. I dont frequent those. But the ones I do read give me some sense of purpose, and of course, my blog gives me that same sense. Not to stroke my ego or anything, but I think some people look forward to read my new posts. I know I look forward to comments, good and bad ones, although I consider myself very thankful no one has left nasty ones. I honestly expect someone to rip me a mean one since  tend to be honest and uncensored. But thank you to those who I’ve developed a blog friendship with. You “fuel” me.

What “fuels” you up?

I know I promised the “english muffin garlic bread”, but I made this bread this morning and it turned out so good, I had to share it. The cool thing, this is not a big batch, so its  good for “single serving” people out there. You will need

-about 3/4 cup oatmeal

-1/4 cup oat bran

-30g or 1/4 cup protein powder of choice (I used the vanilla Jay Rob egg white protein powder, only because I had a free sample packet. You can certainly use whichever powder you like. I personally like the jay rob since they are the more natural side)

-about 1/4 cup dried black figs chopped into pieces

-1 tbs flaxmeal

-2 tbs almond butter

-1/2 c water

(optional) extra sweetener depending on if you want it “sweet” or not, I personally thought the powder and figs sufficed.

-garnish with sunflower seeds


in its "raw"/pre mixed state


Super simple. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Mix all the ingredients together (I used my hand, the best and most expensive tool in my kitchen). Put in a loaf pan and bake for about 20-30 min (ovens vary, check after about 20 minuets).


see....its a mini loaf!



19 thoughts on “Wheat Free Oat Bread and What “Fuels” Me (Besides Food)

  1. I do look forward to reading your posts! Seriously. Bloggers fuel me, too, as does traeling, cooking, my yoga mat, being creative, teaching, and the people I love. I went to a wedding today and loved all the postive energy there. The bride looked gorgeous and the groom was so goofy and happy about the whole event. I know that today fueled them and that they will never forget such an important day.
    Foodbuzz is going to happen. I will buy tickets Monday and then we can figure everything else out!

  2. Yum! I have a lot of things that fuel me, but mostly proving myself…to myself

    30 grams of proteain powder by weight (like 1oz.) or by 30 grams of protein? Thanks!

  3. Ew. I hate the smell of gasoline. But horse manure on the other hand….I likey. 🙂

    God fuels me. the wonderful people around me fuels me. My passion fuels me. My blog friends fuel me. School, although draining at times, fuels me with new zest and interest in learning. 🙂

  4. “Some are so dark and depressing, or just plain strange. I dont frequent those. “–Ditto!!!!

    What fuels me? Knowing I have a child who grows each day and I need to savor each and every day with her…she will be grown in the blink of an eye. Being a parent fuels me in a way nothing else has 🙂

  5. I agree.. life has so much more ‘fuel’ than simply food (although that’s pretty darn important too!)

    Some of the greatest fuels in my life is my blog, mainly for the reasons you already expressed (Here’s to hoping that I am not one of those ‘just plain strange’ people you are talking about!), my mother because she always helps me to see what’s important in life, my dogs because they are the only ones who can make me chill the heck out when I am unnecessarily stressed to the max, and exercise.

    ❤ Tat

  6. ya I love the smell of permanent markers so I can relate. Its a pungent smell thats kinda stimulating.
    Your post fuel me all the time, whether it be with your depth or with you humor or BOTH! ITs great inspiration and truth. So glad I found you!

    You know I am totally diggin this recipe, gonna make it asap, and I don’t even need a mixer!

  7. Wahoo! I’m adding this post to my favorites. While everyone else is eating beer bread I can eat this 🙂

    Sometimes when I reread my blog post I think that I would love to be that person and then I realize it’s me 🙂

  8. I was a fat, cute-ass baby too, so I’m not sure what the hell went wrong.

    Anyway, I have to agree that your blog and a few select others really do lift me up. There are times I totally want to quit blogging and kind of fall off the grid, but then I realize that even if I don’t post myself, reading and commenting on your blogs really helps me to feel connected. I need that connection, whether I like it or not 😉

    I also love being outside and sunshine. Without sports, I don’t know what I would do. My yoga mat is purple, too! When I can focus, it is a very important part of “fueling” me. It’s one form of exercise I haven’t taken to the extreme and can feel good about.

  9. i totally agree with you haha my mom and sister and besties are the people in my life that fuel me 🙂 besides this amazing bowl of oatmeal i’m eating right now 🙂 bloggie friends are so fun because they inspire my creative side and allow me to “meet” people who have the same interests and passions!

  10. Bread looks great. I love this post b/c it’s easy to forget that people can be fuel for us as well. You are so right about blogger friends being a great source of “fuel” too. Oh, and when I was a kid, I love the smell of gasoline too.

  11. Man, I love this post. It’s easy to get bogged down in all the muck (and since I’m moving across the country right now, there is a lot of muck), but we’ve got to focus on all the warm fuzzies out there.

  12. My son fuels me (I know, it sounds cheesy, but it’s true!)…There’s nothing that can wipe away a bad mood faster, or gear me up to face the day like the feeling of his little arms wrapped around my neck & hearing him say “You are de bess mom!” I love it. I try pretending to be a hard-ass most of the time, but I turn to sappy mush whenever my kid’s involved. Chocolate & peanut butter also fuel me (sometimes together, but not always).

    And I really like the act that you’re honest & uncensored. I like to think I’m not as pessimistic as I once was (if blogging had been around when I was in high school, I’d be a dark, depressing, scary blogger), but perpetually “shiny happy” bloggers where everything is magical and sunshine & lollipops and real life never seems to rain on their parades make me want to hurl a little bit.

  13. Ha! I too, am always waiting for a nasty comment from some “Anonamous” person! If I ever do, it will probably be for something sarcastic I said and they will take it wrong no doubt 😉

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