Vacation Ideas and Chayote squash

like my lighting! all on a warm tortilla! its my version of the McDonalds apple pie!

I was recently indulging in my afternoon npr on the way home (I forget from where but probably the gym or something) and they were discussing Michelle Obama’s recent vacation to Spain with you daughter, Sasha (they never said anything about the other daughter, Malia so I’m guessing she’s grounded or something). Anyhow, the vacation was obviously not cheap and the American government paid for it, hence it sparked a lot of criticism. Β Honestly, I cant really formulate a cohesive opinion because on one hand, the Obamas are wealthy and wealthy people have even more lavish vacations. For example, a lot of rich people and celebrities go to Abu Dhabi. That city has literally the most luxurious hotels on the entire planet! Built to provide the absolute finest in everything the world has to offer, your 4000 square foot room is adorned with gold, marble, crystal, and we can only assume the finest whores available in some kind of vending machine contraption. So compared to where P.Diddy vacations, I guess the Spain holiday is modest. I also think she deserves a vacation of some form. I’m sure its tiring shaking billions of hands (not a good thing if your OCD), visiting all these military bases, and lets not forget, keeping you biceps well toned so that “Obama Arms” wont be an extinct phrase. Β But on the other hand, I think this would be a good chance to take her daughter to do volunteer work abroad. She can go to the countries not yet conquered by Madonna or Angelina. Β I also feel a bit uneasy that tax money is being used. However, I did learn after some research that she paid for her personal expenses and that most of the tax paying money went to buffing up security. And lets face it, she’s a hot item for terrorists and white supremacist groups (and maybe Sarah Palin?), so her safety is pretty important.

But this brings me to the real gist of my post…..I NEED A VACATION! Thing is, work is slow now cause its summer (so I dont teach my after school cooking classes) so if there is anytime for me to go some where it would be sometime soon. And no, I dont want a “staycation”. I would like to be taken out of my element and out of my city. So here’s what I’m gonna ask of you lovely readers….I’d like to take suggestions for where I should go and preferably, I’d like to know why I should visit YOUR city. Its nice for you to suggest “Paris” but I would like to hear why your city is fabulous and worthy of me vacationing there (unless, of course, you happen to live in Paris). The added perk, a possible blogger meet up! And I’ll probably have to go at this vacation all by lonesome self, so keep that in mind. So maybe this is like a contest, your prize is that if I choose your city, you could meet me, although I assure you, that’s not a very enticing prize and I can’t promise to be entertaining…….

Now for some food:

I dont know if your familiar with the chayote squash, but if your not let me introduce you to it!

Chayote, meet my readers!

looks like a butt cheek, no?

It’s also known as the “vegetable pear”, I’m assuming because it looks like a pear. I also heard a rumor that its the secret ingredient in the McDonald’s apple pie, but I doubt it cause these aren’t that abundant. Anyhow, I prepared it like an apple! I peeled it and cut it in half. Then I sprinkled:


-vanilla extract

Thats it! I didn’t even think it needed sugar, but if you like sweet, go ahead and add sweetener of choice. I baked it a 400 degrees for 35 min (a while!). I had it with a tortilla mixed with more cinnamon and some greek yogurt.

26 thoughts on “Vacation Ideas and Chayote squash

  1. You should come to Texas. You can stay with me in College Station and then we can go to a city of your choice (San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, or Austin). Texas is seriously another universe. I know this, since I am from the Northeast. Texas takes any non Texan out of their element. But seriously, I don’t think I would pick Texas, so I think I will join you on whever you choose to go. How about Seattle?

  2. I was actually thinking about seattle…..I’ve been there before but it was like six years ago, I’m dying to go again…I do hear goo things about austin, but I dont know anybody there

  3. I need a vacation too! Anywhere!
    I bought a chayote squash a couple weeks ago when I couldn’t find any butternut. Not bad, kind of plain though, but then again all I did was just steam it ha

  4. Chayote = brand new to me!!!! never heard of it

    nor do i hear of world news or current events, i didnt know the obamas went anywhere. Who’s the president again? That’s about how little i am up on current events. But i can tell you who uses peanut flour in the sphere. LOL

  5. You ought to be thankful you can entertain the idea of a vacation. That seems surreal to me. I hope you find something you will like to do.
    Malia is at summer-camp πŸ™‚ And apparently the Obamas pay for the vacation…except for the travel (or some part of it…which still chalks up to quite a bit considering it is tax-payers money).
    Nut butter and chopped nuts would be great with that wrap-thingy…or maybe I am the only one that eats 1/2 jar nut butter a day πŸ™‚

  6. I wouldn’t recommend Michigan, as the only perk would be meeting me, and even that is doubtful to be labeled a “perk.” You’ve been all over the globe, so you probably have a better idea of the vacation you’re looking for…plus, what can you afford?

