Spaghetti Squash Tacos and Answers to your Yoga Questions!

why is that the filling always tries to escape? you think its afraid of carbs?

Thanks so much for the questions! Honestly, thats why I like giveaways! Besides the fact that I can see those “silent” readers, I also get a chance to milk some info out of you….hee hee! I find most giveaways are some product pushing which is fine, I suppose, since no one is really buying anything. But I feel it’s very driven by that specific company, not the blogger. So I try to make it help the blog!

I love waking up in the morning, and seeing all your lovely comments! I can’t answer all the questions in one post, but I’ll do a few today and a few throughout the week. Sound good?

So lets answer some (note, some of you asked similar questions so dont be offended if I didnt answer it πŸ™‚ )

Ali asked:

“My question about your yoga is what type are you training to teach? IN what ways do you think your yoga has healed you from compulsive body behaviors?”

I did the Yoga Works teacher training which cover most kinds including ashtanga, Iyengar, pre-natal, etc. I suppose the one thing we didnt cover is Bikram but thats because its not REALLY yoga. We dont just learn postures, we do a hell of a lot of yogic philosophies and subtle body topics (like about the chakras ). If your interested, I highly recommend reading the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali or the Bhagavad Gita. I dont “specialize” in any form, but I’m not ready to teach Iyengar or Ashtanga, those require a lot more experience in order to teach in my opinion. As far as the body image stuff, I don’t think its “healed me”, I dont consider myself fully healed and I question what it really is to be cured or healed from those types of issues. Anyhow, thats a whole other post, but I think it HAS helped in being aware of my body, aware that I need to breathe, aware that I need fuel, and aware that its OK to “take up space”. Yoga is all about honoring your body, its your vehicle, take good care of it.

Daniel asked: “How should a complete yoga-noob go about learning how to do it? I want to learn properly so I’m not doing yoga like the guy who goes to the gym and does lifts incorrectly, not only looking like a moron, but hurting himself in the long run.”

I think if your in a class, you chances of getting hurt are slim. If you do it alone at home like with a dvd, thats where it might be risky. But teachers are usually all about safety and yoga teachers especially since yoga is based on “Ahimsa” (do not harm in sanskrit, hence most hard core yoginis are vegans). You best bet if you can afford it is go to a yoga studio. Gyms are fine and all, but this is the analogy I like to give. Where do you think youd get a better bread, from the bakery or grocery store. Yoga is really all about the teacher. I HATE yoga when I have an awful person instructing it. Gyms cater to lots of forms of exercise so they arent too picky about hiring teachers. Also the people hiring might not be “yogis” and wont know the difference between a well instructed yoga class and a bad one. Sure, there’s bread at the market, but why not go where all they make is bread?! I bet they’s have a better loaf. Same goes for yoga.Yoga studios are a lot pickier when choosing a teachers. I’m not dissing 200hr trainings, but anybody who commits the time can get one. 300hrs is like the “graduate school” of yoga and most studios will prefer to hire someone with that much more experience. Note, the 300hr are additional to the 200, so really, I’ll be a 500hr certified instructor when I finish. Plus, yoga studios often have beginner classes which will make getting into yoga a easier. It wont be “easy” but they know your unfamiliar with the names and the poses so they’ll be patient and introduce it to you.

Abby (remember, our guest????) asked: “I know you’re a chef and teach yoga, but where do you do this at? A studio? Are you a private chef?”

I hated working at the back in the kitchen at restaurants! I would do catering and banquet gigs here and there, but those kinda didnt do it for me either. I actually took a long break from “chef” related work after treatment, but I decided to simply do things I like. So since then I was a private chef on and off (its very inconsistent) and now I’m a personal chef and personal yoga instructor for a woman not too far from my apartment. During the school year, I teach at a few schools cooking to kids. I teach kindergarten through fifth grade, and yes, its EXCELLENT birth control! The summer IS a bit slow workwise since the kiddies are on break. I teach at a Yoga classes at a Krav Maga/Crossfit studio and I assist a senior teacher at Yoga Works. Ideally, I would love to open my own yoga studio that’s donation based and maybe have a cafe attached, but I have no idea. I’m in my quarter life crisis right now so who knows what I’ll be up to next year, maybe I’ll take up exotic dancing if money is tight (kidding….kinda….;) )

For today’s recipe……..

