DYI Whey, Daddy Interview, and Giveaway winner!

Odly enough, I never use any kind of protein powder for shakes or smoothies, my avenue of choice is usually in pancakes like these! Stuffed with fruit!

Before I begin, I’d like to sincerely thank you for your kind and encouraging comments about my last post. I was actually contemplating whether or not to publish it because I had no intention of offending anyone who is raw or macrobiotic or eating only egg whites or whatever. I was just trying to point out that those aren’t the best choices when you in recovery.

I have a special treat for you today! Lets face it, the demographic that reads this blog is mostly female and between 20-50 years old I’d say. Yes, I have a few men, but again, probably younger, like maybe 20-35.  However, I do know one reader who is completely off the “Eden’s Eats” chart, my dad! So I thought I’d interview him so you’ll know a little bit about the mind of a middle aged (but young at heart) man and parent of someone recovering from an eating/exercise disorder.

Me:Hey Aba [that what I call him], will you do an interview for my blog?

Aba: Sure

Me: So lets start with some light stuff first. Whats your favorite food?

Aba: Like a dish? or a meal?

Me: anything

Aba: hmm…Tandoori chicken

Me: Ok, so if you were stranded on an island and could only eat five things for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Aba: Belgian fries [my dad is Belgian FYI], steak tartar, shrimp, and tuna

(man, he likes his protein! and the fried carb, of course!)

Me: Ok, what food did you like as a kid but dont care for much now?

Aba: Bananas

Me: Me too!

Aba: its in our genes

Me: Ok, whats you favorite breakfast food?

Aba: Omelets [guys, I swear hes not on atkins! the man just likes his protein i guess!]

Me:Whats you guilty pleasure?

Aba: Vodka (chuckles)

Me:Whats your favorite form of exercise?

Aba: jogging

Me: You travel A LOT, do you have any tips?

Aba: yea, dress lightly, have a window seat, and drink a lot of fluids

(side note : thats dumb advice, cause then you are stuck in the window seat and if your me and have a bladder the size of a peanut, your doomed)

Me: Where would you like to go that you’ve never gone before?

Aba: Bhutan, because there are a limited number of tourists there

Me: good choice, ok now on to more serious stuff, what advice would you give to a parent whose son/daughter is struggling with a disorder?

Aba: Accept them, accept that they have a disorder, be patient with them, and be patient with their journey to recovery

(lord knows he was SO patient with me!)

Me: What do you think is the biggest misconception about eating disorders?

Aba: That every person with an eating disorder is thin

(yep, thats a big one)

Me: How do you know when your recovered?

Aba: When you can look back after you’ve changed your habits and you recognize the change, and when you are at peace with yourself and your body.

Me: Do you think eating disorders have to do with genetics?

Aba: No, I dont think they are genetic, some people are influenced by their surroundings, but I dont think its genetic. I think the root comes from having a misconstrued perception of yourself.

Me: Ok, lets end on some fun things, whats your favorite movie?

Aba: Casablanca

Me: favorite book

Aba: White Dog by Romain Gary (its in French)

Me: If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be?

Aba: Bugs Bunny, he was smart!

(yes dad, bunnies are smart…I guess)

After about a month and a half when I was in impatient, I was allowed to go on a "pass" with my dad and we went to this greek restaurant. The waiter who took this picture was authentically not greek, I think he was from El Salvador

See, he’s pretty cool right????

Anyway……I did feel kinda a bad I didn’t leave you with a recipe last time. Please not that I usually put my recipes at the end for a few reasons. One, I’d like you to read my content, I think its richer and more stimulating. Two, and this is kind of corny, but its sort of metaphorical in the way that I want to show that food is important, but not the whole world revolves around it. I’m Eden first, then I get to the food.

Today isn’t exactly a recipe per se, but more of a money saving trick I suppose. I bought a bag of whey protein at whole food for nine bucks. Its pure whey and is cheaper than those gallon sized tubs of powders you see lined up at the vitamin shoppe. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve always been wary of buying protwin powders because they only come in those costco sized tubs, they are pricy, and sometimes contain god knows what. I did try a few natural ones like Jay Robb which I liked, but like I said, not cheap. So I thought, “hmmmmm, why not buy this nine buck one and flavor it myself!?”

And thats what i did!

Here’s what I did this past week to flavor it:

-add cocoa powder

-pulse it in a grinder with a cinnamon stick and allspice (giving it a snickerdoodle flavor)

-mixing it with scrapped vanilla beans (although the beans I admit can be expensive)

-grinding it with lemon/lime zest for a sort of “key lime pie” flavor action

-grind it with cocoa AND coffee for some mocha action

O and of course I didnt forget the winner of the giveaway…..

randomly from that generator thingy is Julie! Congrats and send my your shipping info! And stay tuned everyone! We I’m kicking off ANOTHER GIVEAWAY tomorrow!

