“Squashed” Pizza, Yoga Instructor Tips, and Flashback Friday!


This pizza got "squashed"


Hey everyone!

In case you missed it, be sure to check out my guest post over at I am an Okie! Its cool to being on a another turf sometimes, no?

I’ve realized I haven’t done as many posts on yoga as I would have liked. I’ve noticed many bloggers attending teacher training programs or considering them. For those that don’t know, I took the Yoga Works 200 hr training course over a year ago and I’m currently in the midst of my professional 300hr (so by the end I will have 500 hrs). I think of it as the grad school of Yoga instruction.

Anyhow, I thought I’d pass some of my wisdom for those interested in teaching yoga.

So……..I present to you tips to being a “somewhat decent” yoga teacher

-Unless you are beyond lucky, a Lotto winner or already famous you will probably need a  day job as well.  Teach yoga for love not money and all will come.

-Pedicures are a business expense (although I can never get them because I laugh my ass off while the lady looks at me like I’m a weirdo since I get so tickleish!)

-Give yourself plenty of time.  Don’t turn up to class with seconds to spare. You should, if you can, have ten or so minutes beforehand on your own to regroup and breathe.  Having said that I once got a flat tire before class and arrived 5 minutes late.  It was one of the best classes I ever taught.  But do what I say, not what I do!  😉

-It doesn’t matter if you don’t bend.  Very often unbendy teachers can be less intimidating to unbendy students. I cant touch my toes (I blame my years of being a cardio maniac), but I think I take pride in the fact I’m not a pretzel.

-Praise your students, make them feel beautiful.  We are not here to judge or shame, merely to enable. They may have horrible alignment or not follow instructions to a tee, but no one “sucks” at yoga. Its like no one sucks at blinking or breathing. Make them feel comfortable and tell them how awesome they are. It IS awesome they showed up!

-Practice the sequences you teach before you teach them.  Trust me on this one!  There is no worse feeling than realising in front of a room full of yoga students that something that worked in your head doesn’t work in real life

-DONT DATE YOUR STUDENTS. If some cute guy/girl comes in and you are interested and they ask you out, ask that they attend someones else’s class. I won’t even go into all the problems that come with dating a student!

-Smile and insert some humor. Yoga with all the breathing and difficult poses, not to mention, your muscles practically yelling at you can make you look so serious! Get your students smiling too.

And finally……

-Your heart and your students are better teachers than any guru can ever be. Listen to them.

Any tips about how to do YOUR profession? I’m dying to hear!

And….Sing is flashback friday! Heres some pics from when I was about four years old!


You would think I got professional highlights! nope, actually, my mom DID let me get highlights when I was 11! Cool mom.



It was NOT a private jet (I'm a jew, not the kennedys). Since my grandmother lives in belgium, we often would go to london for few days to visit some family there. The plane ride to belgium is only 30 min, so the jets are teeny.



I refused to wear pants until i was about seven. And I'm SO not a girly girl these days. This was in Brussels. My dad is from Antwerp so I feel at home there, but I always felt like a tourist in Brussels.



I accidentally left it for longer than I wanted so the basil got singed


And for today’s recipe!

I worked with the kids today and we read “Where the Wild Things Are” and made “Wild Pizzas”. I had so much left over, I made my roommate pizza stuffed butternut squash. You will need

-half a butternut squash

-mozzarella cheese


-fresh basil

-Pizza sauce

Simple! roast the squash for 30 min of 400. Then fill with sauce and cheese!

17 thoughts on ““Squashed” Pizza, Yoga Instructor Tips, and Flashback Friday!

  1. You just made me a little sad. If I was still doing the Kripalu yoga training, I would have started on the 24th. I wish I was still doing it, because right now I dont see much progress on the research front. But that may be changing, and hopefully things will fall into place. I agree with all of your tips, although I am pretty bendy, but I get kind of annoyed at super bendy teachers (like Tara Stiles). By the way, do you have a favorite yoga dvd instructor? Some days I just want to follow someone else.

  2. I didn’t mean to make you sad….there will always be time to train. I like Sarah Ivanhoe. She teaches at my studio and is one of my trainers. Shes awesome and not uber bendy 🙂

  3. Love love love that picture of you and your dad! I actually have kicked someone in the face before from a pedicure…

  4. Yum! I don’t know how I feel about the tomato and squash combination… but covering it up with the word ‘pizza’ makes it sound good. Haha.

    Honestly, I’ve taken one yoga class in high school… and that’s about it. I loved it, but I felt like I was doing everything wrong. It’s been a couple years, and I’ve been wanting to search something out at the local gyms to give it another shot but I just can’t seem to motivate myself.
    ❤ Tat

  5. I love that you had highlights, as my mom let me do it when I was younger as well (maybe the bleach seeped into my brain and is to blame for my craziness.) Anyway, it was fun and everyone was jealous.

    As for yoga, I love it and wish I could take your class. I am kind of bendy, but it’s most certainly not a requirement. I’m not really on the Squash Love Train that everyone else is, but I agree that “pizza” in any form works for me. You said you made it for your roommate, but did you have some as well? 😉

  6. As a 22-year-old who has been unfortunately under anorexia’s vicious reign since I’ve been quite young, I was enlightened and inspired upon discovering your blog. Yesterday, my sister and I were chatting, and she mentioned to me that on one of her favorite blogs (I’m an Okie), she noticed your guest post. She described it to me at length, so when I had the chance, I couldn’t help but click onto I’m an Okie’s blog, to investigate. Wow, I was completely taken aback. How eye-opening and enthralled I was. Everything, I mean absolutely everything you said resonated with me. I spent much of the evening perusing your blog, reading old entries, mulling over your thoughts and discoveries. I see many similarities between us. I am so thankful to have found your blog, or actually I am thankful to my sister for finding your blog and for letting me know about it. Here’s a link to my blog, in case you feel inclined to read it: http://lookingthroughthewalls.blogspot.com/

    Thanks so much for writing all you do, its a pleasure to read.


  7. I’ve never done yoga before but I liked reading about your tips for yoga teachers. Makes me want to take a class now! I want to get bendy.. haha.

  8. What a great idea!!!! I will definitely be copying you on the stuffed butternut squash! I have been thinking about getting yoga certified. I am already Group Exercise certified but I’d like a specialized certification Those pointers were so great 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. ahh I love yoga! i def do not do it enough but when the winter rolls around that is when I usually go to bikram classes i love it heated!!! just not too often because I know its not great for the body to do to often!

    mm that recipe sounds delicious and OMG obsessed with the pictures you shared!!!

  10. woah holy crap i gotta try that recipe I LOVE squash, like one of my favorites, YUM!!!

    haha the no dating yoga corresponds to my dont date coworkers…bad situation

  11. Oh my… you’re SO cute with your dresses and that adorable suitcase.

    I loved your yoga tips, really! I always thought you had to be SUPER bendy to be a yoga teacher 😀

    My profession? well, I’m a management assistant at a big private company and I work for the Manager of the restaurant branch (I LOVE IT!!!) and in my job you have to be patient, efficient, good at communicating with people and interested in food. I’m all that except patient 😀

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