Crispy White Fish and Barnes and Noble Finds!

Doesn't it look delicious! You would have never thought is was frozen and cheap!

I havnet seen Mr. Eden (aka my dad or as I call him, my Aba) since out Ikea outing, and since his house is still being painted and sans everything but his bed, bathroom, and blackberry, he was bored.  Since costco was closed (our other hangout of choice) we went to see “The Switch”. Before I gab about what I thought about the film, I will indulge you in my finds at Branes and Nobel while waiting for my Aba’s arrival. I personally love bookstores. In college, I lived in the gym and the bookstore. Healthier habits obviously developed in the bookstore. I’d read magazines, skim through books, try to do my homework. But how could I when “O magazine’s 10 ways to love you vagina” calls your name? Anyhow, as some of you know, I’ve been working on my book about my whole experience in treatment and the funny things about having an eating disorder. So I thought “Hmmm I have no clue for a title, lets looks at some ideas!”

So here are some bizarre, cool, and just plain stupid titles I found:

"Its not YOU, its this STUPID BOOK", yes, that title is more appropriate for this literary masterpiece

actually, I think this might be a good title for my bad its taken. I'm curious about this book, but I dont think models make good authors, even nourished ones.

yes, yes they do, Or they just go to class to pick up chicks.....

I have like three pairs of shoes I rotate, but most women DONT need more shoes. And some men have a clue...this book has false written all over it

Only Kanye West can get away with that title, but I secretly wish I had it.

sox do bring me joy, and although I love knitting, I could never finish anything. You have no idea how many unfinished scarves I have.

Ok, I just had to add this book because I've had a copy of it ever since the ninth grade and its my writing bible...its small, light, and packed with useful info. And no, this is not an ad for the book.

The author is the founder of the treatment center and program I went to and she herself had anorexia. I usually think most of these books are full of crap but this one is actually informative. I recommend it to parents that have children with eating issues. My dad has it and I'm glad he does.

So for a quick over view of my Barnes and Noble trip:

-I dont know what Kanye is thanking me for, I’m still bitter about his Taylor Swift debacle (even though Swift gets on my nerves too).

-I am curious why Crystal Renn is considered “plus size” when to me she actually looks thinner than most American.

-Real men SHOULD do yoga

-Women dont have a clue about men and men have no clue about shoes (at least women’s shoes)

-I like sox, I like knitting, I will never knit a sock.

– A PH.D means nothing obviously cause you can still write a crappy book about how its “all YOU’R fault”. Why was this in the self help section? It should be in the trash bin, next to Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution and all the Dr. Phil books.

I don’t think I will come up with a title until I finish writing it. But it was fun browsing. If you had to give your life so far a title, what would it be? I think mine would be, “Never Trust a Skinny Chef” or “Go Away, I’m Eating”. Of course, if all else fails, “East of Eden: No, I’m not Steinbeck”

Now for a very brief movie review of the “The Switch”:

I won’t give you a synopsis, go see the trailer on you tube or something. I did think it was rather funny. Mind you, movies these days are lucky if they can get a grin out of me, and my dad even laughed which is rarer than me laughing at the movies. Jennifer Aniston is not the greatest actress, but Jason Bateman is pretty decent. He’s also kind of attractive….I guess I’m attracted to slightly nerdy men…The real highlight of the film is his dog. He’s so damn cute, my heart melted faster than butter on popcorn. Its only 90 min so I was able to watch the whole thing with the trailers without having to go pee! woot woot!

ok…so now for some food.

I bought a bag on unsweetened shredded coconut about a week ago and a bag of frozen white pollack. For non foodies out there, pollack is a very cheap fish but restuarants will often call it “black cod” and hike up the price. It’s not brimming with flavor, and hence it was so dirt cheap, and hence I bought it. So I thought it would be a good canvas to add some cool flavors. I made a wet batter using:

1 egg (beaten)

lemon juice


and then coated it with coconut flakes. I baked it at 400 degrees for 30 min. Mind you, if you buy any fresh white fish it will take about 10 min, but this was frozen so it took longer. You can really use any white fish, I love tilapia and halibut, but as I mentioned, those can be a little pricey.

In its "raw" state, or at least before it takes on some heat


24 thoughts on “Crispy White Fish and Barnes and Noble Finds!

  1. I am all for shorter movies too – especially if I am watching at a theater. I worked for Waldenbooks/Brentano’s for 5 years if that gives you an idea of my love for bookstores. Actually, I suppose you could think I hate them now…so, maybe it doesn’t give the right idea. But I love love love books. I must own the hard copy too. Not a great habit when you don’t have a full library space at home.

