Fruit Pizza and The “Mathematecian”

tell me thats not a beautiful pizza!

I hate math.

I was always in the “dumb” group in school. I dont know if you had this in your school growing up, but in my schools, there was the smart math class, and the dumb class. I was in the dumb class.

I’m not dumb though. I excelled in English and History, I love history, and I got an A in drama and Israel Dance class (hey, it counted as PE credit).

But I hated math, and I was bad, real bad at it.

Maybe that why I hate my eating disorder. Cause in a way, it’s an evil mathematician. A lot of people, men and women, have a little one in their heads. Counting calories, miles, fat grams, money, points, hits, tweets, “friends” (as in facebook)….its kind of obsessive and it takes over our life.

I was sick with an eating disorder in high school, maybe even more so than I am today, so I always wonder, why was I so bad at math, but I had every calorie and mile I ran down to science. I thought I was bad at everything, once upon a time. I used to think the ONLY thing I was good at is my eating disorder. I was a pro at that. But it was killing me, math was killing me!

I cant lie that this mathematecian still causes me anxiety. And it can take over many forms, like about how much money to spend, or if something, anything, food, exercise, gas milage, is too much or not enough. And the equation of life and recovery fort that matter is not linear and its not an exact science.

Its sad, because I see many bloggers struggle with it too. Obsessing over running times or 1/3 cup of their oatbran or whatever. God forbid the go over….cause the world will end if you have one more almond, or one more gulp of almond milk, or if you decide to rest have an unplanned rest day from exercise. All this math and what does it equal???? not sure, maybe its just no fun, maybe, after all that math, there is no solution to the equation. Because really, we shouldn’t have an equation to begin with.

Where does your mathematician show up? Money, food, exercise, hits, tweets, comments even? Which numbers do you care about?

I have savory pizzas from time to time, but I got some beautiful peaches the other day and thought why not create a fruit pizza? I simply used a large burrito sized tortilla (for more peach surface area) and smothered it with “sauce” which was really just a mixture of raspberry flavored yogurt and greek yogurt. Then I simply laid the sliced peaches all around. After the photo was taken, I actually sprinkled some cocoa powder and cinnamon, and now that I think about it, I should have tried some of that leftover coconut. I actually wanted sliced almonds, but my pantry has been bare lately cause we had a moth infestation (does anybody else get this???? they are like everywhere! taking over my flours and cereals!!!!). Anyhow, the pizza was delicious regardless.

spreading the "sweet" version of sauce...

And since I think my readers should laugh a little from my posts, heres something to hopefully make you chuckle:

17 thoughts on “Fruit Pizza and The “Mathematecian”

  1. My inner mathematician exists when it comes to money. I have so much trouble buying things I need sometimes. I can talk myself out of buying anything. I don’t actually need it, right? I used to be this way with food, but I have become a lot more relaxed. It’s as if the counting got translated to money now. I guess I need control of something!! That pizza does look absolutely delicious!

  2. I can so relate to this. I am not a huge fan of math either but back in the day, I actually had my calories in and calories out down to the very last calorie. It was pretty intense. I’m seriously glad that I’ve slowly gotten over that.

    Fruit pizza looks delicious. I’d love to try that!

  3. I actually loved math in high school and college and I feel like my eating disorder was partly mourning the loss of math classes. Ha. It really is a very strict mathematician. There are all these magical formulas, equations, algorithms, pluses and minuses. It’s exhausting. I’m slowly filling my mind with things other than those numbers — calories, fat, etc. It makes me sad to think about how much brain space I’ve wasted.

  4. Ugh god, i so get you on this. My “mathematician” used to only care about calories and fat grams and pounds or whatever but recently, now that I’m not obsessing over that (as much) anymore, it’s started going crazy about other thing! It’s so frustrating! Like recently I’ve been so weird about money. And more so about exercise (which wasn’t ever really a problem for me). It just seems like when I give up one obsession i switch to another- hopefully I have the insight and tools to stay in control of it now though.
    That commercial totally made me chuckle- especially because it was adorable that you thought to put it up. 🙂

  5. One of my most memorable moments from when I had my eating disorder was sitting in algebra class and instead of doing the equations, I was calculating my calories, haha. I never liked math, but I’m not bad at it. Now, it’s with money. Like Astrid, I can talk myself out of buying anything. I feel bad about spending money, even on groceries which is about the only thing I buy now aside from occasional coffee shop stops.

    Aaaand I am going to try that pizza!

  6. Here’s one for you. I was making mine and Mike’s dinner last night with 2 different spatulas. I was cooking his with butter so it couldn’t touch mine 😉 BUT…remember I have a bikini comp goal not an ED.

    I love that little commercial and Boomer’s poop balls. LOL! Your comment made me laugh.

  7. All of the above. I hate math as well, but can add up calories, money, stats, etc. without giving it a second thought. I actually found an old notebook from college and on the back of all my notes were these lines of additions and weird food abbreviations for the day. How I got through with honors in something other than caloric consumption and examination is beyond me.

    I’m trying to let this go as best as possible while still making sure I’m “responsible” with numbers, if that makes sense. I hate math.

  8. I actually hated english and loved science and math. Definitely a NERD! But I think thats why I love creating recipes….its like a science project. You remember my kombucha project? I was freakin Stoked!!
    Anyway, You amaze me each day with your honesty and clever writing, never change! I love it!

  9. Great analogy. I always thought I hated math, made A’s just didn’t love it, until I taught a class one day. We had a teacher appreciation day in the 9th grade and the honor students had or got to take over for a teacher. No idea how I got stuck with algebra, but I did, and it clicked for me that day. Anyway, exercise is my mathematician, or was. I got a HR monitor (and that could have been BAD) but it sort of helped things click just like teaching algebra did that day. It helped me to train better and more efficiently and enjoy working out so much more (and spending less time doing so oddly enough). Hope you have a great Wednesday sweetie!

  10. You probably could have guessed this, but I’m one of those jerks who excels at math without really trying. I can solve equations instantly and memorize ridiculous strings of things. No idea why though, since math bores me to sleep.

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  12. I’m sooo glad to be finished with math. Knocked it our 1st semester of college and laugh everytime one of my friends complains about all the maths they still have to take (pfft, engineers 😉 )

    and that lil piggy commercial’s cute! My mom couldnt stop laughing when she first saw it a few weeks ago when I was back home.

  13. I love your maths analogy- it’s true what you’re saying about having a numbers obsession, when it suits us. For me, numbers seem to be a concern everywhere- food, money, % grades… it goes on. I’ve certainly got mental arithmetic sorted!

    That fruit pizza look yummy 🙂

  14. This is a great post. I actually love math; I was a math major in college (and econ, which I didn’t like but thought it was practical). Numbers are very soothing to me. Even now, if I start getting anxious I will start counting things – calories, steps, # of time I chew on each side of my mouth, etc… I know it’s kind of OCD of me, but that’s just me. I just like keeping track of things. When I was little (middle school maybe) I thought it would be so cool if we could just know lots of different facts anytime we wanted, like how many times our heart has beaten since we were conceived, what the average # of beats is in a person’s life, the amount of money I owe people or they owe me that we have forgotten, and so on. Numbers just fascinate me. But I could definitely see how if you *don’t* like math, an ED would be completely evil about that!!

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