Rosemary Crepes and My Facebook Rant

smells better than it looks, I wish there was a "scratch and sniff" for the computer screen

Thanks for all the comments on the last post! Its weird, when I really think I have a “meh” post, everyone seems to think its deep or whatever. That’s not to say I didn’t put any thought in it, but I just didn’t think it was that special when I wrote it. But a lot of things in life happen like that I guess….

Anyhow, its funny how I truly feel I have developed “friends” over the blogosphere. I was talking to someone I know in real life about a blog friend of mine. I said something like “o my friend did this….” and she asked who it was and where she lived. Then she realized I was talking about a blogger. She immediately said, “You can’t call that a ‘friend’, you’ve never met her!”.

True, but in this day and age with social outlet’s like facebook and twitter, I suppose even the term “friend” can be vague. But honestly, I feel the blogs are probably the most genuine ways to form friendships vis the internet.

I have many gripes about facebook. I’m probably a facebook outcast because I check it maybe once a month. Actually, I devised a list of some of my facebook annoyances:

-People ‘poke’ you. In real life I do not want people that I haven’t seen for four years walking up to me and ‘poking’ me. This is odd behavior, right? Facebook would be a lot better if it had a ‘Kick’ or ‘Punch Me’ button.

-Everyone knows what I am up t0. Does my carpool buddies from my elementary school really need to know what I’m doing?

-I kind of dont care about the useless information: Do I need to be notified if 5 of my friends join “Crikey! A Steve Irwin memorial group”? Or that two of them left “Rachel Ray is Hot”? Or if one of my friends from high school is friending new people THAT I DON’T KNOW at her college? Do I need to be alerted every time a relationship splits up? Don’t you think that if I cared, I would go check myself?

– Facebook is promotes a faux social life: Facebook is billed as a social network. But, if by social, you mean something akin to a party where everyone exchanges pleasantries and laughs politely without ever really saying anything, then I suppose it is. All facebook really does is manipulate people’s ability to feel connected even though they aren’t.

– Facebook makes me look dull: Ok, I may not have a high-powered enviable social life, but since I rarely go on facebook, I look like a dull, boring person.  When I look at people’s profiles, pictures, friends, reading about their weekends, what they are up to, it leaves me feeling that my life is not nearly as exciting as other people’s. And it might not be, but even blogs can’t really portray our lives accurately. Sure I can snap some pretty photos of some oatmeal and the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains at sunset and post them on my blog. But does that suggest “I’m exciting” . Not really. Plus, I’m not looking to brag about how exciting my food and life are. I don’t need someone to think my life is exciting and frankly, I don’t care if yours is either.

-The past haunts you: Sure, sometimes its interesting when I discover my grade school best friend has a baby or whatever, but how annoying is it when people from the past suddenly want to be friends again. People from the past are exactly that, people from the past. If I wanted to “stay in touch” with them, I wouldn’t have “lost touch” with them.

– Data is not safe: once you put something on facebook, its no longer yours and I find it very difficult to delete things on there. Plus, how does one delete an account! It’s so easy to delete a blog and have privacy settings, but facebook is different story. Even if I dont tag myself in unflattering pictures of myself, who’s to say that a future boss (or grandparent) won’t stumble upon it one day. Facebook is pretty much the end of privacy.

-Its ugly and confusing: the facebook layout seems to get a “facelift” like every week! And its not even pretty, its a bit of an eyesore.

Of course, facebook does have some positive attributes, otherwise it wouldn’t be as popular as it is.  I have a twitter account, but to be honest, its mainly so I can enter some of those blog giveaways. Hey, I’m in my twenties and a Jew, I will take advantage of every giveaway, even if that means getting a twitter account. Plus, I follow some hilarious comedians that always have a one liner that make me smile. But all in all, I know a fan of “twitface”.

Today I decided to play around a little bit with some herbs so I made a rosemary corn crepe. Heres what’s inside:

-1 egg

-1/8 tsp baking powder

-1 tsp rosemary

-1 tsp basil

-2 tbs corn flour (or any kind of flour)

-1 tbs water (or milk)

blend with a mixer/whisk or blender. Pour on a hot, greased pan about one minute on each side. It makes enough for one serving, so double the recipe if you have company or want this as your main meal. I stuffed it with some smoked turkey and avocado. A weird invention but a yummy one.


15 thoughts on “Rosemary Crepes and My Facebook Rant

  1. The one thing I totally learned from blogging is that you can indeed have friends (good friends) that you have never met. I have founds that some of them are actually better friends than in real life friends. As for FB, I use it, but hate all the fake shit about it. The poking and people who act like they’re suddenly your BFF and everyone suddenly wishing you a happy bday like they even realized what month it was…anyhoo 😉

    • Thats very true about the blogger friends. I think its because the people whos blogs I read share a lot of who they REALLY are and day to day people miss that. And there is usually a few shared interests which unites the blog friends even more.

