Kitchen Guest: “She is Not a Cook”

Hello dear readers!

Its been a week of changes of scenery here! Yesterday, I took over at “Say Yes to Salad” and today, I swapped with our my good friend Abby (who wrote a award worthy guest post last time). So dont forget to check out my guest post on her turf.  I won’t bore you with my ramblings any further, so I now present you hers:

In the famous words of Richard Nixon…

What? Didn’t he say that? If he didn’t, then I’m going to. While I occasionally bake, I am not a cook. However, Eden—a professionally trained chef—asked me to do a food-focused swap. Make sense, no? Umm…no. But I’ll give it a shot.

The convenient thing about routines and rather restrictive food choices is just that—it’s a routine with restrictive food choices. While I still manage to add in a dash of drama and a pinch of neurosis on most days, for the most part, there’s really not much to plan when you eat the same things every day.

In addition, I live by myself, so it’s hard to buy small quantities of certain things. If I want lasagna, I don’t make a pan but rather a serving of Amy’s. Delicious every time.

But if I want a piece of garlic toast to go with it, I have to buy a whole box (and then I feel compelled to have garlic toast every day until the box is gone, as I hate things going to waste. I digress…)

Anyway, I am the annoying shopper that asks for four slices of cheese in the deli instead of buying a whole package in the store and balks at buying a whole jar of spaghetti sauce that will be used only a couple times and then expire in my fridge.

I don’t have to get creative and actually “cook” something fabulous five times a day, as that’s just not who I am. But I do have to put forth more planning, more effort and more, well, food. So what’s a girl to do? Here are a couple things I do for meals and snacks when I don’t feel like putting forth much effort but need to get in the extra calories.

Steam up big batches of rice to keep in the fridge, which is a great base for a ton of different options.

(Add butter, sliced almonds, veggies and protein and it’s delicious and so versatile.)

Pick out potatoes as big as my head and cover them in anything and everything, especially nut butters…

Doctor up those Amy’s meals. There is no shame in my game.

Become best friends with avocados and smash one up with hummus, herbs, spinach, etc. and place on toasted wheat bread multiple times a week.

I love me some food, so I do what I can. After all, I may not be a cook, but I am also not an idiot.

What’s your favorite meal when you cook only for yourself?

Eden’s Note: Look, I spent a year in culinary school and I often don’t feel like doing much work for meals. Not only that, I’m usually clueless about what to make and I honestly sometimes just go blog surfing just to get some easy meal ideas. I’ve seen and tasted a lot of dishes, and I can tell you, no ordinary person can take mediocre frozen meals and make them look this spectacular with minimal effort. Sorry, Abs, buy you ARE a cook!

33 thoughts on “Kitchen Guest: “She is Not a Cook”

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  2. Eden, I am SO going to try your avocado/hummus/herb/spinach “moosh”, as I’d call it! 🙂 That sounds scrumptious for a quick and easy lunch, and I love anything on toasted wheat. I suggested it to my husband, too, and he thinks it’s a fab idea. Do you make your own hummus? I need to buy a mini food processor pronto, as I’ve been wanting to make my own, as well as home-made pesto. That stuff is so damn expensive to buy in the store, then it goes bad before I can use it all and I feel guilty!

    • Um…that photo above would be abby’s
      I do have a similar recipe in my recipe tab above though. I make hummus in a blender or little magic bullet. Sometimes I skip the garbanzo beans when I have company cause they give me gas (sorry, but true). So i use tahini, lemon juice, and navy beans.

      • OOOPS! Totally missed the line where you turned it over to her on the blog. 😉 I appreciate the idea and photo from Abby, then.
        I like your idea for navy beans in hummus–dang chickpeas are a bit of a digestive issues at times, I concur! 😉

  3. When I’m only cooking for myself? I guess it would have to be a breakfast bowl of some kind of grain. Anything mixed with some banana, fruit, granola, nuts, and pumpkin with cinnamon is a win situation for me. I’m usually cooking for myself anyways, so most meals are just that.

