New Grocery Store Finds

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! My tooth is healing and I see the oral surgeon today for a follow up. It still hurts a little when I don’t have advil in my system so I just want to make sure that’s normal and that its healing nicely.

Thanks for the kind comments on my last post! I think it was one of my favorites to write. In fact, I added a new tab call “cream of the crop” which has a few of my favorite posts. The last one is going in there.

I had a nice sunday. I went to the farmers market and got a lot of local and organic produce for only seven bucks! i got a a 3 pack of strawberries, five different summer squashes, a head of cauliflower and an egg plant for seven bucks! Thats very rare for an L.A. farmers market!

Then Mr. Eden (aka, my dad) and I spent some quality time together at a new mall that opened up in Santa Monica. I haven’t seen him in while, and he fasted for Yom Kippur yesterday, so I wasn’t in the mood to hang out with a hungry person (hunger tends to make people moody, why do you think all those hollywood actresses are such divas???).

Mr. Eden, in white, checking out the new oceanside tourist trap of a mall

Later, I went to the market and I got an idea based on this post. I didn’t realize what weird stuff there is at the grocery store! So, I though I’d show you all my grocery store finds:

Ok, So I like chicken and I like biscuits (of "Biskits") but chicken IN a biskit???? Um that just sounds wrong!

I dont get it, if I wanted "gel" I would get Jello, if I wanted fruit, wouldn't I just eat a fresh one? I also have a problem this isn't in the fridge section

Its just the color that find of turned me off....its soooo.....unnatural! like neon tweety bird yellow

I was actually curious to try it. But I dont like the s'mores Luna bar I passed

I didn't buy them cause I can get them for a lot less at Trader Joe's but I thought these were cute

I've had this when I was younger, its like crack. I'll admit I wouldnt touch this stuff now, especially if it came from the freezer section, but maybe I'll find a recipe somewhere....

remember this from a few posts ago??? yea ew. Just ew!

Don't fret, I've never touched this stuff and I never plan to. I just thought it was hilarious that they had a huge diet pill section.

Tomorrow I do my kiddie dessert class at the school, so get ready for those treats tomorrow!

So what have you found in the grocery store lately?

16 thoughts on “New Grocery Store Finds

  1. Yeah but those “unnatural” looking yellow cookies are sooooo good. I haven’t had one in years…but they didn’t last but a couple of days in our house when I was younger. I saw a red velvet cake version yesterday in the grocery store….

  2. Gah! The monkey bread weird! So sticky!

    I’ve seen a variation of pancakes & sausages on a stick in a German supermarket: mini salami in a roll (without a stick). You can even mini salami in a wholemeal roll.

  3. haha my mama makes monkey bread, i wouldnt touch it either. i have seen those same almonds at our winn dixie! i was going to get them too but passed b/c i like where i get mine now. oh and those frosted cookies… yes they look so fake i have had them before and its like biting in straight sugar and the cookie part is like weird flour, oh theyre gross alright. its like a sugar HFCS coma lol

  4. My husband likes those yellow-frosted cookies. He’s weird. I’ve tried the spooky z bar and it’s just ok. I prefer the chocolate chip 😉 These days, I hate analyzing food in the grocery store, so I’m always in and out fast, which means I miss lots of new and interesting foods.

  5. Firstly, thankyou for commenting on my blog and giving some really helpful advice. I am so grateful – and especially because you don’t comment often!
    Wow all of these foods look so amazing..I love looking at foods available in different countries but it makes me so jealous haha!
    In the supermarkets in my new hometown I keep finding new squashes! Like I said on my blog I found an onion squash and today I found my first crown prince squash! Yayy!

    • I’m sure they are, but I was never a big super sweet cookie kinda girl. When I was little, I had a rule that if it didn’t have chocolate, it shouldn’t be called a cookie.

  6. OK, I have to admit, I’ve had the crackers. There’s lots of MSG in them, so they taste REALLY good, LOL! I try not to eat them (the husband likes them ;)) Mmmm, I remember monkey bread from when I was a kid. I don’t know what’s in it, but I remember liking it A LOT. I know my mother-in-law has a recipe, it’s probably got a bag of granulated sugar in it!! 🙂

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