Wordless Saturday, Sorta…

I was super busy this friday, but I did go to a lovely cafe called “huckleberry”. I went about a very awesome giveaway coming up this week! Try to guess what its for!

Hint #1: the pictures aren’t very good hints…I just met the PR person for the company there

Hint #2: So I’ll give you a real hint, its for a food item, and its got a cute, animal as their mascot

nope, I didnt make it, and even with my culinary education, I dont think it would look like that

incase you are wondering, its mint tea

dont think those seats were empty for long....they were snatched up pretty quickly

written in chalk above the women's WC (yes, I'm trying to sound British)

A place that respect the great Julia Child! Did you know how much I love her? Check out my guest post incase you didn’t.


13 thoughts on “Wordless Saturday, Sorta…

  1. I’m going to venture a guess… Puffins cereal? It’s cute, anyway. Love your blog even though I believe this is my first comment! You’ve got great sense of humor.



  2. I want to fill up one of those seats, too! I love the quote. Butter and cream are awesome and neither should be feared. I have no idea what the giveaway is, but I’m very excited!

  3. At first I thought the giveaway was huckleberries. A little strange, but not gonna judge! Haha!

    I don’t know, it could be anything from a cafe’. Maybe a sweet treat?!

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