Vegan Squash Thumbprint Cookies and Myth Busting from My Yoga/Chef/ED Life

they look giant, but i used a mini muffin tin. You can totally just roll them into balls and like any old cookie

Hey everyone!

Well, I think the tooth (or lack thereof) is healing nicely. I’m still very reliant on advil and avoiding super crusty/crunch foods, but my food seems to be back to normal.

I was think, there are so many misconceptions and stereoptypes out there. I thought I might bust some myths that I’ve learned about in my life experiences:

Myth #1 : Skinny = happy.

Not true.  There are plenty of overweight people who are happy, plenty of thin who are not.  It’s not a 1-to-1 correlation, and true happiness doesn’t lie five or 10 or 20 pounds from now

Myth #2: Lobsters scream in pain when they are boiled

It’s commendable that people do not want to inflict pain on animals, but this one is definitely false on the first account (screaming) and probably false on the second (pain). Lobsters have no throat, no vocal cords, no lungs, so how could they scream at all? The fact is, the noise is caused by air trapped in the shell. When heated it expands and forces itself out through small gaps, causing the sound – sort of like when you force air out between your tightly clenched lips to make a rude sound. I learned in culinary school that lobsters and other crustaceans are not vertebrates and simply do not have the nerve pathways and brain region like other animals do. Can we know for absolutely positively 100% sure that lobsters don’t feel pain? No, because there’s no way for us to directly experience what they do and do not feel. That should not stop us from making educated guesses. (all you PETA members, dont kill me, I do love animals).

Myth #3: I’m not flexible – I can’t even touch my toes – so I can’t do yoga.

Guess what, I cant touch my toes either and I teach yoga! This is often coming from someone who has the impression that if you go to a yoga class you will be required to put your foot behind your head. Not true. In my 10+ years of practicing , I’ve NEVER been forced to go beyond my flexibility in a yoga class. We each practice at our own level, at our own pace. And while the person next to you might indeed have her foot behind her head and be some cirque du solei contortionist, it’s perfectly OK if you do not. She won’t get a medal for doing so, and you won’t get a ticket for not.

Myth #4: Women and men who are diagnosed with anorexia nervosa have a great deal of will-power.

While it may seem that they are in extreme control over what they eat, in fact, their disorder is controlling them. A real show of will power would be if they surrendered and allowed a treatment team to help them, followed a balanced meal plan, etc.

Myth #5: You cannot do “serious” cooking with a microwave

This is one of the very silliest myths but it refuses to die out. There are a lot of people who use their microwave for nothing but boiling water and reheating leftovers and they are really missing out on a lot. Some people tried to use their microwave as a general purpose stove and oven replacement rather than as a more specialized tool that is well suited for some jobs but not at all useful for others. For example, I would not use a microwave for a roast beef, fried potatoes, or baking bread, but it works just great for things like rice, poached fish, and steamed veggies. I find it particularly handy for making polenta and risotto, with results that are every bit as good as the stovetop with much less work and worry. If you want to expand your microwave repertoire I highly recommend The Microwave Gourmet by Barbara Kafka. Another excellent book is The Moghul Microwave by Julie Sahni (Indian recipes).

Myth #6: Yoga is a religion

This is a very common myth. Commonly yoga is considered part of Hindu religion, but yoga is not a religion. Have you any idea how many Jewish synagoues conduct “yoga retreats” in LA? Yoga is a time tested spiritual science with the goal of revealing the true nature of reality. Yoga practice is a step by step process with the end goal of calming down the thought waves in our mind and thus prevent them from distorting the truth. Sounds like a beautiful thing to do, but its not a religion! I’m still eating my gefilte fish.

Myth #7: If you have an eating disorder you are an expert on every eating disorder.
Also if you have an eating disorder you can sympathize with everyone having body issues and can consequently fix them

For some reason, ‘normal’ people seem to think that people with eating disorders are good sources of diet advice. Anyone who has ever had an eating disorder has likely been asked by many people about ‘their secrets’, or ‘how they stop being hungry’, or ‘how did you lose the weight so fast?’. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NEVER DO THIS! First, if people with ED’s were such experts in diet and nutrition advice, they would NOT need to resort to extreme behaviors to maintain their weight! Second, if a person is trying desperately to recover from their ED, they do NOT need to be constantly bombarded by talk about ‘dieting’ and ‘weight loss’ and ‘cutting calories’. They need to be surrounded by talk about healthy food choices and body acceptance. I will never dispense diet advice on my blog, EVER.

Myth #8: Use water instead of milk when making omletes

Some people will tell you that using milk when making scrambled eggs and omelets results in tough eggs – that you should use water instead. But if you require the pronouncement of some authority, tests by Cook’s Illustrated (the “America’s Test Kitchen” people) revealed that scrambled eggs made with water are less flavorful, do not fluff as well, and are not as soft as those made with milk.In Julia Child fashion, cream is better still, but that’s another story! By the way, this advice is for eggs cooked to be moist and creamy, the way they should be. I know some people prefer the dry, fluffy style but all we can do is feel sorry for them.