25 thoughts on “DYI Whey, Daddy Interview, and Giveaway winner!

  1. Your dad seems very cool! My dad doesn’t know the first thing about my eating disorder, only that I have one. I can only imagine how he would try to talk about it with me….*shudders*

    But with my mom it’s different since she is with me all the time. I would say that she’s learned to be very patient with me. I think that’s a key part of supporting an ed. Support us, but don’t expect it to get better overnight.

    I use to use my protien powder a lot more than I do now. Actually I can’t remember the last time I did. It’s just not my favorite way to eat protein I guess.
    ❤ Tori

  2. from your last post….

    “I really aspire to have that true mind/body connection and leave out the mental BS like Heather did.”-part of that comes with time and age. heather and i are the same age (34). You are a decade younger. You will be amazed at the changes you go thru from age 24 to 28 to 34. Trust me, lots of things just fall into place naturally 🙂

    And this post, i think it rocks that your dad is soooo cooool!!! I know scott is like that with skylar and hope he continues to be, 20 years from now!

  3. Your dad seems nice. It surprises me often to see people so close to their parents.
    I have/had a rocky relationship with my parents, but I try to do my best now. I remember that they are human and were kids once too….holding onto anger, resentment and all that stuff is a waste of energy.

    You seemed to have pulled through your difficulties so well. You seem happy and able. I must have stepped onto the wrong train when everyone else took the right one, cause my physical health/body is about as low as it goes 🙂 I have quite the mountain to climb to get out of this!

  4. I loved your last post and all the insightful, respectful comments that it stirred up. And now we meet Mr. Eden! He seems cool, and from everything you’ve said about him, you are quite (understandably) a daddy’s girl. I have to agree with you though, that as someone with the bladder the size of a Fruit Loop and long legs, I always need an aisle seat.

    I haven’t used protein powder in around 10 years, back in the days of working at the gym/lifting. Like you said, I prefer to just get my protein and other nutrients from real food as opposed to supplements. However, if I ever found a reasonably priced natural powder, I might try it again. That will never happen though, as anything natural is usually not reasonably priced. Grrr…

  5. Loved reading the interview. Not sure I could get my dad to play along so easily. I am with you on the window seat and too much hydration. I hate to admit it, but when I travel I have to dehydrate or I spend more time stopping to go to the bathroom. I can look at liquid and have to go. Love the protein powder flavoring ideas btw. Good call.

  6. what a surprise!!!!!!!!!! i wasn’t expecting this at all 🙂 i’d like to thank the academy.

    i dont think i spelled that right…

    i love love love love love casablanca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and your pops are twinskies

  7. so many things to comment on. First – I am not sure if I commented on the last blog – but I did love it. I love that you were so honest and I feel the same way. I am always interested in the ‘latest information’ but that’s because i am so f-ed up…right?
    I love that you call your dad Aba – I spent my primary years going to school where half the day is english and half hebrew. And you know what – I love that the recipes are the end. I love your recipes – don’t get me wrong – but i like ‘little miss opinionated’ as you named yourself. I love it. You are wonderful. xoxo

  8. Totally love that you interviewed your dad! That’s something creative that I definitely haven’t seen around the blog world. Your dad seems to have a pretty solid grasp on ED’s and the whole “dealing with a daughter that has one” bit. You’re extremely lucky to have that kind of support 🙂 My dad treats me with never-ending patience, but he doesn’t really get it if you know what I mean. It took him forever to actually realize I had a problem in the first place (I was basically on my death bed), and he still thinks that I can just snap my fingers and choose to be completely recovered in the blink of an eye. Sigh. Men… what can ya do.

    Love your philosophy behind posting your writing first and recipes last. It’s good to remember that food, although delicious and life-improving, isn’t life itself. Food is supposed to be the fuel that allows us to live life… butttttt there’s nothing wrong with using it to improve life on occasion either 😉

  9. i call my dad “Abba” too. It’s Korean for “dad”, actually. I loved the interview. What a refreshing take. You’re incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful, understanding, wise dad who loves Belgian fries. 🙂

  10. It never occurred to me to flavor my own protein. Hmmmm, I’m not sure I have the culinary skills to do that! I guess I’ll just stick with my BSN, LOL! You are right, though, they are pricey. Lately I’ve been drinking a lot of shakes, maybe 1 a day, which is a lot for me! Normally I want to eat my protein too 🙂

  11. I really enjoyed the interview. So fun! Yet, informative. And yes, no window seat is a good seat on a LONG plane flight. My peanut-size bladder is not happy with window seats. 😉

  12. Great post sweetie! I actually felt that I got to know you a lot better! I love your dad; so observant, smart, and loving! Wise man! You are lucky to have such an understanding and compassionate father! He seems amazing and funny. I say it runs in the genes…. 😉
    Love ya!

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