Kabocha Topped Vanilla Custard and Fears

not afraid of eating a delicious custard with a veggie

I haven’t talked much about my fears on the blog, but today I will admit a big one. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with weight or food.

The dentist.

I got a little chill just typing it. But since saturday, my back wisdom tooth thats been coming in has been absolutly killing me. Yes, I’m well aware how late it is to have them come in, but I was always a late bloomer. I lost my last baby tooth when I was 14! The same year aunt flow came around (although sadly do to me disorder, she came and went, boo hoo).

And I hate and ashamed to admit it, but I have avoided the dentist for the paster few years. Yep, not months, years! I had braces through all of high school, and I would have to go to the orthodontitst on a weekly basis, so I think I just got sick of it and avoided it after college. But I hate the cotton they use, I hate the feeling of people shoving metal into my mouth, I hate reclining with my mouth wide open, I hate the smell, everything! I just think the experience as a whole sucks. I don’t get how some people LOVE the dentist. Maybe its because they never had a filling or braces. Anyhow I’m also terrified of having the wisdom tooth pulled (which I’m pretty confident will happen) and I’m scared I have a billion  cavities I didn’t know about since I haven’t had a check up in so long. I didn’t have any cavities last time, so I’m afraid my “perfect” teeth will not be so perfect anymore. Sorry to whine, but my mouth is in serious pain and the thought of not eating crunchy food is making me sad.

Anyhow, this got me thinking about fears. Fears are a big theme with most mental disorders. Fear pushes us to do certain things. Sometimes they push us to do positive acts and sometime negative ones. I suppose avoiding to go to the dentist because of fear is obviously a negative one.

My wise dietitian always reminds me the best remedy for fear is exposure. The more we expose ourselves to what we are afraid of, the more secure we feel about it. Granted, this is a lot easier said than done. I’ve been “detoxed” from exercise a few times (meaning NO light walks, yoga, and basically anything physical) a few times. Sure, I’m not as terrified about not working out, but I still have feelings of guilt on missed workouts. I get bummed, but I’m not afraid I’ll gain a crazy amount of weight because I have evidence from my “exposure” that nothing will happen to me or may body. I’ll still be strong (maybe stronger) and I won’t “balloon” like my fears want me to believe.

Most yoga newbies are terrified of inversions (going into upside down poses like head or handstand). But when they actually do them (correctly and safety) they get this awesome high and huge feeling of confidence! I usually try to get new students to try inversions if I know they are strong enough. Besides the fact that I think the doing the actual poses sell themselves (because they do feel awesome), once they do them, they feel empowered and fearless. I try to do an inversion everyday for at least five minutes. Yogi masters sometimes stay in them for hours. I think the longest i have gone was in an Iyengar yoga class and it was in shoulder stand for about 30 minutes.

Anyhow, some people think its absolutly absurd that I was afraid of simple foods like peanut butter and olive oil (I had a weird thing about fats). But I exposed myself to them, countless times, and have simmered the fear a bit. Now I’m afraid of having a whole jar of peanut butter around simply because I’m afraid I’ll devour it in no time. Anyhow I thought I’d research some fears that are a little nutty (pun intended) incase you have food fears that you feel bad about:

-Geniophobia- Fear of chins. Hmmm I guess also a fear of Jay Leno.

-Levophobia- Fear of things to the left side of the body (as opposed to the right???)

-Clinophobia- Fear of going to bed. I suppose this happens with little children or maybe this is Something “Nightmare on Elm Street” spawned.

-eladophobia – Fear of bald people. Or maybe just a fear of Ben Kingsly or Britney Spears post nervous breakdown.

-Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – Fear of long words (can you even pronounce that word?)

-Lachanophobia – Fear of vegetables (hmmm….clearly not my case)

-Pogonophobia – Fear of beards. I think this can actually be somewhat understandable. I means seriously, when you see some guy stroking his beard, thats creepy! right?! Beards tend make you look more trashy and creepy. IE, Brad Pitt, Joaquin Phoenix, and I personally think Billy Rae Cyrus is creepy with his little blonde beard. ewwwww.

And now for some phobias I made up:

Mileyophobia: fear of Miley Cyrus

Quagophobia: fear of Quagmire from “Family Guy” or people that resemble him (like sex addicts).

waifophoboa: fear of skinny people

popophobia: fear of anything that pops, ie: poptarts, popcorn, popovers, poppy seed, etc

Bravophobia: fear of Bravo shows, see also “homophobia”

Blogophobia: fear of creepy bloggers (ummmm no comment)

Oshitophobia: fear of one night stands you cant remember

Snugophobia: fear of a mass of people dressed in snuggies

For todays food, we have a vanilla kabocha custard! What youll need is:

-a cup or so of greek or plain yogurt

-vanilla extract

-1/4 c milk of choice (i used coconut)

-1/8 tsp guar gum or xanthum gum or agar agar would wor too

Blend all the ingredients and chill in the freezer for about an hour. Top with roasts kacocha, nuts (I used peanuts), and your favorite toppings (I used so nutritional yeast, weird sounding but trust me! delicious!


21 thoughts on “Kabocha Topped Vanilla Custard and Fears

  1. I like Oshitophobia. I wish I could say that I can’t relate to that, but I can. I had a pretty messy life as an undergrad. Shoulderstand for 30 minutes? I have never tried to stay in an inversion for that long. I will try it at some point. I can do headtsands now for a good minute or two, which does make me feel very empowered!