  2. I love my blog friends. I talk about them like they are “real” friends, too! But I think they are real friends. It’s like in the past, when people would write each other letters, be pen pals, but they never actually met. It’s awesome being able to know someone without them being in your daily life. It’s almost easier to be open with them! Then again, there are a lot of blog friends that I wish I had living near me (like you!).

  3. i love meeting new people on blogs! it helps me out alot because theres noone i live near that reallt has the same interests and personality as me. i just dont click with people in school like i do on blogs. everyones so nice and supportive! loved this post, egg mixture looks awesome ❤

  4. Every made Nutella and banana crepes? I haven’t yet, but plan to. When I was in France, and in a very eating disorder ruled phase of my life, we got crepes, and of course I would only try to get the lowest fat version. So I got a plain sugar crepe- crepe with sugar poured in it. Delicious actually! The sugar like melts and caramelizes!

  5. I don’t go on facebook or twitter…I wouldn’t know how if I wanted to (and I don’t want to). Email and blog is TOO much technology for me 🙂
    I agree with a lot of what you said.
    I don’t want people from past or anywhere to know what I do, etc…and I don’t care about what they or anyone else is doing.
    Not being cold-hearted about it….but I find it so weird when I see people say “oh I’m going to post that, or post 3x a day, or blah , blah…cause I’m sure you all want to know what i’m up to all day long”…its bizarre…its their life, no one really cares do they (?). Neat recipe.

  6. okay so the reason why i think you can make such great friends in the blog world is because everyone has a common interest! so immediately you connect with people because you have somehting, a passion or whatever in common 🙂 it’s just sad that you cant or well anyone can’t meet all their bloggie friends in real life!

  7. I definitely feel close enough to blog friends to consider them real friends! I think you can form connections with people you’ve never met, for sure.
    As for Facebook, I’m exactly like you. I check it once a month, if that. I absolutely hate it and I only keep it because of the select few people who I actually care about who like to communicate with me via FB. I should really delete it though…it’s just a pain at this point!

    • yes but I have no clue HOW to delete it! I dont think I will, it does help me stay in touch with my family in australia, thats like way far out there to visit every holiday, but I cant figure out how to delete an account!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m glad to hear that a real chef actually does those types of modifications too 🙂 Your crepe sounds/looks so delicious, AND I couldn’t agree with you more about Facebook. I almost hate going on my profile because I never update it (well, rarely) and I cringe when I think of what people must think of me. haha, I guess I don’t care THAT much, or I would update it more!

  9. Having met my husband online through a chat room (Ever seen “Napoleon Dynamite?” The song Kip sings to LaFawnda at their wedding pretty much sums up mine & Jay’s relationship), and having 2 very awesomely wonderful friends whom I’ve never met face-to-face, I think it is safe to say that I value those people I meet online as much as I do those I meet in real life. As for FB…I grant that it’s allowed me to reconnect with people I’d grown apart from, but I use it more to keep in touch with my family which is mostly all in Ohio (I’m in South Dakota). Still, I watch what I put on there, just because I work with a large number of my FB friends, and my boss’s wife is one of them.

  10. I talk about bloggers all the time! At least to my family. But really, other bloggers know so much about us and we do for them, why not call them friends? Just because we haven’t met them doesnt mean we can’t be friends with them. Like pen pals! 😛

    And Facebook can be a bit annoying..but I don’t use it as a way to see how may friends I can have like a lot of other people. My profile’s set to private and I only add those I know personally and would actually stop to say hey to if I saw them on the street. What’s really annoying is all that Farmville and Mafia crap. No, I don’t want to be your neighbor and stop asking me to catch your chickens.

  11. I hate the ‘updates’!!! Don’t even get me started on “Mafia Wars” and that Farming thing. If you don’t want someone in your life (or keep them ‘in the past’) then don’t “friend ‘ them! Or use the privacy settings, so you can control WHAT they have access too! I love how you can make multiple lists, or set it specifically for individual people! I am HARDLY ever on there as well! I think people are so out of touch with themselves- and so desperate to fill a void, that they post updates just to feel like they matter! To prove they exist. To have some sort of distraction, contact and escape. A connection! I do not care nor do I want to know that “X is singing to herself’. I am certain you don’t have to physically meet someone in order to consider them your friend! I have made some amazing pen pals/blog friend, whom I am SO GRATEFUL for. I hope we will meet someday, but for now, their friendship means the world to me- even if only through email. Others have left an indelible impression on me. For example, yesterday I started laughing loud when I encountered one of our many similar pet peeves. My friend asked me what was so funny, and I just casually mentioned it reminded me of my friend Eden! I think the reason we love your ‘not well thought out posts’ is because they are so real, so you and we can relate to the thoughts! Most of us are all feeling/thinking similar things. Hence your posts are so easy to read, fun and relatable!

  12. The beautiful thing about the Internet (as well as the telephone and university dynamics) is that before, the community solely defined the individual. Those who wanted to be something else had little means of doing so. Now, people can seek self-validation by seeking like-minded people. There’s a greater sense of individualism. However, it doesn’t really work for people who have no clue who they are and would actually benefit from a closer community telling them who to be. It’s pretty easy to spot the difference.

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