Myth #9: Its my “rest” day, so I will do yoga! Its not REALLY a workout!

There are a many different varieties of yoga- ones that are calm and meditative and ones that are powerful and intense. No matter which yoga you choose, yoga works your heart. All yoga varieties promote muscle tone, strength and flexibility, which affect your cardiovascular shape. How much of a cardio workout you get depends on which type of yoga you do and how hard you push yourself in class. In any case, yoga should not be done on a “rest day”.

Hope that helped you in some way….if not, heres some food for thought, I mean, for consumption……

I didn’t have yoga school this weekend, so I had some time for myself. Instead of ODing on exercise, I thought I’d make up some cool recipe. The problem? I lacked a lot of groceries. But improvising often leads to the coolest creations. I haven’t cultivated a cookie recipe in a while, so I thought I’d go the cookie route. Since I lacked eggs and butter, vegans rejoice, this recipe is completely vegan AND happens to be gluten free (if you use gluten free oatmeal).

Heres the ingredients:

-1 cup oatmeal

about 2/3 cup steamed or roasted  and mashed delicata squash (I’ve never had delicata before and it looks so gorgeous at the market last week, but any winter squash like pumpkin, kabocha, or butternut would work)

-1 tbs stevia powder (any sweetener would do, I happened to have a lot on hand from the stevia giveaway) but a tablespoon of honey or agave would work nicely, I didn’t want these too sweet but if you prefer sweet, add more.

-1 tbs flax mixed with 2 tbs water (flax egg)

-1 tbs canola oil

-black current fruit spread (enough to fill the holes)

before mixing....

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix everything except the jam with your hand (no use for fancy mixers or blenders! yay, less clean up!). You can roll them into balls and place on a cookie sheet or do what I did and fill mini muffin tins.

This is what delicata squash looks like!

Then, take the bottom of a spoon and make holes in the middle of each cookie.

I actually used the bottom of a mixer attachment to make space for the jam

Fill with jam and let bake for about 15 minuets (check often). If they look like they may  not be done, let them got for another five minutes or so (oven can vary, just keep an eye out). Let them cool and enjoy! They don’t make very many, which is why I developed it! Perfect for the single gal and not too much guilt if you finished eating the batch. Just double the recipe if you have a big family!


29 thoughts on “Vegan Squash Thumbprint Cookies and Myth Busting from My Yoga/Chef/ED Life

  1. Those cookies actually look and sound quite tasty! And I actually always thought that lobsters screamed. I had no idea it was anything else.

    It bothered me when my friends found out I was anorexic and they thought it was amazing how I had the will-power to avoid food. I also hated hearing, “Man, I wish I could be anorexic for a week to lose these last few pounds.” Really?! I would just kind of smile and walk away. A huge part of getting over the eating disorder was recognizing that I wasn’t actually in control at all. When I wanted to eat, I couldn’t. Funny how something you think you have control over just turns on you like that. It’s pretty twisted.

  2. There are so many people that think yoga is fine to do every day and that you don’t need a rest day. Yoga is not easy stuff. Your body needs rest from it as much as it needs rest from anything else. I am a hypocrit, though, as I rarely take rest days, but I know that I should! You don’t need to be any particular body type or have any unique bilities to do yoga. I love that anyone can do it and there really isn’t such a thing as being good at yoga. You just do it.
    I love these posts, Eden. You have so much great information, and you always manage to be pretty funny in the process.

    • The thing is, most devout yogis DO practice everyday, but yoga isn’t just asana (physical postures). Its merely one of the eight limbs of yoga. There is meditation, pranayama (breath control). and all sorts of ways to practice yoga that dont involve the physical activity.

  3. I feel like you just read my post! I was talking about how my mom kept asking me for advice on her diet, even though I’m STILL struggling to recover. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! I know everyone doesn’t understand eating disorders, but I think it’s commone sense that you shouldn’t talk about weight loss in front of someone you know has a problem regarding weight. There are tons of other ways to get that information, without going to someone who’s…….skinny. It’s just stupid and insensitive.

    *rant over*

    I love your recipes! They aren’t too complicated, but they’re kinda brilliant at the same time! And that book on cooking with a microwave? I absolutley NEED to have it now! 🙂

    ❤ Tori

    • O I love that microwave cookbook! My mom bought it (its that old) and its falling apart but it will always be so useful! The thing is, I have made SO many complicated cookies in culinary school and they did taste ok, but who has the time? you can make great tasting cookie with minimal dishes and prep time!

