Curried Lentil Salad and Awkward Social Scenes

yummers, curried yummers

I’m sure you have all had your share of awkward moments. Maybe not moments of fall off the face of the earth humiliations, but awkward ones.

I encounter many moments like these. For example, if I see someone from high school at a grocery store or something, it turns out something like this:

them: “hey Eden!”

me: “O, hi!”

them: “What are you doing here!?”

me:  (ugh grocery shopping you dumb ass) “O you know, I’m low on food and I actually eat these days so I need to restock”

(then it gets awkward)……(awkward silence)

them: “soooo…..ughhhhh……what are you doing these days?”

me: “O you know…working a little, studying a little, getting through my quarter life crisis”

them: “so………you still living with you folks?”

me: “ugh, no. And it’s folk, remember, my mom died in eighth grade?” (then its really awkward…….so I ask) “What about you, where I you living these days?:

them: “umm… home”

(then they feel bad they are still living with their parents and they may begin to feel a little angry at me so they ask me…..)

them: “You look soooo……different!”

me: “yep, I gained some weight. Did I ever tell you I had an eating disorder throughout most of high school?”

(I proceed to piss them off in hopes they will want to end the conversation and go away)

them: “ugh really? I thought you were just skinny.”

me: “no, I was basically addicted to exercise and ate poorly. You didn’t think I was a natural waif, did you?”

them: “well…..ugh….I dunno…..but I guess that makes sense. Well…ugh…I gotta go……ugh… ice cream is going to melt. Nice seeing you again…and ugh…keep up that eating streak your on!”

Phew, and it feels like it will never end! Sometimes, its good to use the depressing bits about your life to divert yourself from these social entrapment scenarios!

Ahh but wait! There are more weird encounters! Exhibit B, encounter with your friend’s baby:

My roommate from treatment got knocked up a few weeks after her release (talk about a recovery plan). When I saw her daughter for the first time nine months later, she proceeded to give me a big hug and literally  handed me her baby. I felt like vaporizing into oblivion on the spot! Sure some babies are cute or whatever. But it’s not a puppy, and I feel way more secure holding a puppy! She thinks just because I smile at the sight of her and her newborn, that I want to hold it. O fuck no! What if I drop her? My arms suddenly feel phantom limbs! Wait, do I even have arms? She’s not even family so if I break it, she’ll definitely never speak to me again, she might even sue! Aghh!!!!!  Why won’t its head stay up on its own? Why is it giving me such a confused face? Sensing my anxiety, the baby begins crying. Everyone gives me the stink eye because I’m making the baby cry no one will take it away from me. Nope, she just stands there and stares at me like I’m the must cruelest person in the world. I never said I was ready to be a mom and I dont where I sign “Let me hold your baby”.

Yep, I’m sure you’ve been caught in situations like this. They may be minor, like when I’m try to avoid a long conversation with someone and look at my wrist (sans watch) and say I’m late. Then it hits me that I indeed haven’t warn a watch since second grade and I feel like dumb ass.

NOTE TO SELF: start wearing a watch

Anyhow, on to today’s food bit:

I’ve been a little lentil and Kabocha obsessed lately. Its strange, I knew I’ve always liked them, but was never like, “OOO I gotta get me some!”. Its weird, after being fed more properly these past few years, I really think my palette has become so much more aware of how tasty simple foods can be! yay food!

Anyhow, I wanted something kind of different for lunch today so I made me some curried lentils. I used canned (which are perfectly fine and all they had was a little salt) but you can use any lentils you have as long as they are cooked. So heres what went into the mix (for 1 serving)

-1/2 cup lentils

-3tbs greek yogurt

-1 squirt yellow (the cheapo kind) mustard

-a few shakes of curry powder

-about 2 tbs of chopped peanuts (I happened to have peanuts, ideally, I would have used cashews)

I mixed it up and dumped in on a salad with Kabocha! Did I mention that if you roast the Kabocha long enough, the skin is not only edible, but ultra delicious! Plus, I’m sure its got some fiber goin on in that skin. Anyhow I love this curried lentil dish! Triple the batch and put it in the fridge for later, I bet the lentils will taste better when they marinate for a while. But honestly, I’m too impatient for that!

21 thoughts on “Curried Lentil Salad and Awkward Social Scenes

  1. I’m not really a fan of awkward social situations either. It’s cool and one thing to see a good friend you haven’t seen in forever, it’s not cool and another thing to see people from school or work that you didn’t really talk to or like in the first place and then they proceed to try to befriend you again after all that time and catch up on lost ground. You treated me poorly x years ago, why would I appreciate it now?

    Anyways, I’m curious as to how you cook and roast your kabocha. So many people and sites do different things – 30 minutes, 45 minutes, an hour; 350*, 400*, 450* oven; cut side up, cut side down, the list goes on. I prefer mine to remain structured and firm and not get completely soggy and unenjoyable, especially because I refridgerate and eat it throughout the week. Usually I roast cut side up for 30-45minutes at 400, but some squash seem to hate me.

  2. Thank you for doing such a lovely, eloquent job of describing exactly why I do my very best to avoid people from my past. ;p

    Seriously. I hate it when people feel compelled to approach you and start a conversation… uh, you never said a word to me when we were in high school, so why do you feel like you need to start now?!

