Peanuty-Oaty Pancakes, Career Suicide and Gifts

Before I begin, I’d like to publically thank Astrid for the lovely picture I won from her giveaway!

beautiful isn't it! I love the symbolism, although maybe on not reading it right....

It also came with this:

on the front

on the back! I'll be keeping this in my wallet, it'll be my little good luck charm, I mean card

What an amazing highlight to my day! It brought a huge smile to my face! I wish I was as artistic and could giveaway such beautiful paintings, but I doodle in stick figures, thats right, all my pictures are of emaciated bodies.

Anyhow, I’m sure many of you hear about the Jet Blue flight attendant that committed career suicide this past week. I don’t feel like writing about it, so you can read about it here if you don’t know about this story.

On one hand, I agree that sometimes, flight attendants get treated like utter crap by passengers. On the other hand, being a passenger my self many times (having a family member in every country but america, I can safely say I as many frequent flier miles as Ashton Kutcher has followers on twitter), I have been treated like vermin just because my ticket says, “economy class”. Thats right, I’m economically classy!

Anyhow, this post is not a rant about airline services. I was curious about the way you might have you last hurrah before throwing in the towel at work. How would you commit career suicide? I thought I would indulge you with a few ideas:

-Be possessive: Any time a coworker asks to borrow stationery, give them a dirty look then proceed to lick all sides before handing it to them grudgingly.

-Be an auctioneer: Sell office items on ebay. “Hey Mr. Jones, I need your chair. Some guy in Boston bought it for 85 bucks… You believe that? Don’t worry; I’ll cut you in. How’s 80/20 sound? It’s only fair since I did the all work.”

-Store lunch everywhere but the fridge: Instead of the fridge, store your lunch in other peoples workspaces, on the copier or in the elevator. get really offended when people ask about it. Get furious when someone moves your lunch and stomp around looking for the culprit, violently rustling papers on peoples desks and dumping out their trash cans for evidence. have your best “mad face” on.

-Make up dates: Make appointments for days that don’t exist, like February 30, or September 31

-“tap that”: The next conference call, after each name the organizer calls for attendance repeat “yah, I tapped that.”
* Example:
Organizer: “Pam Drummand”
You: “Yah, I tapped that”
Organizer: “John Evans”
You: “Yah, I tapped that”
If this gets boring, throw in some variety
Organizer: “Mary Wilson”
You: “Oooh, can’t wait to tap that”
Organizer: “John Higgins”
You: “Wouldn’t tap that if you paid me!”

-If you’re a model, get old, or eat a raisin, actually eat anything.

-Write a witty blog post about ways you’ve considered getting yourself fired and post it on the company website for all to see. If you’re anyone but me, this a guaranteed no-fail.

For today’s recipe, I thought I’d use the Trader’s peanut flour everyone on the blogosphere has been raving about. To make the oatbrany peanutty pancakes mix:

I made a bunch of mini ones but it will make like three bigger ones

-2 eggs or 1/2cup egg whites

-3 tbs peanut flour

-3tbs toasted oat bram

-1 tbs flaxmeal (optional, but I used it)

-1/4 tsp baking powder

-cinnamon (optional, but once I again, I used it)

blend and cook your pancakes!


14 thoughts on “Peanuty-Oaty Pancakes, Career Suicide and Gifts

  1. Frankly, I am really shocked at the flight attendant and a. his complete disregard for his job and passengers, and b. the fact that people are treating him like a hero! I think it is absurd.

    I have been in difficult career situations but I’ve never lost my temper, despite being tempted so many times! If this guy gets a book deal or something I think I might shoot myself in the head.

  2. seriously this has nothing to do with flight attendants or getting fired but whenever i make pancakes i seriously enjoy eating mini-er ones. whenever i see people eat like 2 big ones i’m like whaaat i would need more cakeage then that. i’m glad you went with the littles instead of the two biggers

  3. I’m so glad you like your painting!! I love the idea of making appointmnts for dats that don’t exist. I would get very confused by September 31, I would just assume that it was a typo and meant September 13 (my bday!).

  4. LOL! I loved what you said about models’ career suicide. Love your humor!

    Astrid is a really talented lady! Those paintings are awesome, so artistic!

  5. Eehehehe… If I were a model, I’d totally take the career suicide one step further. Not only would I eat, but I’d show up on the runway and pull out a big greasy cheeseburger, then proceed to get the sauce/grease all over the clothes I was wearing. Oh, it’d be beautiful.

  6. Hi – I think the flight attendant situation is just plain annoying. I am sick of hearing about it on the news, etc. But I really think – when you leave a job – be professional b/c especially in my industry – ‘nothing burns as fast and the bridge you burn behind you.’ Your staff today will be your boss tomorrow – so be careful:)
    Those pancakes look good! And thanks girl for being such a supportive friend. You are one of my inspirations:) But I do have to say – I like the ‘tap that’. Too funny.

  7. Does peanut flour make the food taste peanutty? :/

    I recently found out some managers like to watch the security cameras when they’re bored, so i’s probably start making obscene faces at the camera and give them the finger……..

    ❤ Tori

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