  4. Oh this is a great post! Love that you dispeled the whole lobsters screaming myth – I always believed that and I avoided that section of seafood like the plague at the grocery because I could not stand to think of it! Plus I also believed the yoga myths too. Hmm, I have learned alot today!!
    True about the “diet” talk – I hate that. People ask me advice, like I am some guru and I want to shake them and say “I am the one needing help you imbecile!!” It just seems I am constantly surrounded by that sort of thing, diet weight loss, exercise – all very triggering topics for me and very bothersome.

    I am SO glad you got the delicata squash – I think I mentioned it in a comment last week that you must try them (and the sweet dumpling squash, they look the same as delicata except they are shaped like acorn squash) – I had 2 tonight and they are so unbelievably good! I love them just baked to where the edges carmelize- yum. But they look good in those cookies as well!

  5. Amen to numbers 4 and 7! (Goes for males as well : ])
    Will power is understanding that what you are doing is irrational and unhealthy and conquering it!
    Good post!!

  6. Those are pretty cook muffins 🙂 I would make them, but I would be forced to eat them all on my own because my mom would probably look at me like I have three heads if I told her there was squash in her muffin. Haha.

    I love, love, LOVE what you said about eating disorders and diet advice. No, I do not want to be your weight-loss coach thank you very much. Furthermore… why on earth do people want to seek advice from someone who is obviously in ill-health both mentally and physically, and depressed? (I’m not those things anymore, but I certainly was when I was incredibly sick and people were asking me for help!) Sheesh.
    ❤ Tat

  7. I like the mythbusters. You should go on that show. Oh wait, nevermind. They are always busting myths like ‘can you catch on fire if a policeman sprays you with pepper spray and then tases you?’ Anyway… when I have some time I am going to make those muffins. I, also, don’t do carts. It doesn’t matter how much I have, I always carry a basket.

    • I feel like carts slow me down and I get stuck in narrow aisles! Sometimes, when have a long list and I’m shopping for my roommate too, I might do the cart. I really just want a butler to carry my shit for me 🙂

  8. omg i love you so much for posting the ‘hard-truth’ that many are timid to admit but know it deep down. k for instance, ive always wondered why many people who have suffered from ED’s or any disease, feel like they have the answer or know everything about it! my dad is like that and i try to warn him that people are going to take offense to this. i learnt to use my past as an ‘example’ but admit that every person has a totally difference experience and i probably DONT know what will work best for them, only their bodies and their doctors do. but i can definitely sympathize with those that do this because its become so natural to take what worked for us and generalize it as the solution for the rest of the world.

    my ranting aside, i also thank you for easing my sadness about lobsters. i actually believed the myth like many to where i would cry every time someone would cook lobster… i didnt want to believe they screamed, so its good to know they dont even have to vocal cords to do so!!

    xoxo ❤

    ps. keep these types of posts coming!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

  9. I loved this post…

    losing weight DOES NOT make you happier. I know that from expierence yet my ED tells me that it will somehow make me happier this time. Annoying, I know. Dont worry, I dont listen to it 😛

    Poor lobsters 😦

    I use my microwave for everything. Easy clean up! No pots. I’m in love 🙂

    Dana xo

  10. I loved this! So informative 🙂
    I love lobster, but when I was little and my mom would boil them I used to bawl at the sound they made, I found out later they weren’t screaming but it was still devastating as a child haha.

  11. I love lobster…I LOVE it. But I simply cannot eat it anymore because I learned last year that they are boiled live. Yes, I had no idea until then. I feel so sad for anything boiled alive! Even if they don’t feel pain, which would just be a miracle!

    Great muffins Eden…I am going to try these out since they are gluten-free!

  12. i meant to comment on this last nite ok im back

    #3 & #6…i will tackle those but all of them are great!

    anyway as a yoga teacher, the im not flexible comments. grrr. Well of course they’re not after their sedentary lifestyle but you gotta TRY!!! start somewhere! That’s what i try to tell people who say this to me!

    And the religion comment. Oh god. I tackled this in my Yoga FAQs post. I addressed it but yeah i get questions from readers who literally feel like if they go to a yoga class theyre gonna be indoctrinated into some religious cult. Sure. Exactly. Makes perfect sense 🙂

  13. Love the myth busting..and I never knew about the lobster fact! That’s pretty interesting..but I still don’t think I’d be able to stick a live one in a pot. :/

    Oh, and about doing serious cooking in the microwave..our oven went out the day before Christmas one year and we had to cook the whole Christmas Eve meal in the microwave! I know a lot of people are “against” having one..but I don’t really pay attention to the fact they somehow “modify our food” or whatever. It cooks stuff and it does a good job. 😛

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  15. Myth #1 : Skinny = happy.

    I totally agree with you that this is totally a myth. I was at one time so thin, that if I would have fallen I would have gotten a bruise. I hated my life when I was so thin and I dreaded that I would have to get up the next day, not the life I wanted to live. I wish more people would promote Healthy = Happy and there is no ONE size that equals happy!! 🙂

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