Boredom Blues and Funny Ways to Beat Em

Bordom buster: find a cute dog and let them attack you (yes, thats me, and no, sadly, not my dog)


Boredom sucks ass (sorry, I’m usually not so crude in my opening lines, but it does suck some serious ass).

I blame boredom on most of my problems. After years of therapists telling me how my mom’s death was one of the seeds to my development of my eating/exercise disorder, I was beginning to believe them. But you know what my latest therapist made me realize (I know, I sound lame referring to my therapist so often), boredom is the culprit.

Why did I ย over-exercise?

I was bored.

Why did I spend ours thinking about what I was going to eat, how much, caluclating, judging its nutritional value?

I was bored.

Why did it take my sometimes two hours to finish a snack?

I was bored.

You get the drift. Boredom can be deadly to lots of people. We need something, anything to occupy our mind or our bodies. I didn’t realize how big of a part boredom had in my problems until after impatient treatment and during my out patient stage. I began to realize how much extra time I had on my hands.

And even if you don’t have food or exercise issues, I think its always nice to have some ideas about what to do when you areย bored. So here’s a list to get you started. I categorized it by location. Yes, I think a great way to start is to get you out of the house.

In the Mall:

-Try pants on backwards at J.crew or something and ask the salesperson with the sincerest face ever, “Does this make my butt look big?”

– Rummage through the jellybean bin at the candy store insisting that you lost a contact lens or your wedding ring. O and maybe grab a few jelly beans while your at it since they are already tainted by your germs.

-Try on flea collars at the pet store while occasionally pausing to scratch yourself

-While your at the pet store, free the animals! They all come from puppy mills!

-When someone asks you if you need help, start crying and wail “Why won’t you people just leave me alone!”

-Look straight into the security camera and use it as a mirror or attempt to pick your nose

At the Library:

– Point to a very simple word (like “the” or “who”) and ask for someone beside you to help you pronounce it.

-Read a book upside down

-While looking at your book, turn so you are facing the person. Then, peer over the top of your book, and say, โ€œPeekaboo!”

-If you’r library has a dvd collection, close you eyes and chose a dvd and watch it. Yep, even if it’s the “Care Bears” (which are pretty darn awesome anyhow, did I mention I’m five?)

At Starbucks:

– Sport the cup sleeve and as a cuff, stylish and frugal!

– Stuff the suggestion box with funny requests, like a pool table

– Buy a homeless man a coffee/tea and a scone. He probably needs a custom-made overpriced coffee more than you.

-Order an a coke, a beer, or a burger, anything but what you would usually find at starbucks. Act shocked that they dont have it!

-Bring a bowl of cereal from home and use the milk from the “condiment island” to fill it. Hey, the economy sucks right now, we got a “milk” all the opportunities for free food we can get (yes, pun intended).

At the Movies:

-When your choosing your seat, point at someone and in a childish voice, loudly say, “I dont want to sit next to THAT guy! He smells funky!”

– Obnoxiously say “Ooooooooooo” when someone kisses onscreen

– Every time someone curses, cover your ears and yell, “OOOOO he fuckin profanity!!!!”

-When someone sneezes, yell “Shhhhhh!” (I used to actually do this when I was younger, o the rebel I was)

At the Beach:

-Find Heather, if you’r lucky, she’ll have some delicious vegetarian food she might share and her adorable doggie might be nearby

– Pretend to be a crab and start nipping people

-Practice ostrich impressions

– Go around the beach and tell them there is a “pay and display” policy and that you are the ticket person. Charge a ridiculous amount.

-Build a sandcastle. This can actually be a lot of fun and kind of medatative. For shits and giggles, yell out “HALT! WHO GOES THERE!?” every hour or so (you know, changing of the guard).

I hope that helps, but I’m not responsible if you happen to get arrested for being obnoxious.

I apologize for no recipe, yoga school wore me out a bit. Tomorrow is my first day back teaching my desserts class at a local elementary school so stay tuned for a kid friendly/no oven needed dessert tomorrow!


22 thoughts on “Boredom Blues and Funny Ways to Beat Em

  1. Yes, not going to school, having only a part time job, and the after effects of having no friends from years of isolation from an ed. All of that adds up to my boring life. I do go to all of those places you mentioned, for entertainment and time killing. I just don’t do anything that would possibly get me banned from those places like these suggestions would! Haha!