  2. OMG that fish sounds so good! I’ve never thought to coat fish with coconut before! Yum!

    your name is so pretty, by the way, and I agree, it’s not “all our fault.” whatever. And yes, real men do yoga. =P


  3. I love the “Real Men Do Yoga” book. I havent read it, I just like that it’s out there. Because I’m sick of having to defend yoga!! Everyone’s still like “uhh, yoga’s for sissies” Oh really? Tell me that when you can’t walk the day after an actual session.

  4. Gosh, I haven’t been to a book store in forever (I have no car!) and I miss it (I love bookstores). Are you actively writing a book now? Wow, I’m impressed.

    I love coconut and fish , so that would be great meal with potatoes and veggies and all that. I add alot of olive oil and nut butter glazes over meals also, I’m a bit of an “everything-goes” girl, I guess, for better or for worse.

    • you know, that nut butter glaze sounds really good! You should post pictures of these fabulous meals you speak of! And I’m curious to see all your collection of nut butters!

  5. You should definitely lean towards “East of Eden: No, I’m Not Steinbeck.”

    There really are some horrible books out there. As long as someone writes them, though, there will always be someone to buy them. I think the “why men don’t have a clue” one is misappropriately named because clearly us women don’t have a clue if we have to buy that book.

  6. Did you get crazy stares for taking pictures of bookcovers in the store? Ha!

    I can’t wait for your book now! “Don’t Trust a Skinny Chef”, that HAS to be the title! So funny! I know eds are not a laughing matter, but really it takes someone who’s experienced an ed, to find the true humor in it.

    • yes, I think they actually ARE a laughing matter. I think its funny I used to be afraid of peanut butter and live off splenda and that all I could think of during prom was about how many miles I ran that day. sad…but funny in a way….

  7. Hi there! I’m so glad I found your blog!
    First of all, you are hilarious. I laughed throughout this entire post.
    I’d definitely have to pick the title-“Go Away, I’m Eating” just because it makes me chuckle.
    Barnes & Noble is pretty much my favorite hang-out spot EVER- i totally get you on that.
    If you ever need some company perusing the books- hit me up!! 😉

  8. I love nerdy men as well…I think David Austin Greene was and is hot. Ali is a nerd too…not a bad thing.

    Never Trust a Skinny Chef is a brilliant title. I love it! And I love your Confession. Thank you!!

  9. I think I belonged to the same gym/bookstore club in high school/college that you did. Add in the grocery store and a stalker wouldn’t have had a hard time finding me anywhere. I love you book reviews, as there are so many BAD books out there. It seems every celebrity/athlete/person-who-did-something-normal out there feels that because they have a computer, they can write a book. Not so much. I’ll leave it at that.

    My book title would probably be “I Have Issues” or “Did I Say That Out Loud?” Something to elude to the fact that I am shy and completely sane…or sarcastic. Either way, I can’t sit through long movies. I can’t really sit through short ones either, but I have a better shot at success with those (unless there is sufficient eye candy.)

    I like fish, but coconut reminds me of suntan oil.

  10. fact: if you heard kayne’s new jam you would forgive him for everything he ever did in life. or for just being a straight out doosh. but his new track with jayz and nicki manaj is reDONK.

    fact: i can’t lie that i’m somewhat interested in that book “written” by the model.

    fact: girls ALWAYS need more shoes. agree to disagree 😉

  11. This is good. I too wonder the exact same thing about Crystal Rehn. Disturbing. I might read it one day. Love your titles – tell us more about this book! I admire how open you are – I assume your family and friends know about your blog/past? …I am always ashamed or embarassed of …well, myself I guess?

  12. Woah, I made almost that exact same dish but with tofu tonight! I just coated them in coconut and pan fried them. SOOO good, I love coconut!
    I aso love bookstores, I sometimes just go hang around and browse when I need to get out of my apartment. That Elements of Style saved so many essays for me in college too.
    I’m anxious to read your book, you have so many great insights! I’d probably use your book and give that to my parents since I’ve considered showing them several of your posts.

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  14. How about “Bite Me: I’m Eating” or “Bite Me: Confessions of a prior…” or “Bite Me: Confessions of a Skinny Chef”. Bite Me: One Foodie Lovers (or Skinny chef’s Journey from Starving to Surviving.). And yes, I will accept commission if you use any of the above! Lol!

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