I saw a while back on food network (I think?) that the cool new things kids are eating these days are spaghetti inside. Um….I dunno, I’m all about having carbs on carbs (like sweet potatoes on sandwiches!), but that one just seems a bit kooky. I dont think veggies inside a taco is that outrageous. So I thought I’d make my own spaghetti squash stuffing using…..

look what gorgeous squash shot I captured!

-about half a medium spaghetti squash (cooked in the microwave for three minuets, oven roasting is better, but I was impatient!)

-my “brocamole

-canned white meat chicken (if your vegetarian, beans of tofu would be delicious)

-cole slaw mix from a bag (how “chefy” of me)

mix and stuff. I used those small La Tortilla ones so I guess they were “soft tacos”. But I never understood the crunch ones, like it totally breaks in your hands! If its crunchy I’m after, I’ll just crumble some chips or use them as utensils.

Thanks so much guys for asking the questions from the giveaway! It ends a week from today and I’ll keep answering them in each post this week.


15 thoughts on “Spaghetti Squash Tacos and Answers to your Yoga Questions!

  1. I find it hard to eat carbs and carbs but you know what really hits the spot? Regular, starchy white potatoes wrapped in a tortilla. I do love spaghetti squash though so I may just find something to replace my potatoes with!

  2. Hey Eden! I like that recipe it looks really good! I don’t normally like squash (cept for spaghetti squash!) maybe April could make that for me sometime πŸ™‚

  3. I am so excited about getting into teaching yoga. I might just start at a school gym and try to get college students to appreciate “real” yoga. I had tacos tonight, too. They were delicious, and yours look delicious, too!

  4. I smiled when you said that you teach yoga at a cross-fit gym. You could get your Zen on, and then go pound out some clean and presses. hahaha! I’ve looked into doing cross-fit in the past but it’s scary to me! Sometimes I take Bodyflow, which is a Les Mills yoga/pilates based class. Very challenging, but great for stretching if you’re sore from weights.

  5. Lol the quarter life crisis thing made me laugh big time because I feel like I’m going through the same thing. I used to be so sure that I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but now? Not so much. Your idea of starting a yoga studio with a cafe attached sounds wonderful though. I always thought it would be amazing to have a small cafe with healthy homemade goodies and really get to know the people that become regulars. Maybe someday πŸ˜‰

    I experienced the same kind of effect from yoga in terms of body issues… it helped me be more aware with my body, and more in awe of what my body can do when it’s strong and healthy. Honoring our bodies isn’t an easy thing to do, and it takes constant work and effort, but it’s totally a beautiful thing when we can find that balance between all the different aspects of our lives.

  6. wow i didnt really realize that the people who own or manage the studios and/or do the hiring may not be yogis at all! i never thought about that .. i think i just assumed. Yoga Works seems pretty thorough which is awesome when looking for a school. the one im taking is a local one taught by two women living in the city and theyre supposed to be the best in the area. im really excited after reading this post for my first class in september.. but im also amazed just how much i truly DONT know lol.

    xoxo ❀

  7. I told you my favorite job in the world was when I was at the coffee shop, so when you open your studio/cafe, I am expecting a phone call. I’ll pick up and move on down in a heartbeat πŸ˜‰ You cook, I’ll clean and we’ll get our Yoga Om on.

  8. seriously why is sketti squash one of the best things on earth? in my opinion its SUPER underrated. so i’m glad you’re “bringin it back” in the form of tacos too? genius.

    my question about yoga is, will you come here and make me do it? thanks πŸ˜‰

  9. Spaghetti Squash tacos? Yum! Haha I’ve seen some random recipes of real spaghetti tacos…They looked “fun” if nothing else.

    Thanks for the cool answers about yoga! I always try to go to a class right after a really long day of training or a race- do you think this is a good idea?

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