  2. I sincerely believe that most problems stem from a need to anesthetize/numb or distract ourselves from the real issue. It’s like we are overwhelmed, and believe that it’s just going to overwhelm us if we deal with it or allow ourselves to properly feel the emotions.

    I recently (again, out of stress) decided to rearrange the entire section in a grocery store. As in literally the entire 2 shelves and then some. I was having so much fun-putting everything together the way I think it should have been (fyi- my way was wayyy better), that I didn’t notice when the manager came over and was life “um… Miss? what are you doing”. lol. That was a fun one to explain!

  3. I can help you with your problems…
    Full time wife
    Full time mother
    25 hour a week job out of the home
    No hired help for cleaning or childcare or anything
    Do 100% of the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning in your house
    Take care of child as a single parent while spouse travels alot
    Workout daily

    That’s my 24/7 – 365. Girl. I am not bored. I sleep 5 hrs a nite max b/c i have too much to do! move down to San Diego and come help me, I’ll pay you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What perfect ways to cure boredom! Or, just reading others blogs and getting a good laugh! I agree that boredom can spawn disorders even farther but I will say that at the peak of my ED I was REALLY really busy in college. I CHOSE to skip fun events to hit the gym. I still regret that to this day. But onwards and upwards!

  5. These are too funny! I hate being bored too. A couple weeks ago I was bored out of my mind but now things have gotten hectic and I’m missing my boring days! LOL

  6. phew! i’m alllll caught up ๐Ÿ™‚ hahaha love your boredom busters. you could also drive through taco bell and order somethign not on the menu and see how they react..

    ..not that i’ve done that before or anything..

    by the way i bought bulgaaaaaaaaaaaar! i think i’m gonna make some for breakfast tomorrow INSTEAD of oatmeal ๐Ÿ™‚ wooo hoooo!

  7. This is a great post! I almost wish that I experienced boredom but thanks to a job, a kid, and a needy husband I never have time to be bored. I will keep these tips in mind though!

    Have a good first day of school today…I think your job sounds awesome.

  8. I second the LOLs above. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I wonder, if boredom is the reason for so much evil, where does boredom itself come from? It’s not unusual to be bored (pretty much human, in fact – everybody knows, and everybody has to learn to bear it), but I think it’s remarkable to experience boredom to a degree that makes you develop an eating or exercise disorder to escape it. (That “you” includes me as well, btw.)

    Maybe this kind of “existential” boredom (that can culminate in a threat for your existence, as opposed to “normal” boredom that just makes you annoyed, or, in the best case, creative) is especially malicious, maybe the boredom itself is always the same and therefore neutral, but in some people it falls on a ground that makes a flower grow, and in other people it grows a toxic plant. I don’t know.

    But I think boredom has always something to do with lack of meaning, and with not feeling enough, or being not involved emotionally. If you feel your life has a meaning, then you don’t experience boredom. You go for what you think of you’ll have to do, and you won’t wonder what to do with yourself. And if you can relate emotionally to a situation, you won’t feel bored either, because emotional involvement is what fascinates us and makes us move and go on, whereas indifference is associated with boredom, lack of meaning, and stagnation, as well. I think boredom doesn’t come out of nothing, at least not when it becomes such a chronic and wearing state of mind that it gets you into harming yourself.

    Okay, you hear the psychologist talking here. I’ll stop now and read a book upside down instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Girl I totally think boredom can create major issues. If you have nothing to do but sit and obsess, then that’s what you’ll end up doing. I will admit that I’ve thought, we’ll got nothing better to do, guess I could workout for a bit. I used to do more hobby type things, now I blog to cure boredom ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And thanks for the sweet mention. Man do I wish I was really and truly on the beach right about now…..

  10. I am bored all the time lately. It will end soon though. I really don’t think any of my issues stemmed from boredom. On the contrary, I had tons to do and was super stressed from all I had to do and from numerous family problems. I think for me it was more of a way to focus on one thing. It took over my life so I didn’t have time to think about anything other than calories in/calories out, food, my body shape, my weight, more calories, how to hide it from my family, etc. It was the complete opposite of boredom that did it for me. That said, being so bored lately definitely doesn’t help with anxiety. If I was a bit more bored, I probably would risk the embarassment and try out some of those boredom busters. It would make for a great sociology experiment.

    • most of the ideas actually came from experiments we did in my sociology class in college! We also did this thing where we went into an elevator and turn around (cause everyone faces the same way in an elevator).

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