Apple Eggrolls/wontons and Kid Envy

I had more pics but my roommate (whos dad is a lawyer) said I shouldn't post pics of them without their parent singing a release. So i figured you cant see their faces here, so this might pass.....

Before I begin, I’d like to clarify I few things that I think we misunderstood in my last post on boredom.

Although I think a lot of the eating disordered behavior was cultivated due to boredom, its not like I didn’t have anything to do. I was in school (high school, college, culinary school) and I had fairly high grades. I had jobs (odd ones, like those nikelodeon shows) and it wasn’t like I sat around all day with nothing to do. But I was “bored” of school, and its more like my mind was bored. I didn’t want to think about grades or my job, so I thought about exercise and food and where to fit it in. I was in no way complaining that I’m bored and have nothing to do with my day. I have and have always had plenty, maybe too much, but thats the problem, I have a hard time just doing NOTHING. Anyhow, for those of you with kids and three jobs and huge families to support, I fully respect and admire you, but its not like I dont work or study.

anyhow, moving on….

Today was the first day of desserts class. I taught this class at this school last year but I had a whole new batch of kids this time. We don’t have an oven and the class is taught outside, hence I have to be really creative with the desserts. Today we did apple wonton/eggroll fritters. I usually like to chose something that keeps them busy (like chopping) because if the class ends too early, I have a nervous breakdown because this means I need to entertain and contain them until their parents come and pick them up. All you parents out there, please pick up you kids on time! I understand you have jobs and lives (and god awful traffic), but its a pain for me to have to babysit 10 5-11 year olds AFTER a desserts class (sugar high). Plus, the kids get upset that you didn’t come on time and some get worried and I AM NOT a licensed child psychologist.

Working with kids reminds me how much I envy them a little. I envy their ignorance towards calories and weight. Yes, although sadly some kids are preoccupied with such thoughts at a young age, none of the kids I’ve taught have. They really enjoy food, they eat when they are hungry and stop when they are satiated. Sure they love chips and candy (who doesn’t? and if you dont think you do, you lying to yourself. Its ok to like junk food and even have some once in a while), but they like fruit and veggies too. I remember I did a private cooking lesson for these two pre-teenage girls. We made fajitas and I they never tried raw orange bell peppers. I offered them a piece to try, reassuring them that it tastes like candy and is really yummy, and you know what? They finished ALL of them so we only had chicken and onions for the fajitas!

I talked to my dad the other day about my eating habits when I was young. I do remember some, but its hard to judge when you are… He said I wasn’t a huge eater (I find that hard to believe giving the quantities I’m able to pork down) but that I ate nearly everything except cheese (I still dont like it, and its not a “fear food thing”, I obviously never liked it). He said I like chicken and cookies (I do remember I loved cookies! I was a little cookie monster), and that I always ate veggies and fruits. My parents never had to “sneak” in veggies or force me to eat something. I liked stuff most children snubbed like spinach, broccoli, asparagus (I guess anything green), and tuna. But my dad mentioned that I started to pick up my parent’s eating habits. For example, my dad didn’t like milk in his cereal so he used orange juice (I know, it sounds awful, but with certain cereals, its a wonderful combo), so I did it as well and I to this very day never like milk with cereal (I eat it with yogurt usually or ice cream!). I wish I could have some of that innocence about food back. I feel like a I “know” way too much about food. I need that pen in “Men in Black” that erases your memory.

But anyhow, I think the kids had fun. They usually do. When kids get involved with what they are making to eat, they will always have a good time, even if it tastes like mud. I usually dont do desserts that are too high in sugar not because I think sugar is evil (I rather them eat real sugar than all that processed, hydrogenated stuff) but simply because I want to avoid 10 jackrabbits blossoming out of them. So for the egg rolls you’ll need:

-a package of wonton wrapers (if gluten is an issue, get rice paper)

-a bunch of fuji apples (they are so sweet, they dont need sugar)



-canola oil

-a small bowl of water (to seal the wontons/egg rolls)

Simply chop the apples into small dices and mix it with some cinnamon and nutmeg. Place a small spoonful of the apple mixture in the center of the wrapper and roll it up or make a bundle or “purse” to make wontons. heat the oil up and fry it on all sides. I sprinkled them with extra cinnamon on top (did I mention I’m a total cinnamon whore, I douse my breakfast with it daily, its borderline sick). Simple, somewhat healthy, kids are entertained, and I get paid. Nice!

What did you eat as a kid? Is it similar in adulthood? What were some of you’r childhood favorite foods?


17 thoughts on “Apple Eggrolls/wontons and Kid Envy

  1. Those wontons sound yummy – great party recipe too. I was also the kid who ate the veggies like Brussels sprouts. I couldn’t understand why people didn’t like them. My favorite thing ever that my grandmother made was a spinach patty. Go figure I’m vegetarian right???? πŸ˜‰

  2. That’s an interesting concept. It’s funny to think about how I absolutely eat certain foods because my parents did and I notice it more when I’m with my brother now that we’re both “grown up.” The last time I was out visiting him his friends comment on how we eat alike.

