Artichoke dip/dressing and Eat, Pray, and I’m so over it!

Yesterday afternoon, my dad managed to convince me to go to a showing of “Eat, Pray, Love”. Why a middle aged man asked me to go see a certified chick flick? I have no clue. He usually never wants to see those types of movies.  I took him up on the offer since I usually end up watching some swedish new age film with him.

Before I give you my take on the movie, be warned, I will not be kind or gentle, I respect Julia Roberts, please dont leave nasty comments.

First, I’ll mention I have not read the book and I imagine its way better since hollywood has a track record of ruining all books with a few exceptions (like gone with the wind and To Kill a Mockingbird, for example). The movie is is about a woman with marital problems — we don’t ever really understand why — who decides to skip town for a year. She visits Italy, where she eats. She goes to India, where she meditates. And then she goes to Bali, where she finds a man. That’s it. Eat. Pray. Love. It’s right there in the title, so at least it’s not misleading. It’s a travelogue hosted by a white, privileged woman. It’s like being forced to look at someone else’s vacation photos for two-and-a-half insufferable hours while they narrate their empty little epiphanies. It bugs me that the metaphor they used for “letting go” is having an effin pizza! Its like they are feeding the whole theory that eating pizza is “too indulgent”. I’m more moved by the fortune in fortune cookies. I also think this woman needs to not abandon her life and confront it. I do respect Julia Roberts, but shed not some groundbreaking actress in this film, no one is. The only thing about the actors that I have to say is that James Franco needs to call me. I dont know that man, so I’m not sure we’d we should be in a relationship, but man, he’s pretty darn good lookin, so I’ll be fine just being his mistress or something. But thats besides the point. Anyhow, dont waste your time…… and speaking of time, man was it LONG! Almost three hours! I was so hungry after (I cant believe I used to go longer without eating for about half my life!). And lets not forget I had to go pee twice during the film thanks that teeny bladder of mine. I dont think I missed much. This may seem harsh, again dont kill me via computer screen, but it’s a 150-minute big screen bumper sticker, and it says, “Shit happens. Pay attention to meeeeee.”

Maybe I’m just way too cynical, but its not like I dont have a sore spot in my heart for pathetic chick flicks. I loved “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” and even Julia’s “Notting Hill” was semi-bearable, even charming perhaps. But “Eat, Pray, Love” felt more like “I need to EAT, PEE, and LEAVE the theater”. Alas, I never walk out on movies. I used to work as a PA on movie sets and I know a lot of hard work goes into films, so I at least staying to see the credits and give the crew some attention.

What also really bugs me is that everybody is SO facisnated that Julia kept going to interview after interview flaunting the fact that she ATE every single morsel and that she’s “ok” with the weight she gained. I don’t understand why this needs to even be discussed?! Is it me, or did she seem at a perfectly fine weight in the film? She’s thinner than most Americans even with “all that weight she gained”. Complain when you become clinically obese, not when you have to buy a size two instead of a zero.

Alright, there is you review. Once again, I know this movie has legions of vaginas, I mean fans, but I really think it was way overhyped.

Anyway heres a good recipe!

I bought some frozen artichoke hearts at Traders the other day and frozen veggies are the BEST for making mashes, dips, and sauces. So I defrosted about four hearts and blended them with:

-about 5 steamed cauliflower florets

-1 tbs almond butter

-2 tbs yellow (yep, the cheapo kind) mustard

-1 tbs of greek yogurt (didnt really measure but a dallop will do ya)

-garlic and onion powder

I had it on a salad as with as on a tortilla!


22 thoughts on “Artichoke dip/dressing and Eat, Pray, and I’m so over it!

  1. Oh man~ your distaste for this movie almost rivals my brothers lol. I thought it was good, but more as a “feel good” movie, not something to watch for an epiphany or anything haha. I was super hungry at the end too~ more because of the focus on food than the length for me though!

  2. I wrote about this on my blog a few times. Elizabeth Gilbert was given an advance payment to travel the world , “discover” herself, and then write about it. That is fortunate…not the norm and nothing I necessarily admire. We can’t all flock off to 3 different countries to meditate and fall in love (whether we divorce, reach mid-life crisis, are sick, anything).
    The thing with Julia Roberts gaining weight….that burns me…she gained like 7-10 lbs..>BIG DEAL….that drives me insane to be honest.
    I am not a fan of Julia Roberts though – so that might factor in. Something about her (and Jennifer Aniston) that don’t mesh with me (the attitude, the fact they seem to act the same way in movies as in real life, etc). Sorry if you like them!

    Interesting recipe. Think you can ever have too much nut butter? Cause me…well, lets just say I have 2-4 tablespoons per meal and snack. Um…yeah…

    • So if you were given the opportunity to fly around the world and do what she did…you wouldn’t do it??

