Chocolate Pancakes and “Rocking It”

The pancake says "I'm rocking it! Check out the chocolaty goodness and tart cherry-ness ooozing out of me! Suck it Katharine and IHOP!"

I have had a busy weekend.

Yoga school on both Sunday and Saturday as well as a project I had to work on for one of my collections of part-time jobs (I have about 4 part-time jobs, so I think that equals a single full time job).

Anyhow, I was at the gym a few days ago, mindlessly climbing the “stairway to hell” revolving stair case, when I watched an interview on the today show with Katharine Scharwznegger. She was pimping the shit out of her new book Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been There and Back! Yes, that is a mouthful, I shouldn’t be surprised with an author with a long ass name like that.

Maybe I’m bitter or bitchy, but I giggled out load when I heard the title (yes, I giggled on the revolving stair way to hell, never a good idea; its like an injury and embarrassment waiting to happen).  Ann Curry, or whoever it was at Today, showed a copy of the book and this is the dialogue that went in my head:

“Seriously??? Ok, I get it, I have issues with my body too. This girl is totally gorgeous and privledged, easy for her to say, that! And dude, you 20! I’m sorry but where are you’r credentials don’t impress me. You can’t even vote or drink yet!”

But I know, not to judge a book by its cover, so I did a little research (cause lord know I will NOT spend my hard earn time and money on reading this).  Apparently, she delves into great detail about her “aunt flow” in the second chapter. Personally, I don’t need to know this, and I’m pretty sure girls old enough to purchase this book already know. Plus, that what Judy Blume books are for!

Thanks to some online reading, there is a line in the book that says “Avoid late night eating and drinking. Most likely you are not really hungry when someone says, ‘Lets order a pizza’ at midnight. You are either bored or wasted’.”

Katharine, I think its fine to eat and drink at night.  I know it may be considered  a bad habit and all, but if your hungry and a glass of wine is just what the doctor ordered, go for it. Of course, dear Katharine, you wouldn’t know about that because you are still 20 and cant buy wine.

And as I mentioned, I think its easy for Katharine to “rock it”. I read somewhere she is a size six which is not even the size of the average american and she’s loaded. Plenty of money to highlight her hair, tweeze her brows, get her makeup professionally done, and THEN “rock it”.

I’d like to see the cover of the book with her face free of make-up, without a blow dry, right out of bed. Cause thats how I usually “rock it”.

I do have some sympathy for her. I mean, the “governator” is her dad and her mom looks a little emaciated. And I’m all for girls having health role models. And at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with promoting health body images.

But once again, that cynical side of me kicks in and I cant help but thick what girl HASN’T felt negative about her body or appearence or whatever. I don’t think this is the root of eating disorders, and I dont think a book like this will prevent them from sprouting. And do we really need to “rock what we’ve got”? I’m sure the book talks about inner beauty, but I think I will always hate my tummy and I’ve come to terms that it is ok to not love it, or “rock it”. Because really, it’s not about rocking anything but your personality and your ideas. I should be thankful I have arms and legs to “rock”.

How do you “rock it”? Am I too bitter about this? Perhaps I’m just jealous she actually wrote a book and here I am, blogging and writing nearly daily, hoping to regurgitate a published book one day.

Personally, I’m rocking my inner traits. I think I’m funny, and most people who say they are funny are anything but, but I’m the exception. Why? Because I laugh at myself. I think I rock the kitchen. I think I can come up with something yummy with minimal effort. I think I totally rock communicating with people and making them feel safe. I do that as a yoga instructor and a cooking instructor. But I guess it doesn’t hurt that I think my biceps can totally rock it as well 😉

Anyhow, on to food…

Chocolate pancakes inspired by simply having ten minutes to refuel myself after yoga. you’ll need:

-2 eggs (or 1/2 cup egg sub)

-cocoa powder

– 1/4 c ground up oats

– 1 tbs vanilla flavored protein powder (I used Jay Robb, because the ingredient list doesn’t scare me)

-some nutritional yeast (optional, and trust me, a cool kick)

-cherry yogurt (once again, optional, but I loved it with this)

Blend, pour onto a greased skillet, cook until it looks done (I think you would be a good judge of that) and inhale. Nutritional yeast may sound weird, but I keep it on the table instead of salt and pepper so it went on it. Works great with cherry yogurt. You can make your own cherry yogurt by blending some frozen cherries with greek or your yogurt of choice.

I’m definitely rocking this!


14 thoughts on “Chocolate Pancakes and “Rocking It”

  1. Yes, you are funny! And I agree that a 20 year old, is hardly old enough to be selling a self help book. She hasn’t lived or experienced half of what she will in her life before it’s over. (woah, did that sentence make sense?!)

  2. Ha — at least she’ll have somewhere to turn when she actually starts living life and is in need of a self-help book?

    Okay, that was mean. But really. She’s not old enough to have “been there and back”!!

    ❤ ❤

  3. haha this post made me laugh!! that book sounds terrible…yet really funny. I’m 2o and feel like I could never give anyone advice like that! I really like your blog so glad to have come across it tonight

  4. I agree w/ madeline!

    and as a 34 yr old woman with a hubs, child, job, house, REAL LIFE…I have to just LMAO when 20 yr olds with no life experience try to give advice. She may be the sweetest girl ever but it’s just not practical for someone her age to be writing a self help book for the masses!

  5. I had a similar experience to this while I was waiting in line at the grocery store… I was perusing the magazines and saw the latest Snooki story about how she suffered from anorexia awhile back. I didn’t read the article, so I felt kind of bad being judgemental, but they show a picture of the ‘supposed’ 80-pound Snooki and I was not impressed. Sure, she was skinny in the photot – perhaps too skinny – but no where near the state that I was in at that weight. Granted, we are different heights.. but whatever.
    I kind of felt like she was using a history of anorexia, regardless of if there was truth to it or not, as a way of combating a negative remark about her current weight. I felt so offended.. you know?

    … Anyway, that was a total ramble and you probably think I am a crazy judgemental lady now, but I wanted to get that out 😛
    ❤ Tat

  6. I’m a little skeptical about these “self help” books when the author really isn’t mature yet. I mean when I was 20 I was still wondering who the heck I was! But then again, if it helps younger girls with their struggles, more power to her. I guess what i am saying is I’m on the fence about it.

  7. sounds to me like katherine needs to read a book on how to wait to write a book until you’re an adult and have real experiences and issues. i’m pretty sure her book would be the same as EVERY 20 year olds except for the fact that she’s loaded.

  8. I am tired of seeing those books as well. Like you said, girls are most likely going to feel fat or ugly at some point in their life. We don’t need a book out there to be putting out the thought of EDs out there. Twenty is a little young to be writing a book like that, in my opinion, but maybe if I was 14 then it would mean something more to me. I think I am just tired of it all by now.

  9. “Because really, it’s not about rocking anything but your personality and your ideas. I should be thankful I have arms and legs to “rock”.” <–Hell yeah! Seriously, I'm right there with you on this… with tons of money, time, and being so young, hello, yeah, it's easy to "Rock It."

    But you know what… I think we, those out of the "public eye" are happier people in general. I mean look at Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears… I wouldn't trade all the money in the world to be them.

    Not really sure where I was going with that but the pancakes sound great!!!! 🙂

  10. I’ll admit, I’m a bit jealous of her having written a book and being 20 years old. I’ll just attribute it to being the daughter of someone quite well known. Kind of like Meghan McCain, actually. Though her I actually kind of like. It’s weird to think that Katharine is my brother’s age. And oh my gosh! I could totally rock those chocolate pancakes also. I bet they would taste amazing topped with peanut butter, though just about everything does.

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