    ❤ ❤

  3. that is quite the story about the baby…the funny thing is as a new mom, i was scared to death to let anyone hold skylar and i would have NEVER EVER just “dumped” her into someone’s arms. They would have had to beg me to hold her. Different strokes for diff folks 🙂

    Happy NEw Year! 🙂

  4. My boyfriend, his sister and I went to a comedy show in Los Feliz and I saw a couple people there from the highschool I went to in a suburb of Dallas, TX. I was definitely not expecting that (small world!) and just avoided the awkward, “We weren’t friends but we had a lot of classes together so HI!” conversation. And I am sooo awkward around other people’s kids. I’m convinced I’d be fine if they were mine or my brother’s kids, but otherwise I feel super uncomfortable. I think I’m the only one out of my friends who didn’t think, “OH MY GOSH SO FKN CUTE!” whenever there was a baby sighting. Anyways, I love your method of escaping unwanted conversations. Reverse awkwardness is always a good choice.

  5. Haha speaking of awkard… I read the title as “Awkward Social Scones” and read the whole post looking for a scone recipe. Clearly I didn’t find one : )

    Hope you are doing awesome Eden!

  6. Kabocha skin is the best part! Well not really, its all amazing, but its super yummy. You can also take off the skin and cook it longer so they turn into chips!

  7. Now that FB is the biggest craze my HS has reunions like every year. I always get the oh we really hope you come April. We’d really like to see you. You look great blah blah blah…suck it! I didn’t like those people then and I sure as heck won’t like them now.

    I like puppies better too 🙂

  8. I try and avoid making the awkward situation any more awkward by just being completely superficial and hurrying to move on with my day as quickly as possible. I figure they don’t really care anyway, so sharing “real” details of crap isn’t necessary. (After all, to be honest, I would rather they do the same thing. It’s not like we met for lunch or something. I’m pumping gas or whatever, you know?)

    You know how I feel about babies…give me a puppy. 😉

  9. I don’t know if you know about my obsession with kabocha (I was orange about a year ago) but I LOVE IT. Unfortunately I can’t keep it in the house too much because I will just eat it at every meal and… turn orange. I’m very glad that you love it too! And I agree about taste buds. I really just like simple foods.

  10. I am EXACTLY the same way with babies. Unless I’m sitting on the floor and there is no way the baby is going to drop more than 1 inch if something were to happen, I am going to pass. Also, kabocha skin is where it’s at.

  11. I’m terrified of holding newborns!! I knew I HAD to hold my new baby niece a few months ago, so I told her mom ahead of time that I would ONLY hold her baby if I was sitting down, so there was no way I could drop her!! That’s way too much responsibility for me!

    I’ll be avoiding my high school reunion next year for those exact same awkward social situations… no thank you! A watch sounds like a good idea– or you could use your cell phone, and act like I just got an urgent text! 😉

    I discovered Kobucha squash last year, and I love it, too! Never tried the skin, so I’ll have to do that next time.

  12. I think it’s great that you can admit that you had an eating disorder to someone that you haven’t seen in awhile. It shows how far you have come, even though, yes, it is awkward and uncomfortable. Love the lentil recipe:)

  13. Speaking of awkward momets, what I can’t stand is the early goodbye. You know, you say bye and maybe hug the person. Then you both walk in the same direction as you leave. Do you continue to talk? You already said goodbye. Do you say goodbye again? Very awkward. I have been on a huge lentil kick these days, too. I’m going to have to get my hands on some kabocha so I can try this…

    • O yes, I HATE the early goodbye! that happened to me from my yoga teacher training instructor. Hes the sweetest man, but like we kept bumping into each other after saying goodbye!

  14. I’ve never had any situation where they mention my weight gain except for a few friends in which case I just joke about it to not bring the convo down. But of course there those awkward meetings all the time around campus with people I don’t really talk to anymore. Luckily they’re easily solved by asking what classes they’re taking and saying I’m late for one of mine. 😛

    Never had someone hand me their baby though..I’d be like you and just focus on not dropping it or having it spit up on me.

  15. i used to have anxiety attacks thinking i would run into people from high school. thankfully it hasent been too bad and theyre the ones who are shy versus me.. i usually have to do the talking.. theyre out as quick as rabbits lol

    what an awkward convo tho! lol keep up with the eating streak… ummm… no comment lol. i love ur wittiness tho, that would take anyone off guard, in a good way. good to keep people on their toes!


  16. I am VERY uncomfortable around babies. I hold them as far from my body as possible (which is pretty far because I have freakishly long arms). I have to say that at least you confront the awkward social situation with gusto. At 30 years old, I can still be seen running away (seriously) from people I recognize from afar. You can ask my husband. I go into this whispering, stealth mode and hide behind endcaps until the coast is clear.

  17. I miss kabocha, is it back in season yet? It was missing from the grocery aisle during the summer.

    I think working in the hospitality industry for several years helped me maneuver awkward moments and I can make small talks these day but only for so long. I can only be patient long enough before I just say, I have to go….no reason, just have to go.

    I enjoyed reading the awkward scenarios you wrote about. Funny stuff.

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