Labor Pains!

Now THIS is my kind of labor (btw, this is me helping out with dinner prep for my cousins in Israel who live on a farm

It was very interesting to see all your comments from my last post. I promise, religious posts will be rare here on Eden’s Eats, as I’ve mentioned, I’m not too involved in religion. But it was an interesting concept that pondered about.

Anyhow…I hope everyone had a nice labor day. I went biking at the beach with my dad. I took pictures, but left the camera in his pocket so you will all get to see those pictures from tomorrow.  And due to my busy day, I lack a recipe, but I promise a yummy one tomorrow!

Since it was Labor day today (although most of you will be reading this the day after), I thought I might talk about…labor. Not the “labor” us women endure if we choose to conceive, the jobs we do, the weird things we go through to support ourselves.

I asked my dad today about his oddest job or the oddest thing he had to do on a job. He said he worked at a drug store in Belgium when he was a teenager and sold ice cream.  He said his best friend (who worked there too) would go down to the basement, make a lot of noise to sound like they are doing work, and just pig out on chocolate.

I had a hairdresser tell me that he was basically a therapist and might as well have a PH.D in psychology after over twenty years of doing people’s hair.

Me? Well, I have done a lot of weird stuff that I was unpaid for. I did loads of internships in high school. I worked for a fashion company (I know, I stood out like a sore thumb) my senior year in high school and had to help out at the model castings. It was very strange because the models we booked we all under sixteen (and this was an adult clothing line!). When I was into my acting in my college years, I was on weird shows on Nickelodeon because I was over eighteen and looked under fifteen. So I basically hung around a very cheesy looking set from 6am until about 3pm and was probably on camera for about 5 seconds. Since I was not SAG, I didn’t make very much at all.

I worked as a Hostess which was a big mistake. This was the first job where I actually got fired. To be honest, I dont think I effed up on the job. They fired four other people the same day they fired me, I have a feeling they were not doing so well and simply couldn’t afford me. Regardless, when my boss called me into his office after his shift, he gave me some BS reason and “let me go”. I was never fired before and I didn’t understand what I did wrong. I bit my lip so hard in front of him I think they bled a little. I held in my tears, and the second I left his office and walked back to my car, I cried. I cried hard. It was so weird. I dont think I cried that hard when my mom died. And to be honest, I HATED that job. You would think I would be relieved! But it crushed me for some reason. I felt like I was a failure because I managed to get fired from a somewhat easy job.

I got over it and I laugh now because I realized that it actaully wasn’t so easy. It was for a very chic Japanese restaurant and I got take-out order left and right with names of rolls I can’t pronounce. There were a million ways to mess it up. I was very underpaid and never even got tips, so I think my lay off was a blessing in disguise. Actually, no disguise, a pure blessing. I got a private chef position two weeks after that and felt way better and more confident. Finally, I’m hired and appreciated for something I think I might be good at.

So I’m dying to here of your “odd” jobs. Or maybe the weird things you were asked to do on a job. Or even a firing story. Share you “labor pains”!

24 thoughts on “Labor Pains!

  1. My favorite odd job was when I was 14. My babysitter worked as a manager at William Sonoma and she hired me to walk around with a tray of samples during the holiday season. Not really a labor pain, but a great odd job!

  2. Labor pains? I had a 100% natural drug free childbirth!

    Did it hurt, yes. Was it worth it, yes!!! I encourage all women to refuse medical intervention, refuse the epidural, have natural childbirths. It’s worth it on a million levels.

    You opened the door for that comment w/ the title of this post 🙂

  3. love this post! I have had my share of bad jobs as well. I love how you used to be on nickelodeon. I love it, and i’m slightly jealous. I worked in retail for a year in college and it was so horrible that it forced to me to change my major from fashion merchandising. Which ended up being a blessing— because I switched to holistic health and nutrition and realized that it was my REAL passion. pshhhh who needs clothing… I love that you went cycling today. I did as well, it was a real treat. Happy Labor Day!