    Just remember when factoring in the cost of things that I’m going with you. How about a yoga spa retreat?

  7. I’d say come up here to Alberta, but really… there’s not much up here worth seeing. How about NYC? You’d never run out of things to do there, and there’s also a lot of bloggers in that area so you could organize a pretty decent blogger meet-up. I need a vacation as well, and with school coming up right around the corner, I need one sooner rather than later. I’m thinking about taking a trip up to the mountains this weekend, so that should be a nice little getaway; I hope πŸ™‚

    I’ve never actually heard of Chayote squash, but I’m assuming it’s a pretty sweet one? There are just too many squashies out there, and I still need to try most of them. I’ve only had butternut and kabocha.

  8. I have never tried chayote squash. Guess this is anther thing to add to my to try list πŸ˜‰

    I am not sure I could really sell anyone on visiting Little Rock unless you’re a huge Clinton fan and want to visit his library. I love living here mind you, but it’s not exactly a destination city. No fantastic shopping, no to-die-for dining (though there are a few nice restaurants), no major league sports. We do have tons of lakes, rivers, mountains and hiking all around though.

  9. Well… while I know that lots of people consider NYC a vacation destination, it isn’t one to me! Oh, wait… am I supposed to be convincing you that it is a worthy place to visit?? I say go for the Caribbean. That’s what I always do!! πŸ˜‰

    ❀ ❀

  10. you should visit new york well because..

    it’s new york.
    i’m here.
    and it’s new york.
    oh and i’m here.

    i need a vaca like none other. and i’m never going anywhere so i’m cool with the obama clan hitting up spain bc hey if i can’t go on vaca atleast they can!

  11. Yay Southern love time!…

    Okay so you should come to Tennessee! Knoxville, where I live, is in the valley, with the Smoky Mountains about 45 min away. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAINS YOU WILL EVER SEE! And did I mention Dollywood is about an hour away? Dollywood = Dolly Parton’s creation of the most amazing amusement park ever!

  12. I agree with Astrid, come to TEXAS!! THen come up to Austin. But I have to warn you , its bloody hot!! Maybe my kombucha will be ready by the time you come. haha!

    SO this Chayote vegetable, I’ve seen it at the store. What does it taste like? Was it good with your greek yogurt. I’m kinda thinking it has a squash like texture, am I right or way off?

  13. I think you should go to Hawaii πŸ™‚ I love Hawaii. Lots of fresh food, great beaches and of course weather is great. Every time I need to re-energize myself, I go somewhere tropical and have gone to Hawaii almost every year (sometimes more) in the last few years.

    Another suggestion is Seattle. There’s plenty of good eats and interesting food there too. When we visited last year, we did a food tour…good way to explore the city and learn about new food.

  14. I would never suggest you visit my where I live. Not even the state where I live! It is definetly not a vacation destination. I don’t actually know where you live so I might end up suggesting your home! Haha! But, I’ve been through Chicago on a trip. We were there for less than a day, but it was awesome! I’m sure you’ve been and it’s not that great to you, but for me, it was the the closest to a big city like NY, that I’ve ever been, so my eyes were bugging out of my head!! πŸ™‚
    I’d love to go back for a longer stay!!

    ❀ Tori

  15. Come to Toronto! Well…I don’t have a lot of convincing factors. If I wanted to go on a vacation, I would get the hell out of here. But I do like my city and I think any visitor would love it too. There is a lot to do here, especially in the summer.
    Never had chayote, but the picture definitely reminds me of a butt.

  16. I want a vacation, too! I can’t really recommend MY city… since you live here, too. πŸ˜‰ But, if I were you, I’d go to NYC! There’s probably plenty of bloggers there to meet, not to mention all the FOOD! I’ve been dying to have a meal at Pure Food & Wine, to try some high-end raw food. Not to mention my two favorite restaurants are there– Buddakan & Serendipty 3 (Best. Desserts. Ever.)!! Okay, I can’t think about NYC anymore, because I’m getting hungry…

  17. I had a friend email me the other day and ask what to do with the chayote squash. I didn’t know what it was, LOL! Now I can tell her to check out your blog πŸ™‚ I live north of Atlanta but…I’m not necessarily a fan of downtown ATL. I would recommend Destin or Pensacola, FL, as long as they have the oil cleaned up. πŸ™‚ Great places to relax!

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