No “knead” Fig Ricotta Empanadas and Answering Some Questions

So easy! no need to "knead" dough!

Thank you everyone for the supportive comments on my last post!

I know how luck I am to have gotten such excellent treatment. I was very busy with yoga school today, and as I promised, most of my downtime was spent creating some awesome recipe that I didn’t post last night. But I did want to address some things from my last post about treatment.

Heather asked if I would like to work in a treatment place like that to help out other people who struggle. I would, but to be honest, that atmosphere is still very triggering. I love helping people, that’s what I became a yoga instructor, but its too soon for me to start working with ED patients. I still feel I have many battles on that front, and I don’t want to trigger them and vice verse. Granted, I probably am in a much healthier place than them, but I think I need a good solid couple of years of recovery before I can really immerse myself in that environment.  The cool thing about monte nido, was that most of the staff was recovered. But they developed a thick skin and I don’t think had issue with us being triggering to them.

For those of you recovered or recovering, would YOU work in a treatment facility?

April mentioned that she thought she may have had ED behaviors, but never felt like her weight could justify having an ED. This really stings me because I know countless people who avoid treatment because they dont think they are thin enough to be considered sick. Like I mentioned, EDs are an “equal opportunity” disease.

I promise a lighter, hopefully funnier post tomorrow. We learned about teaching beginners today in yoga school and tomorrow we drag in beginner family/friends to attend a trial class. Every person in the class is assigned a pose to teach them. Since most of my friends hate yoga or are experts at it, I had to resort to bringing my Abba (or my dad, or Mr. Eden, as Abby calls him). I have the final pose, savasana! I think I got off easy on that one…anyhow, I will give you the full rundown tomorrow.

And now…….

For the “sliced bread” empanadas, you will need:

– couple of sliced of bread, I used the Nature’s Pride 100% whole wheat (you will need one slice per empanada)

-about a 1/2 cup part skim ricotta cheese

-6 medium sized black black dried figs

-1 small finely chopped shallot

-1/4 cup balsamic vinegar (for soaking the figs)

-hand full of arugula

-some butter for brushing (optional)

soak figs in balsamic vinegar for an hour or so, the longer the better.

bathing in balsamic....

While they are soaking, slice bread into rounds or use a cookie cutter.

Obviously, I didn't use a cookie cutter...

Chop the shallots and figs, and combine them with the ricotta cheese. Mix with a fork so all the ingredients are well incorporated in the mix.

before folding...

place some arugala in the center of the bread circle and put a spoonful of the ricotta/fig mixture on top. Then, fold the bread in half and crimp the edges with a fork.

Crimping is the fun part!

brush the tops with a little butter and bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about fifteen minuets. But check often, some oven are different so just keep an eye out.

No need to make empanada dough!

what's goin on inside!


12 thoughts on “No “knead” Fig Ricotta Empanadas and Answering Some Questions

  1. i have been reading your blog for a while now and i havbe to say that your determination and honesty have inspired me to go back to blogging.
    i really enjoyed reading about nido and the treatment you received there since i have been in a treatment centre 4 times and everytime i left i felt like i had learned nothing there about coping in real life. i really liked the idea of eating in restaurants since it really gives you the trust in your body to eat out.
    hopefully you have a good sunday and the sun is out like it is here in germany

  2. I love the recipe, that’s pretty crafty and that bread is soft and delicious enough to do it with.

    I’m still self-recovering but I’ve thought about what I’d like to do after I become an RD and if I could work somewhere where I could help teens and young adults who struggle with EDs and body image issues it would make me happy to make sure they didn’t go through what I did. Even just helping out on the side maybe as a mentor or facilitator for a small group for that purpose would be wonderful.

  3. Eden, this is such a fun and clever recipe. Everything about it is awesome, especially the flavor combo. Savasana is actually one of the hardest poses, because it is so hard to actually let your body relax into your mat. We all have difficulty letting go in that way. I would love to teach my dad yoga! I think he would crack jokes and make fun of everything the entire time, though.

  4. Hey girl -thanks for taking the time to answer. I can understand why someone wouldn’t and why someone would want to work in a treatment facility. I think there would definitely be see pros/cons.

    Love the idea of these empanadas. Easy and fun.

  5. So crafty and fancy! I’m not sure about the whole fig thing, but you could do a million different combos. Even marinara and cheese for little calzones or pb & banana just because I love pb & banana. Yum!

    I think it’s a natural trait for people with EDs to want to help and “rescue” others with similar issues. While I think it would be great to be able to help others in a professional way, I don’t think I would ever want it to be my job. This will sound bitchy, but I don’t relate to a lot of the “typical” ED stuff, so I don’t think I would have the patience.

    • I know what you mean about the patience…Even when I was in treatment, I often just felt like yelling, “finish your damn cookie already, it should not take you fifteen minutes to eat a cookie the size of your thumb!”. We can all be bitchy, its healthy to unleash it.

  6. i have a feeling I wouldn’t have patience working in an ED facility either. I barely have patience with my husband, haha. But seriously, it would be hard and I feel like I would take on a lot of burden of my own.
    On a lighter note, this recipe is fabulous. Can’t wait to try it with my gluten free bread. Gluten free empanadas have been a dream of mine….not kidding!

  7. my favorite thing u said was that “EDs are an equal opportunity disease” geez thats such a wonderful way of putting it!!

    btw major props for making empanadas out of bread!! i didnt even realize it until i saw the picture, thats brilliant!! makes it much easier too of course 😛


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