  4. I have definitely had some odd jobs –
    I walked ponies for pony rides for 3 years starting at 12… It paid for my own horse’s board but it was interesting to say the least
    I worked at a pet store for a week until they wanted me to clean the rat cage NOT happening!
    And I was a bartender (I was awful at it – I don’t like drunks and was socially awkward)

  5. I haven’t really had odd jobs, but I’ve come close to being fired twice. When I was in high school, I worked for a library branch, which was all fine & well, until a new branch manager was hired during my 2nd year there. I don’t know what I did to this woman, but she hated me, picked on me for what I thought were unnecessary things (things that other people got away with), and looked for any excuse to chew me out publicly. The other 2 students who worked there were her pets, although one ended up either getting fired or quit (I don’t remember but I didn’t care because I hated her). I stuck it out and she ended up getting a job higher up the library ladder, so she left (thankfully), and the only reason I quit was because I was going to college 2 hours away. The other job I almost got fired from was the first bank I ever worked for. It’s very sales-driven (most banks are nowadays) but I am very much NOT a salesperson. After a couple rather big goof-ups and not meeting certain goals, I said enough was enough, and I quit (before they could fire me).

  6. I actually wrote a post on this last year called “Going into labor,” so if you want details, they’re there. However, my favorite job was working in a coffeeshop. I pretty much ran the thing from opening until around 2pm and I loved making delicious creations, talking with the people, etc. I created fun drinks and treats and had the same crowd most mornings, making it a joy to come into work every day (until the rest of the crew got there, as they were ignorant and completely incompetent.)

    Anyway, in high school I worked at a video store and had to make caramel corn and popcorn to give away free every day. By the end of the night I was covered in dust from the grubby rentals and greasy butter from cleaning the popcorn machine. Plus I stunk like burnt popcorn and caramel corn around the clock, no matter how much I showered and sprayed. I quit when he told me I had to work on Christmas Eve and Day, as he was from Pakistan and didn’t celebrate the holiday. Whatever.

  7. I work at a retail store. I’m an MCA (merchandise and customer assistant). It’s not a bad job, but I get some good laughs and weird experiences with customers. One time an older lady asked me to help her try on a bra. In the middle of the store. Over her clothes. Yes, I did it. It was about 5 minutes till closeing time, and I just wanted to hurry up and get outta there! I’ve learned a lot by working there though. I’m constantly afraid I’m going to get fired for screwing up at the cash register, but that’s not really my job and I haven’t been trained for it. It wouldn’t really be fair……And that’s what I’m gonna say to them if they do try to lay me off!

    ❤ Tori

  8. I worked at a tourist shop that my friend’s step-dad owned called The Duck Port. It was right on the lake and these boats (old world war something land/water vehicles) came off the lake and the tourists would pile in to shop for junk and snacks. I also worked at a bakery, taught dance, worked for Waldenbooks/Brentano’s, was a secretary to a freaking psycho therapist…

  9. What Nick shows were you on? I would love to tromp around one of those sets. I have never had a weird job, but I’ve had pretty fun jobs in my past. I worked as a waitress at Friendly’s for 2 years and am able to make a pretty terrific ice cream sundae. I also worked in the bake shop in college. I had to be there at 6am, but it was worth it. I loved scooping cookie dough and listening to country music with the other bakers!

  10. A long time ago I got a job at the retail store Talbot’s, just to annoy my parents. They didn’t want me to get a job but of course I did it anyway. I stuck it out for more than a year just to make a point. I hated every second of it.

  11. MY worst job was when I worked for a place that took care of bounced checks. I was the front desk girl and so I would be the person that takes peoples money that covers their bounced checks plus huge fees. It sucked because people were NEVER happy and always took it out on me!