    I 100% agree with hating things going to waste and feeling compelled to eat things until they’re gone! Sometimes it drives me crazy and I eat things that I don’t even want to eat but do it anyways so that I don’t waste it. When I was in Greece I went into a pastry shop and ordered “one piece” of a little ice cream sandwich. The lady looked at me like I was stupid and when I asked how much she didn’t want to take the time to weigh out just one (I guess people buy them in large batches?) so she said “it’s free, go, get out of here.” 😛

  4. Goodness, I am always only cooking for myself! Whenever I make frozen dinners, I always put them on a plate and make them look pretty. It makes me feel better about it. My favorite meal right now is a large baked sweet potato topped with peanut butter and cinnamon and a side of brussel sprouts with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. So good! I could eat it every day. Actually, I almost do have a baked sweet potato every day.

  5. I never just cook for myself anymore now that I have a husband around, but I am all about making big batches of meals and having leftovers during the week (lentil chili and leftover stir fry are currently in my fridge). I am a nazi about refusing to buy things that will go bad, like the sour cream my husband wants to get and then uses one time before it goes bad. Haven’t bought any since…

  6. The trick is to freeze everything Eden! I have a fear of wasting food so I freeze everything from extra pasta sauce to rice. And after defrosting for a few minutes it tastes just like it was freshly made/opened!

  7. fave meal for me = raw veggies, never get sick of it!
    thank you sooo much for the stevia win, i am blogging about it tomorrow. ron hooked me up based on my past relationship with him, but thank you for being the contest hostess!

    happy new year!!

  8. I like to cook, I’m just not very good at it! I need more practice really. I’m the same with being put off of cooking huge meals, when it’s only going to be for me. My mom doesn’t ever eat anything I make, and my brothers still eating toddler food, so if I make something, it’s all mine. And serving myself a portion of something like lasagna and putting a huge pan of leftovers back in the fridge, would be ridiculous.

    So, huge potatoes with nut butter, is one of my staple dinners too! 🙂

    ❤ Tori

  9. Hey Abby, would you ever eat a Lean Cuisine? 😉
    I cook for myself, but I still like to buy in large bulks because I have a few staples that I down like a monster. Plus, they are cheaper, and I just find ways to either 1) freeze them or 2) invite friends over for a meal.

  10. Well I usually just cook for myself – so no limits. I don’t just eat bowls of cereal that’s for sure.

    And, wait, spaghetti sauce would go bad?! LOL – I love the stuff – send it my way 🙂

  11. Hey Abby, I have some of the same issues with needing to not let things go to waste. Have you ever tried pushing your limits in this area? Like buying something even though you know you will have to throw it out? Might be an interesting experiment. I don’t remember how I got over my fear of letting food go bad – I mean, it’s not gone, but it’s definitely better.

  12. I almost always just cook for me. My boyfriend and I don’t live together and when he stays over we still usually end up eating separately. I hate labor intensive meals and if it takes longer than 10 minutes, I probably won’t want to make it!

  13. When I cook for myself, it is usually pretty predictible: either baked sweet potato with avocado and loads of mustard or some kind of bowl filled with veggies and a veggie burger (again, topped with loads of mustard–what is wrong with me?!?)
    I hate to waste food, too, and always feel compelled to finish something in the fridge rather than throwing it out…something to work on for sure.

  14. I used to bulk up frozen food meals whenever I had enough money to buy them. 😛 Now I settle for huge bags of frozen veggies and cheap fresh ones, mostly eggs and tuna for the protein, and whole wheat bread from campus. 😛 Cheap stuff but it works!

  15. I am most definitely not a cook either. I’m not big on frozen meals anymore, have tried to start buying more bulk grains, but I have a bad habit of just grabbing powerbars or some other snack-type thing if I don’t feel like cooking.

    My best “one bowl wonder” that’s pretty fast is a mix of chickpeas, brown rice, guacamole, sour cream, and taco sauce. Protein, fiber, fats, and fast, ta-da!

  16. i use sweet taters as the base for meals too! i also bulk cook chicken because you can season it anyway and add lots to it. also, full fat yogurt, goes with everything. and eggs…omelettes are so versatile!

  17. LOL, those nut butter potatoes are adorable!

    My favorite meals when cooking for myself are chicken and veggie stir-fries.

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