None the wiser…

A fairly wordless wednsday for ya…

and (watch all of it!)

and lastly….

I turned 21 my last day in treatment, best present ever

I’ll give you a recap of the day tomorrow…


21 thoughts on “None the wiser…

  1. That last video made my whole morning. I loved it.
    Hope you liked your gift, but if you didn’t, remember that it’s your fault.


  2. happy birthday gorgeous!
    so glad to have found your blog! enjoy this day and spoil yourself!
    if you have time i’d love to hear more about the ayurveda what you learned about.
    loads of love

  3. Delurking (ugg..I hate that word…it sounds so creepy) to say Happy Birthday Eden!!! Keep the fabulous posts coming!

    p.s. I don’t know how often you come to the East Coast, but I think you would really like Kripalu. You should check it out. It’s great for a relaxing vacation or you can do work/study type things there and live for free.

  4. Oh shoot happy birthday! & I love the family guy clip.. What language is that? And do you speak it? LOL
    I wish I was bilingual.. All my friends are 😦 Thai, Russian, Mexican, Indian, and then there’s me… English.. Haha

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