  12. haha i’ve had some really weird jobs too! when i first graduated college i wasn’t sure what i wanted to do and couldn’t get a job in finance bc of the market so i worked as a director for this grassroots nonprofit that one my parent’s friends just started. it was SO weird and i spent most of my time dealing with baseball cards and tax issues hahaha

  13. I am a nurse by profession and I can tell you some really crazy things that I have seen in the ER. People do the strangest things, I am not sure why they feel compelled to stick things in strange places.

    As for my true Labor pains I have now given birth to 2 amazing kids the lights of my life. Both were c-section babies they were Sunnyside up and had large heads, no way would they have made it through naturally they would have died ( like many babies did in human history). I thank my lucky stars for the drugs. I feel that the miracle is the child not the labor so however you can get the Baby & Mom through the delivery safely is the best way.

    Great post Sis I love it. BTW I don’t see you workinking a Japanese restaurant I see you eating in one. Shrimp anyone!!!

    • I know, theres no way I’m working in any sort of ethnic joint again! I bet there are some crazy things in the hospital. I always wondered what it would be like to work at the ER in vegas! interesting accidents, i bet.

  14. I’ve had about a bajillion jobs, including (but not limited to): video store clerk, wegman’s checkout cashier, gap sales associate, economic research associate at the federal reserve, software developer, marketing manager, SAT and math teacher/tutor, French tutor, library work at Cornell, … I have no freaking clue what I want.

      • I’m in! I can bake and teach yoga 🙂
        As for jobs, I’ve only had a few outside of being an interpreter. I worked as a cashier at a Zales Diamond store in the mall. WORST job ever, I hated my manager and quit when he refused to give me days off during exams….like literally, during my exam time.
        I worked for the American Jewish Committee, which sounded a lot more prestigious than it was. I was just the intern but did get to meet a lot of important diplomats.
        And now since I get hired by any and every company out there as the interpreter I do a billion different things. Some can be really interesting! I have some crazy stories, legal trials, immigration stuff, I’ve learned a lot from medical research studies, working for pharmaceuticals, and then really fun jobs for random things like beer commercials, cereal, grocery stores, toilet paper. Companies need to sell to spanish speaking people too!

  15. ha this is a great question, although, I woul dneed time to think about it! I used to work at McDonalds…which is kind of ironic since I am a dietitian now!! (hey, it was the cool thing to do at my high school…honestly!)

  16. I was fired from my first job a lot like how your hostess job ended. I was a sales consultant at Gold’s Gym and *hated* that job with a passion. We were the people that have to stand outside trying to get you to sign up for know, the ones everyone tries to avoid? And then we had to call those people up and nag them to come in. No way would I pay for a $50/mo it was pretty hard to sell it. Anyway, the day I was fired I was planning on quiting. So it was more of a “you can’t fire me, I quit” kinda deal..but I still cried! Something about being “fired” makes you feel rejected, even if you hated the situation anyway.

    Whatever, lame jobs.

  17. A bike meetup in the future would be fantastic! Especially since my friends’ idea of a vacation does not include hiking or renting bikes.

    I know that feeling of being let go from a job. I worked in a real estate office for 2 yrs after highschool and when the economy went to shit, they had to let people go. I was the only part-timer so they had to let me go. It took everything in me to not cry. I have had jobs since I was 15, but none have odd stories with them. I interned for a fashion showroom when I was in highschool and I quickly realized that I would never have a career in fashion. It was a very sad time for me, haha. I actually ended up just being paid to come in and wrap Christmas presents for the owner’s family. Actually, I was asked to do that at my most recent job also. Maybe I should look into a career in gift-wrapping.

  18. i quit my work at Green Cuisine cuz my bodd expected me to do everything. i was ‘cashier’ but i had to clean the bathrooms (no gloves).. vaccuum, sweep the proch, prepare the coffee, be the barista, fix the food labels, decorate and create signs, count the cash and process the accounting info, babysit the owners little kids, etc etc. i had enough and quit. plus i would always be asked to stay late! and on my days off my cell would ring constantly asking me to come in to fill for ANOTHER person who didnt show up! oh and i only got paid 9 dollars an hour. WTF! lol

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