Habits and Blogging Habits

Hey everyone!

Busy but productive day! I needed a bounce back from my icky day yesterday.

Don’t ask me how I thought of today’s topic but I started thinking a lot lately on blogging and blogging habits. We all have habits, some “normal” or common ones, some weird ones. You may be surprised, but I think a lot of the habits we think are “weird” are actually very common!

Exhibit A: I talk to animals in a way I’d expect them to sound if they spoke English.

I know your jealous that I have this little furry for the week!

I feel better about it knowing my roommate does it too. We literally have full on conversations with the Charlotte (the pup above). But when other people see her, they seem to do it too. So I guess its not that weird anymore.

For the record, that is my roommate talking, my voice doesn’t sound like a disney princess, sadly.

Exhibit B: I like drinking from a straw. Not hot stuff like tea, but cold drinks. I thought this was surly an eatind disordered thing, but my therapist (who I can assure you, has never had an eating disorder) does it too. I guess the benchmark of ED behavior is whether I can drink without the straw. I sure can.  Don’t being a straw with me to a fancy ass restaurant. But I do have them at home.

But on to the bad blogging habits (and readers out there, please chime in too!).

Bad habit #1: I’m Sorry, But…..: this habit is the habit of apologizing for not posting. I don’t care if you’re busy today. If you’re not posting, fine. I’ll just assume you had other, more exciting things to do.

Bad Habit #2: Blogging WAY too much about…..blogging: Sorry, but once again, kind of dont care what you think about blogging.

Bad Habit #3: Checking your stats constantly: Its kind of like checking you weight and it can get obsessive. Do you really need to check your stats every couple of hours? Checking constantly isn’t going to change the results. I check once a week, maybe twice (the stats, NOT my weight, haven’t checked that in three years, by dietitian does it for me).

Bad Habit #4: Replying to every single comment: I think its very thoughtful and kind, but sometimes I find people do it up the number of replies. If you honestly have something good to reply, fine. Otherwise, I think it can take up way too much time especially if you get a lot of comments. Spend that time with your family or friends…or maybe read some new blog you have never read before. This brings me to….

Bad Habit #5: Spamming everyone with your link: “Hi, how are you today? “Visit my blog!” Hey, can I ask you something? “Visit my blog!”Is anyone free for a chat? “Visit my blog!” Really? Like Abby said on her guest post last month, “when you see the same name with the same link in the same comment on a bunch of blogs, it’s rather lame.”

Bad Habit #6: Expecting your blog to give you fame and fortune: New bloggers sometimes think they will make it big once there blog is out.They know exactly what they are going to say after the audience quiets down and Oprah Winfrey asks them to tell their story and how Julia Roberts is playing them in the movie version. Indeed, fame and money lure many into blogging. They start their blog motivated by the prospect of a pile of money and adoring fans. They work hard and long hours believing that the internet will pay them handsomely for their effort. But any mature blogger knows that the internet can’t care less about your efforts. The internet does not owe you a dime. Being hit by the ugly stick of reality, a mature blogger writes posts because they enjoy it, not for some crazy dream of chatting with Oprah.

Anyhow, tomorrow I work with the really little kids (Pre-K and kindergarten) and I’ll hopefully teach them how to cook, sort of….wish me luck, I’ll need it. I’ve never taught 3 year olds!

What about you? weird habits or blogging habits worth mentioning?

27 thoughts on “Habits and Blogging Habits

  1. Hi, how are you today? Come visit my blog!
    No, I started blogging because I love writing and eating and hiking. I’m definitely not making a cent, but I still love it! Plus, it makes me try new things (mainly food) that I wouldn’t try just so I have a little more variety in my pictures 🙂

  2. Hahaha… that last one hits close to home for me, or rather, my mother 😛 She reads my blog all the time, and she seems to think that one day I will be on Oprah. I laugh it off, but she slips comments in so often that I know she’s secretly not joking! x)

    I really do love this list though – especially the one about apologizing for not blogging. Even though I am guilty of it myself, I can’t stand it when other people do it. Gah!
    ❤ Tat

  3. That video was GREAT! First, your roommate does sound like a Disney Princess, yikes. It’s uncanny, maybe she’ll get discovered. Second, that dog is hilarious!! How she kept moving her head back and forth like…what? What’s going on? That was too funny!