      It amazes me how many people are pissed off about that…I mean, it’s HER life, it’s what she did and chose to do! To be honest, i could care less about sitting in an ashram at 4 a.m in the morning meditating..

      PEOPLE see, read, hear one thing AND AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME and make judgements – we weren’t there.

      And if anyone of us had her opportunity , we’d take it too.

      So to say otherwise is just jealously, poor sportsmanship and insecurity in yourself.



      • I’m meant no offense to anybody and I’m not bashing Elizabeth Gilbert for taking a vacation. I write with sarcasm and a grain of salt. I’m not judging people’s decisions, I’m just telling you what I thought of the movie. I apologize if you found this offensive.

      • Whoa…are you replying to my comment or to the blog post. I admire Elizabeth Gilbert. I didn’t find the book “life changing” or anything. It was okay. I won’t see the movie.
        I never said I was “jealous” of Elizabeth Gilbert. CHILL OUT.
        Eden, I’m sorry my comment stirred this up. I didn’t think I wrote anything wrong (?).
        (I liked your post).

      • Oops…my comment was directed at EatMoveLove. I think she was attacking me…I don’t understand why. My comment was meant in a “funny” way. I liked the post and agree with you (you, Eden).

  3. Eden, I love your “mini review” of this movie! You see, I have been walking around for the past few years, trying not to speak TOO much ill of the book… It was far from a favorite for me, though I can’t say I loathed it. I just felt that it was a bit “too” something. I’m not sure what, exactly. I wouldn’t even say self-indulgent, but too “pretty” or “tidy” on some level. I enjoyed the eat part much better than the love or pray sections, though. 😉 I’m sure that speaks to my food and exercise issues, but I hope in a positive way.
    And I find it hilarious that Julia Robers only gained 5-7 lbs. for the movie. I saw a bit of her interview with Oprah, and by the way she talked, you’d have thought she’d packed on the weight of one of her small children. 😉
    She’s so boring now, I have to say. I always appreciated her as an actress, but hearing her interviewed makes me want to scream. If she said one more time how lucky and happy and blessed she is and how great the “Moder family” (I guess she doesn’t consider herself a Roberts anymore, or at least not at home!) is, I was going to throw something at the television. When people feel the need to constantly proclaim how happy they are, I immediately become suspicious. 😉

  4. That dip really sounds good. Why is it that sometimes plain Jane mustard is THE ingredient? Basics baby basics. Thanks for the review. I am not one to go to the movies often (get weirded out about peoples heads touching the seats). I also like to be able to pause and go pee when needed. And I don’t know if you check back on my replies, but I took your recent comment as a big compliment. Thank you!

  5. I read the book and enjoyed it, but refuse to go see the movie. Granted I refuse to pay $9 to go to the theatre to see any movie, but you get my point. I wouldn’t go anyway. While I’m sure we’re a bit more sensitive to the food/weight issues exploited, I do totally agree. Big whoop. It’s your damn job and you get paid millions of dollars to eat pizza. If you gain five measley pounds, deal with it. If you can’t deal with it, call your personal trainer, chef, therapist and nanny to help you get back to normal malnourishment.

    Like I said, we might be a little too sensitive to this, but it can be annoying 😉

  6. Ha! Your review makes me kind of want to see the movie, just to find out if my opinion ends up the same. I have yet to read the book, although I might do that after, just because like you said, Hollywood tends to kill most books it touches. Heck, I’m still bitter about their butchering of “Stuart Little!” I won’t even start on my thoughts about Julia Roberts’ weight “gain.” 7 lbs.? Really? I gain that much the week before my period! Sorry–That’s TMI.

  7. ohhh i am lovin this!!!! its so funny no one ever seems to just eat cauliflower…it is always manipulated into something else!! haha i dont personally attest to liking cauliflower myself so i do things like dips with it too!! this i will try….i dont have almond butter so i will throw in a handfull of almonds and pulse them and go fromt here. this sounds yumm!

  8. I have no desire to see that movie! I haven’t read the book, and I just don’t think I can relate to a woman who gets to travel the world for a year– poor thing! It is ridiculous how everyone is talking about Julia Roberts and eating all that food, too… it’s not like she LOOKS like she’s gained weight! Ugh, people.

  9. You know what – I love you. I haven’t seen the movie – am going tomorrow – but I love that you are honest. I may or may not agree when all is said and done – but I do love that you were honest. And you know what – you are right with so many things. I will let you know what I think:)

  10. Personally, I see nothing offensive about having an opinion and being honest–and especially for Eden since this is her own blog. Everyone here is entitled to her own opinion, and I think Eden is fabulous about keeping an open mind (and open blog) to everyone’s thoughts/perspectives.

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