  2. Hahaha I think i definitely have some serious Quagophobia- I’ve always been a little bit put off my Quagmire although I think he’s hilarious 🙂
    I also have weird fear foods. And i’m finding recently that i’m really, really ashamed of them. Like i won’t even admit them to my dietitan. I don’t know, i guess i’m the type who likes to just pretend that i’m always “okay” so it seems so bad for me to be scared of food? (even when obviously, with an ed…that is to be expected..?) Anyway- good luck with the dentist- I totally get you on that one! I haven’t had an appointment in like three years and i KNOW i need to make one but now I just keep putting it off and putting it off. Maybe tomorrow i’ll call? right…

  3. Everyone in the blog world has been eating figs like crazy and they straight up weird me out. The pictures of them make my skin crawl.

  4. I haven’t been to the dentist in almost 4 years. I had braces in hs and now my teeth are shifting because my wisdom teeth are trying to make room for themselves where there is no room. Yeaaaa I don’t plan on going to the dentist anytime soon. I keep using the no insurance excuse.

    I definitely have snugophobia. My boyfriend wants us to get USC and UCLA snuggies but I refuse to spend my evenings with him in snuggies no matter how warm and comfortable they may be.

    • You should really go to the dentist! I dont have dental insurance either but i have a very affordable dentist! email me if you need the name since we both live in la. you’ll be sorry when it start to be so painful like mine is!

  5. Eden!
    I seriously could have written that first bit… from not liking the dentist right down to being a late bloomer. I think I lost my last baby tooth somewhere around age thirteen, and I had braces all throughout high school as well. My period? It showed up when I was about sixteen and faded shortly after because of my disordered eating. And just because that doesn’t seem to be enough in common, I also have to go to the dentist shortly to get my wisdom teeth removed. I am not happy about it.

    I honestly don’t have too many fears (other than the obvious ED fears)… heights, the dentist, and long words don’t really scare me. My biggest fear though is to disappoint my mother. There’s nothing quite like that feeling!
    ❤ Tat

  6. well I am that girl. I love going to the Dentist.I think its because my dentist was SO HOT growing up, haha. It was never painful to look at him. 🙂 And I also love inversions, such an amazing release.
    Blogophobia, hmmm….thats becoming all to common these days. Haha, ya know?

  7. Omg! I HATE and fear the dentist too! But I was not numbed enough one time years ago and that drill (shudder thinking of it) got a nerve and I have horrid fear of it happening again. I fear the very sound of a drill. I have to now take xanax before I go!
    Love your phobias – I think I have gagaphobia – lady gaga scares me!!!
    I too have fear of fats – always have, but like you said, exposure helps but I still don’t eat to much of it. Guess I need more exposure!

    Love the recipe, may add some cinnamon!

  8. I love the dentist too, only because I have the OCD thing with my teeth. And actually, the last time I went they gave me a parafin hand treatment while they worked on my cleaning (and no, I have no dental insurance anymore either.) However, I had the worst wisdom tooth experience in high school–emergency surgery and a head as big as a pumpkin for two weeks. The only consolation was I had Dairy Queen Blizzards for lunch at times.

    I don’t have a fear of a lot of things, but rather an indifference and annoyance. That includes blogophobia.

  9. I used to fear the dentist because I hated it when they flossed my teeth. Now I ask them if I can do it myself, and it’s much better! Nick is like you. He hates the dentist and waits a couple years before going. In my opinion that just makes it worse, because he’s not just in and out of there, he’s in there for about an hour because he needs them cleaned so bad! Gross. If he were to just go every six months, or even just once a year, it wouldn’t be so bad!

    While having a fear of BEARDS is very strange, I guess I can’t talk….I have a fear of fish and birds. Bad childhood experiences…..

  10. mmmm i just bought a kabocha squash! or maybe it’s acorn..

    haha i can never really tell the difference. but either way i love them both equally with cottage cheese or greek yogs 🙂 makes my heart pitter patter haha

    i haven’t been to the dentist in FOREVER. not that i’m afraid, just bc i don’t have dental insurance haha

  11. Why does a handstand/shoulderstand/headstand, sound like something I’d never be able to do?! I don’t know, it just seems like a magic trick that other people have the ability of except me 🙂

    I’ve always had an intense fear of bugs. I mean even little bitty ants! But as the years go by, I get more dessenstized because, you know, who’s never found a random bug crawling on them a time or two in thier life?

    ❤ Tori

  12. Who DOES love the dentist?! I used to be terrified of it, and while I’m not scared per se, I definitely don’t like it. I had a wisdom tooth extraction last year, and I know it’s of little comfort right now, but it’s REALLY not as bad as most people think it’s going to be.

    ❤ ❤

  13. I could definitely go for that custard by the way. Yum. I hate the dentist too and I think most of it comes from bad experiences (having braces and wisdom teeth removed being on that list). I do think that sometimes fear can be positive when it pushes you to do something you normally wouldn’t. I actually sucked up my fear of flying and got on a 4-seater piloted by a friend because I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity.

  14. I definitely do not have Bravophobia — but your comments about it made me laugh so hard.

    I don’t understand how people can like the dentist either — I go, but I sure as hell don’t ENJOY it. I am afraid of so many things — spiders, bugs in general, sharks, bears, snakes, parties, being deserted by the people I love, etc.

  15. I love funny fears..there’s something for EVERYTHING!!! And I can see why you could have a fear of the dentist. I never really had an actual fear..but I had a strong dislike for them. I’ve had so much crap done to my teeth though I kinda had to get over it.

  16. LOL, I don’t think I know anybody who actually likes the dentist! (I hate going to the dentist! It’s almost as bad as getting my hair cut, because it means giving myself into somebody else’s hands … Worst nightmare of a control freak!)

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