    I used to drink from a straw all the time, until I realized it was making me sort of bloated because I was sucking in all that air, constantly. Have you ever thought about that? I really think it happens!!

    I have a blogging habit of NOT responding to people’s comments unless they actually ask me something. I just don’t have the time. I read each and every one of them though, without a doubt.

  4. Fun post.
    Funny, I’ve never checked my “stats”…I don’t think I even know how to do it, though I’m sure its blindingly obvious — guess that shows it really means nothing to me.
    I rarely comment when someone replies..only if they ask a question or say something I feel needs to be addressed…but I figure no one really goes back to read the comment anyway, ….and if they do, then maybe get a life 😉

    As for #6, bigtime….I wrote about that a long while ago…it is like we are all dreamers to the self-help books/stories of people making it big, etc…it bugs me when I see people with that “greed” or that as their only pursuit…but then again, I shouldn’t care, people can do what they want to do , whatever.

  5. Oh drinking out of a straw is normal – my hubby always has to have a straw when we’re out. I don’t use them, but he does. I do reply to almost every comment – but that’s become habit for me and it’s a way for me to let people know I took the time to read their comment. Is it necessary, oh most definitely not. Do I hate it when other bloggers don’t reply to me? Nope. Each person has their own style. I never thought about it increasing the # of comments. Oh, and I only recently figured out how to even check my stats if that tells you anything LOL.

    The one big blogger thing the bugs the shit out of me is giveaways and asking the reader to jump through hoops, backwards, and blindfolded.

  6. Love this post! Of course the furry friend has a lot to do with it, but I love calling out the blogging annoyances (although I’m sure I’m guilty of some myself.) Anyway, I have full conversations with animals and because of blogging, I sometimes wish I could insert a “link” back to something else in normal conversation with a person. It would save a lot of time.

    I drink out of straws because a) it keeps my teeth from getting discolored from my tea and 2) it keeps me from spilling whatever I’m drinking all over myself. I will still find a way, but it cuts down on it.

    I TOTALLY agree with the replying to comments thing. Unless it adds to the conversation, I don’t do it and think it’s kind of pointless when some other people do. Of course I read every comment–it’s not like I get that many of them–and if I reply, it’s through an e-mail and not for everyone else to see (unless it might interest the rest of them, of course.)

    Heather’s right on about the giveaway thing, too. Promising them a kidney and dedicating a day to them in their honor through a blog link is not how I hope to score some free hummus. I’ll go to the store, thanks.

  7. This post made me laugh, because I see so many bloggers out thee who will comment within the first 5 seconds that a “famous” blogger has a new post out. Isn’t there a better use of your time? But seriously, people do rely on the internet to solve all their problems and make them famous. Blog can bring great things (a good outlet, and new friends, for example), but life should be lived in real time.
    I would love to meet Oprah, by the way! I want to give her a huge hug.

  8. First off, your roommate totally sounds like a Disney princess. I would like her to narrate my life. Secondly, a to the men.

  9. I’m with ya on the giveaway thing. If very rarely do the extra entries, just the one comment for an entry.

    That said, w hen I am hosting a giveaway from my mom’s business, I ask people to tweet and link back. I want my moms business to succeed and any extra exposure is good so I would love for people to do it. So, I guess I’m a hypocrite but I only di it for my momma :).

  10. Cute cute dog! One of my weird habits is that I hate taking bites into things, like sandwiches, so I’ll either tear a piece off to eat or use a fork and knife and eat it that way. I know it started from having an eating disorder, but now I just like to eat that way. Even pizza I’ll cut pieces off and eat with a fork instead of just biting into it. And i hate when people apologize for not posting also, so I try to make sure not to do it. Hey, it’s your blog, you should be able to do what you want with it.

    Good luck with the little kids today! I wouldn’t have the balls to do it. I’d be too afraid I would scar them for life somehow. Little kids make me feel nervous.

