Wafflewich and Myth Busting Monday!

Pannini presses of the world, you've got some stiff competition

My last post about myths was so popular, I was thinking of making it a weekly post. I’m appropriately calling it “Myth Busting Monday”. I’ll be busting, food, fitness, cooking, yoga, ed, and some other random myths worthy of a bust.

Lets begin!

Myth #1: Boiled green veggies lose all their nutrients: It is true that overcooking green veggies results in a lose vitamins, but iron and potassium don’t break down in water so easily. Plus, soft and mush veggies doesn’t mean the fiber content decreased.

Myth#2: Never salt beans until they’re cooked. Salting at the beginning results in saltier beans. That’s it.

Myth #3: Anorexics do not eat candy, chocolate,
Many anorexics do avoid such foods, but some
do eat them on a regular basis. If an anorexic
decides to only allow him/herself 300 calories a
day, they may very well choose to eat a
chocolate bar, candy, etc.

Myth #4: Yoga is for Women:

One look at well-known yogis — from B.K.S. Iyengar to Baron Baptiste — should dispel this one. While the majority of yoga practitioners today are women — 72.2 percent according to Yoga Journal. It originated among men in India about 5,000 years ago and women were forbidden to practice only until this past century. For many men, stepping into a class dominated by women, especially one that requires movements that are completely different from anything they ever have tried, can be downright intimidating. But I love having a good gender mix in the classes I teach and take. I always encourage my male friends to try it out. Most have positive experiences and catch the “yoga bug”.

Myth #4: There are starving children in Africa who would be happy to eat all the lovely food left on your plate:
Dont be offended, I know poverty is  a serious issue and I have volunteered many hours to food bank. But I think some African children are no doubt as fussy as our own. (I wonder what African mothers tell their kids to get them to eat?)

Myth #5: You can always tell someone is anorexic
by their appearance
: Not all anorexics look like the extreme cases
shown on Oprah or Intervention. Note that your metabolism slows down majorly when food is restricted so weight my actually be harder too loose.
There is no such thing as a textbook “anorexic” look. Or maybe its “heroine chic”? Anyhow, Just
because someone does not look emaciated,
does not mean they are not anorexic or that
their health is not in danger.

Myth #6:As told to children, if you don’t finish your dinner you’ll get no dessert.
This may work for some parents, but kids know it will never happen with grandparents.

For the food portion of today, we’ll get to use the cool waffle maker to make an awesome “waffle-wich”! You can certainly use any of you favorite sandwich fixing, but for the one picture above, I used:

-2 sliced of bread (duh)

-abouy 2 tbs of greek yogurt (i didn’t measure, but you dont want so much that it makes it soggy)

-about 2 tbs all fruit blueberry preserves

sandwich smush....

So simple! Just “shmear” the yogurt, then the jam, and maybe a little bit of butter on top of the bread once you sandwich them together. Give it a press in the waffle maker and viola! A cool, no too sweet dessert or breakfast!

Don’t have a waffel maker? Enter my giveaway and get one!

20 thoughts on “Wafflewich and Myth Busting Monday!

  1. Yes, thank you! At my lowest weight, I could easily allow myself to eat “bad” things like fast food or desserts. I just didn’t eat anything else! Just because someones not surviving on lettuce leaves alone, does not mean they don’t have a disorder.

  2. I always love when I see men in yoga classes…shows me that they are confident and trying something new that most men here in the US wouldn’t dare try.

    Oh, Zumba too-love men in zumba classes.

  3. myth busting…good ones.

    ill take the yoga one. actually, in my high level yoga classes that i have taken w/ true yoga masters, or in really serious yoga circles, there are MORE men than women. women dominate the 24hr Fitness and “gym” yoga scene but in true high level yoga, i think it’s men who dominate. Nothing like being outnumbered by amazing yogis/athletes in those circles!

  4. When I was anorexic, all I ate were candy and fruit and raw veggies. Yes, I ate CANDY. Because I was so lacking in calories, sweets were all I craved.

  5. thank you for clarifing those stupid myth that most people tend to hang on to. many people have no idea that i still struggle with my Ed if i eat chocolate on a daily base. well hello just because i eat normal foods again does not mean that i am OKAY again. oh boy i wish i could print this out and give it to everyone in my extended family 😉

  6. You’re so creative Eden 🙂 Who knew my waffle-maker could moonlight as a George Foreman?

    I love the little myth-bust about the starving children. I mean, of course they’re hungry but that doesn’t mean they aren’t picky! Haha
    ❤ Tat

  7. I love the myth busting and so glad it will be a series! I’ve always salted/seasoned my beans first – can’t imagine waiting until the end.
    I used to eat those atomic fireballs, licorice, and gummy bears when I was at height of ED – but that was about ALL I ate. Like others, I craved sugar!

    Love the wafflewich, will have to try that one

  8. hahha yeah everytime ppl say that africa line i always think- me eating or not eating this (insert random food item here), will in no way impact the ppl in africa, i cant ship it to them or get it into their kitchens either way.

    yum i love wafflewiches! Before i turned vegan i would take two eggo waffles, put scrambled eggs, cheese and turkey in between them and dig in. so delish!

    whenever i go into my yoga classes, its usually the men who are more qualified and got those crazy limber bones!!

    great myth busters! i actually didnt know about the boiling veggie one- i thought it was true!!

  9. My husband would love a wafflewich. I bought a waffle maker just for him. I must say (and this might tick some people off) but I hate the whole idea of having to reward kids for eating their meals by bribing with dessert. We didn’t get desserts like that growing up – we just had our dinner. Period. If you didn’t eat it you just went hungry until you got hungry enough to decide to eat it.

  10. I like the myth busting posts, it’s informative and I learn something new.

    When I’ve taken sports yoga before, there were times that the men outnumbered women, I was actually quite surprised. But generally, yes, I notice that there are more women doing yoga classes.

    I did see a few men in my barre classes, but I think they were dancers.

  11. I love these myths- especially the yoga is for women one. Did you know they’re making it part of basic training in the military? It teaches them how to remain calm in stressful situations but also how to be more agile and what not- pretty cool! I’ve talked to a few of my military guy friends about it and they said it’s kicking their butts. 😉 Hoorah haha!!

  12. haha i love this myth busting! i hate that they try and ruin veggies by saying theyre ruined if they’re boiled. a veggie is a friggn veg just eat it people. 😉 i want your waffle/panini/footstool nowwwwwww

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