  3. I think I cooked more when I was a kid than I do now. Macaroni & Cheese, breakfast egg sandwiches, meatloaf, hamburgers, spaghetti, cookies, more cookies, brownies, more cookies….I was a cooking machine! And I was so young! I wish I have the confidence now that I had then. I wasn’t the healthiest eater, though. I somehow managed to stay tiny anyway, even with multiple honey buns and brownie bites every day. Chicken fried steak, french fries and honey buns were my favorite foods. My eating habits were so much different than they are today.

  4. I ate like CRAP when I was little. I think that messed up my body for life. I envy kids too…wish I was still 10 and living with my parents. I had a GREAT childhood.

  5. i always truy to think back to what i ate as a little kid…I loved cottage cheese with pineapple. I know wierd, but I lovd it and we always had it in the house…I loved annies mac and cheese, apples, applesauce, apple juice (yeah I liked apples)

    haha little girl fat metabolism…thankfully I think my metabolism is better nowadays…i was little chubby gal πŸ™‚

  6. With the “bored” comments,,,I know what you mean. Its not actually being “bored”…but maybe not wanting to engage in those things you are involved in (like busy with a job…but you dislike the job) kind of thing…kind of looking for anything to distract the self maybe and “pretend” its not there…so fixate on something else…maybe something like that.

  7. First of all, I didn’t get a whiny sense from your last post at all, maybe because I can relate to the boredom thing 100 percent. I was working, going to school, interning, exercising, etc. and even while doing these things, I was bored. Maybe not “bored” so much as anxious to wonder how I was going to fill the time when it was done. It was a constant need for distraction, so even five minutes of “nothing” was too much.

    Anyway, food was never an issue for me when I was younger. I remember good food always being available, but nothing was off limits. I actually chose healthier things most of the time and was as active as a cracked out gnat, so I was (am) a beanpole. I do remember that while I preferred fruit most of the time, I loved foot-long cheese dogs and Oreo Blizzards from Dairy Queen when we went up to the trailer. My how my (meat) times have changed!

  8. Trying to remember things when you’ve been stuffed with “learned memories” is pretty difficult! Like, I know I’ve never liked cheese — my mom used to get annoyed when I ate pizza and tell me to just eat a bagel, since I’d pick off all the cheese and tomato sauce. But now she claims I used to like cheese. Um. No.

    Anyway, I ate a lot of crap as a kid. I think that’s probably why I like vegetables as much as I do — if I had been forced to eat them back then, I’d probably hate them now! Still, it would be nice to not care about things like a certain food’s nutritional benefits…

    ❀ ❀

  9. I remember that one of my favourite snacks was apples and italian dressing. I also loved anything with sugar in it, like most kids but was also a carrot/green pepper feind. From what I am told, I used to eat the peppers like they were apples. It is so strange to watch my boyfriend’s daughters eat- they are so naive when it comes to portions, what they are eating, and everything until they are full. Then they are done eating. I miss being little and just being intuitive.

  10. I would love your cooking class job! How fun! I like your recipe idea as well!! I can totally hear ya on being with so many children at once. I also work with kids and as much as I love them…they can be hard to handle when you get too many of them together at once!

    I often miss my childhood. I cant remember how I ate but as I got older I remember not having much of an appetite. I used to eat half a piece of pizza when I was in 4 th grade and go back to reading my book. I was MORE interested in reading than eating!I wish I could go back to that now!

  11. childhood favorites… chicken nuggets and KRAFT mac-n-cheese….note, it had to be the processed powder cheese mac-n-cheese, haha

    nothing adultlike, now as an adult i would say my favorite meas include vegging out on a shitload of winter squashes baked and burgers

  12. Yep, you can be busy busy busy and bored to death nevertheless if you can’t relate to what you’re doing!

    Fav childhood foods: boiled carrots and beetroot, plain chicken breast filet with ketchup, yoghurt (!!!!!) in all variations, TONS OF SWEETS (not cookies or chocolate, though, but the sugar-only stuff like fruit gums and candy), semolina pudding.

    Today: veggies (pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, greenies) and chicken, apples, black tea with milk (not a solid food, but I love it). Oh, and I like wine now, LOL.

  13. I ate everything as a kid. Except for eggs, and american cheese. Now I eat both of those! Mostly eggs. I’m still not thrilled about american cheese, unless it’s on a grilled cheese, there’s tomato soup on the side and it’s 20 below outside πŸ˜‰ I used to eat like cr*p…all fast food, didn’t know how to cook…now I have a food blog, (it doesn’t mean I know how to cook, but I try my hardest, LOL)

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