Kinda Wordless Wednesday

If you want some of my words, see my guest post over at “Say Yes to Salad”.

And here are some highlights from labor day weekend

I'm in my ugly stage currently as I hate my new hair dye job...normally I'm way prettier

Mr. Eden, which reminds me, I totally forgot to tell you his name! His name is LouLou, which is a nickname for Leon, where he's from originally. Cool name, eh?

again, forgive the ugly stage, I will improve shortly

Yep, thats my bike, it folds, its very cool

hummus shopping!

My lunch for one of the days this weekend, forgot which. I was really craving a hot dog (although its actually a veggie dog) with a lentil side salad and cucumber. Did I mention I'm a condiment whore?

17 thoughts on “Kinda Wordless Wednesday

  1. “normally I’m way prettier.” Ha!
    I seriously don’t know how you could get any prettier! No ugly stage in sight!

    I’ve never seen a foldable bike before. That’s pretty convienient.

  2. I love that you are a condiment whore! Me too. You should see my pantry. Seriously. And I think I have like 5 different kinds of mustard opened in the fridge right now 🙂

    p.s. you are gorgeous!

  3. I like your hair! Not ugly in the slightest. And all that hummus, yummmm! My husband is a condiment whore too, we have SO many in the house, it’s a little ridiculous.

  4. I think your hair looks great, but I know what you mean about the “ugly hair” phase. Mine is kind of going through that right now. Time to either buy a box of dye or get a hair cut…

  5. lve your hair! happy new year…yeah I keep kosher SOMETIMES i know it sounds wierd. I was brought up in a kosher household and my dad keeps it 100% (hes israeli) so if we are all out I try to respect him and choose something else if I can!

  6. Your hair looks great, and not ugly at all! I went through a stage where I was blond for 3 years…yeah, I’m Italian, so it took a lot to keep it blond. It was a huge pain!

    I love how your bike folds up..that is really cool! 🙂

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