  11. Ha! Love this post. I don’t know if I have any blogging “habits” as of yet, since I haven’t been at it for very long, and I actually just changed my blog entirely. I don’t know how to check my stats, so I guess I’m quite a lame-o neophyte, eh?? 😉 How embarrassing!!
    Anyway, I found your comment about straws and how people with EDs tend to use them. I never knew this! I stopped using straws b/c they cause too much air to enter my stomach and then I’m in gastro hell. 😉
    Eden, could you dig up a muffin recipe to post in the near future? I would be so appreciative!

  12. I am extremely guilty of checking my stats obsessively…I do that with snail mail too, if I’m home. I am also guilty of replying to almost all comments I receive, but I know I’ve said (right here no less!) that I do it more out of politeness than to up my replies. I have PLENTY of entries on my blog where I either have zero comments or the only one is a pingback to one of my own entries! The giveaway thing is ridiculous. I’m not following some random person just because I need to score a freebie (which has never happened anyway). I’ll follow you or link you on my blog if I like what you say. Otherwise, I just don’t have the time! As for fame & fortune…Ha! I’m one of those people (my husband even pointed this out) that even if no one ever read my blog, I would have one anyway. I like to write. It’s an extension of me. If people come & read, and I make enough money to buy myself a latte somewhere, awesome. Even when I made no money off my blog, I wrote just as frequently and with the same dry wit I do now. 🙂

  13. Oh my god, she DOES sound like a Disney princess. Ironically, I went to high school with the sister of Pocahontas’s voice (Irene Bedard). Of course, the words themselves don’t mean anything since your roommate could read the phone book in the same tone of voice and the Yorkie would still go nuts. That is cute, though.

    I couldn’t care less what others do with their blogs. It’s their webspace. If I don’t like it, I don’t visit. Educate me, and I’ll probably visit.

  14. I thought about responding to this post with something clever. Well, I’m speechless. Its all so true!
    By the way, I talk to my dog all the time. My husband does too! I swear she knows what were saying. In fact, I think she is smarter than some people I know, haha!

  15. She really does sound like an animated princess….
    I loved this post! I think the thing that irritates me the most is the constant appologizing for ‘missing a day’ or whatever. I have recently just relaxed about blogging and stopped freaking out if I miss a day or two. It is a lot more fun to blog when I actually have things to say rather than, Oh hey- I ate this, this and this! I know people really don’t care that much.

    Good luck!

  16. I really really hate it when people apologize for not posting, and that is the only thing they say! What a waste of my time, haha.

    Number 5 also really pisses me off too – I read most of my blogs on my phone and I star the ones I want to go back and comment on (and unfortunately I don’t even get to those most of the time). I almost purposely avoid those blogs.

    Unfortunately sometimes I reply too much – but that is because it’s a distraction for when I’m bored at work!! Also I installed this cool thing that responds to both my blog post comments and to the commenter’s email and I’m loving it.

    I don’t think I do the others though.

  17. Eden, this is why I read your blog. You write things people think about….but you actually write about them.

    Blogging for me is fun, it’s a hobby and that’s it….no money making aspirations with the blog. Well, if I get an offer then that might be different, j/k I write like I am talking to my family or friends who don’t have blogs. It’s basic and simple 🙂

  18. Haha I love yorkshire terriors!
    And yes people are annoying when they do that whole link thing.. It’s like a blogger version of the “myspace pic4pic comment” ugh.

    Hmm my weird food habit.. I often tear my food into small pieces and then eat them.. ( I had braces for 2 years in middle school so I kinda got used to it)
    Happy almost weekend! 🙂

  19. okay, I have to ask… what does drinking with a straw have to do with EDs? because you suck air in and feel bloated?? seriously, I’m really curious.

    • ED behavior can take many forms. Drinking from a straw makes you feel “fuller” sometimes and I guess some people rather be full from calorie free liquids than…yep, food! It also may be a “ritualistic” type thing. I mean it really depends. Like I said in the post, I dont think it has to do with ED behavior with ME, but I’ve been to treatment with all sorts of girls and thats just my observation.

  20. why don’t you just not read the blogs of the bloggers have these “bad habits”? why do you care whether or not someone chooses to spend their time replying to comments that people leave on their blogs, if they are thoughtful or kind?

  21. I personally loved your post–I totally got a kick out of the habits, and am taking heed! 😉 You have a great sense of humor, Eden, and I can relate. 🙂

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