Blogger Meetup, Guac Pizza, and Grey Horror!

Ameena's daughter, maya took this, most of my face is cut off, maybe its better that way

Hey readers!

Did you like my swap? You may have noticed I’ve gone longer than usual without posting. I did this for a few reasons but my main one is that I really appreciated Abby for letting my swap with her and I wanted to give her post some time to “marinate” on my blog. Anyhow, both her and I didn’t want to offend anybody and know that I DO appreciate all comments, even the “yum” and “I agree!”.

Moving on.

Today was fun as it was my first big blogger meetup! Lynn from The Actors Diet got a bunch of us Southern California Bloggers to meet at a cute cafe in West Hollywood (in L.A.). The attendees included two readers (which I very much appreciated! As much as bloggers are cool, its so refreshing to see interest from just readers!), Ameena from Fancy That…Fancy This, Andy and Amanda from Two Boos that Eat , Becki from Hike, Bike, Eat, Megan from Healthy Hoggin, and Katy from Katy’s Eats. Its kind of strange to meet with bloggers. We had SO much to talk about, not a moment of silence, and yet most of us have never met each other in our lives. It was fun exchanging blogging woes and perks. Most of my “real life” friends actually dont know about my blog, and I doubt they are that interested. It seems like some of the people that care about me the most are my readers; people I have never physically met before! ย Everyone was so sweet. I honestly felt I was kind of annoying because it seemed like I wouldn’t stop talking. I guess being a chef among foodies, you get to talk a lot. I must thank Lynn for organizing this. She’s such a positive, inspirational, funny, and kind person and I’m so thankful she got us all together. I hope we can do it sometime soon! Lynn posted some picture here,

And if any of you readers ever come to L.A., shoot me an email and maybe we’ll arrange a meetup, that is if I like you. Kidding! sorta ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyhow I wanted to tell you about my mini meltdown in my car the other day. I was at a red light and looking in the mirror to check my teeth (cause I felt some strawberry residue in there) and I found what I think was my first……grey hair!!!!!!

And no, it wasn’t just “very blonde” it was grey, from root to tip!

I dont understand it! I’m young, at least I think I am! I was only legally allowed to drink two years ago!

yummy guac pizza!

I dont have an exciting recipe, this is mainly what I had for a light dinner. I made my “Brocamole” and slathered it on a toasted tortilla and topped with with a veggie hot dog, cole slaw mix and some nooch. Speaking of tortillas…..just giving you a heads up that there will be a giveaway soon from La Tortilla. They have every kind of tortilla under the sun from gluten free, to low carb, to traditional corn and flour ones. I’m going to formulate unique ways to use them so stay tuned for that in the next coming day or days (depends how lazy I get).

nothing like guac instead of tomato sauce


16 thoughts on “Blogger Meetup, Guac Pizza, and Grey Horror!

  1. I love a good unconventional pizza! Using things like quac or bbq sauce instead of tomato sauce just makes the pizza. I may try hummus this week. I am jealous of your blogger meetup. I have never had one. But since I am oing to the healthy living summit next weekend, I will get to meet lots of bloggers!

  2. Awesome meetup! ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone says that they never have trouble finding something to talk about with things like that, but somehow I’m pretty sure I would. ;p

    And if it makes you feel any better, I’ve found WHITE hairs before. When I was still in high school.

    โค โค

  3. What a fun bloggie meetup! I saw this on Lynn’s blog as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m in Taiwan right now for the summer, but I go to school in L.A. so……….*hint hint* ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha jk

    it’s okay..stress does that to you. i’ve found a couple nasty white ones amongst my lush black hair a few months ago…

  4. I want a meetup with people ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Does anyone live in Indiana?….I don’t blame ya.

    I keep looking for greys but luckily I haven’t found any yet. Don’t worry…that’s what hair dye is for ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I love avocado. I typically eat a whole one per day, oops!
    La Tortilla >…I have never seen….maybe not in Canada? (I hope the giveaway applies to Canadians?)

    Nice meetup. That sounds really nice. I am familair with Ameena (and Maya) and Lynn. Nice.

  6. I think its odd too, but in a good way. Blogger meets up are like meeting with a long lost friend. You feel like you know them so well yet have been distant for years. Glad you guys a good time. And I loved the guest post, but I didn’t leave a comment. Why? well, because basically “i agreed.” haha!

  7. I feel so out of the loop in the blog world sometimes, because I live waaaaay up here in Alberta and I don’t think there are any bloggers anywhere near me. That being the case, I always get a bit envious when I see people having blogger meet-ups, because I’d love to take part in one myself, but… no luck ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe I’ll have to take a trip down to Cali one day to change all that…

  8. Ahh, L.A. I LOVE L.A. We took a road trip from Dallas, TX (home) to the Grand Canyon, then Vegas, then L.A. then San Fran and back. Took two weeks and was my first time visiting all of those places. I LOVED the Grand Canyon, but I’d love to go back to L.A. I told my husband to puh-leeeze buy me a house there and it doesn’t have to be in the 90210 zipcode, although that would be nice. (haaa) CA is definitely golden (love it!) and the weather is unbelievably (I can never spell that word) beautiful. Ahhh, when I hear CA girls on the radio (Katy Perry song) it brings me back because that was ALL over the radio when we were there in June. Anyway, I can’t wait to go back!!

  9. Glad you had an awesome blogger meet up!!!

    And about the grey hair..I’ve had a single one smack dab front and center since I was in elementary school? Maybe before it could have been that it never had pigment. I hardly ever notice it- some days it shows up and some days its hiding lol

  10. I am also a lone wolf here in Michigan, so I’m vicariously living through you for blogger love. Sigh…looks like it was fun, though, my envy issues aside!

    As for gauc, I eat a whole damn avocado every day, so I love the pizza concoction. One of my favorite pizzas is a pesto pizza–do you think there’s any way to make some sort of weird avocado pesto thing? I always mash one up and sprinkle it with oregano or basil before putting it on my sandwich. I suppose that’s my version.

    • I dont believe it! THE Abby might actually try one of my recipes. my life is complete if thats the case! I make a pest0-cado all the time, I just blend avocado with fresh basil and walnuts. I know its traditional to put cheese but I’m not big fan of cheese.

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