Peanut Flour Pavlova/Cookies and Stupid Things I Do

addicting, yet I admit, just some whipped air and peanut dust, so not filling

I never know how to begin posts. I think its corny to start with “Hello Friends!”. Anyhow, I have no brilliant line, so I’ll just begin.

I admit, I’m not a genius, but think I have some intelligence. I went to a good college, I was at the top of my class in culinary school (shocker, really!), and I like reading. So I’m gonna safely say I’m a tad smarter than Heidi Montag, not a huge feat, but something. Anyhow, often times, I do dumb things. I wish I had a more brilliant euphemism , but that is what they are, plain, ass dumb! Who knows, maybe you do them too:

-Text while walking across a busy street (and while I refrain from texting while driving – a practice which wouldn’t even make linguistic sense 10 years ago – I have been guilty of pulling it out at red lights. For shame, don’t kill me dad).

-Sacrifice precious moments of my life to watching horrid reality shows like “The Desperate Housewives of (fill in the blank)”

-Respond – albeit reflexively – to an errant catcall or come on. I need to keep my eyes straight ahead even if the woman inside me is screaming a big fat swear-a-thon…turning and looking at a truck-full of losers only eggs them on and gives them the attention they want. Ass holes! O, theres that inner bitch showing.

-Peruse gourmet food meccas like Whole Foods only to buy something as simple as Almond Milk and some cashews, which are both cheaper at Trader Joes.

-drink diet soda (for the record, I hate diet coke, and I’m cutting back, and go ahead, judge me)


-Not use a lock on my locker at the gym….still after having money stolen. Now I simply leave the wallet at home or in the car.

-Instinctively exclaim “Sorry!” when someone bumps into ME on the street

-Polish way too much food before bedtime

-Use my hands to take things out of the oven (seriously, I think I just dont believe in mits, my hands are full of burns and scars, a hand model I will NOT be!).

And the DUMBEST thing I sometimes do is……

-complain I’m “fat”……man am I dumb

I was pleasantly surprised to see peanut flour at Trader Joe’s this weekend. I thought it was going to remain one of those “buy online only” items like coconut peanut butter. And I’ll admit, I was almost going to make an online purchase. Thank goodness when I’m at the computer, I’m too lazy and comfy to reach for my wallet, so the online purchase never occurred. Because……Traders sells a bag of peanut flour for 3.99 and NO SHIPPING. I would have skipped, but too many cute guys work at trader for me to act in such an embarrassing manner.

I’ve already added them to a bunch of stuff, but I wanted to do something pretty for the blog. Enter my attempt at meringues which really were more like cookies, so lets just call them that. I also made a pavlova with the same batter cause I made so much. So you can make either. Here’s what went down:

-4 Jumbo egg white

-2 tbs peanut flour

-capful of vanilla stevia (I only had this cause I won it from a giveaway, you can use any sweetener you like, sugar will work best and two packets from the kind at starbucks outta do it)


Whip the egg whites until stiff peaks. And I mean STIFF! Hold the bowl over your head! Did it fall over your hair?! If it did, your didn’t whip it enough! Once its stiff, ad the peanut flour and vanilla/sugar. Quickly place in large ziploc bag and pipe into a big doughnut type thing if your making a pavlova OR little dots if your on the cookie route. When your done a nice dusting of cocoa powder or powdered sugar would be a nice touch.  Since there’s not much to these cookies, I would not replace a meal with these!  They are addictive and my roommate and I gobbled the whole batch in 5 min. Since I cant bake a batch of cookies and leave them around my house, this was perfect.

pavlova, sounds like a russian model's name, but models dont ironic

15 thoughts on “Peanut Flour Pavlova/Cookies and Stupid Things I Do

  1. I’m pretty sure I have texted while walking across a street. You are not alone.

    I too drink diet pop (had a diet cream soda today) and still leave my purse in my car even though its been stolen out of it!

    we all do dumb things even when we know better.

  2. The cookies look really good! I think I’ve done all those “stupid” things…but they’re not stupid, they’re life. But you are Crazy (not stupid) to think you are fat. I have been having a really tough day with that too today, so I know where your are coming from though. Be strong and ask yourself “what is right” and “what is rational”. Reach out if you want someone to talk to!

  3. love your list…

    “I think its corny to start with “Hello Friends!””—-ok now I am gonna be eternally gunshy b/c I start 90% of my posts off with that. I guess im a cornball!

    peanut flour, i need to get on that!

    and it’s not crazy at all to watch the housewives, i happen to think it’s a fabulous use of time!

    • well, corny is cool, and its corny for me. I mean your “Averie”! when I think of you, I think of a bright smilie face and “hello friends” sounds SO genuine. From the cynical, brunette me, I think it sounds corny. I love your raw cornball ness! pun intended!

  4. I am the queen of corn then – as I start with hello luvies. WTF:) xoo
    I think I heart your cookies – seriously. I mean – I seriously do love them. and you for posting them.
    And if I had to do a list of dumb things I do – we would all be here all day. And I gave up diet soda for a while and then thought – life is too short. I like it. I want it. Sue me. Yeah it’s bad for me. But I balance it with healthy other things so the chemicals can eat through the health food first – right? 🙂 xoxo

  5. Sometimes I have no idea how to start my posts either… and it’s the same way with any essay I have to write in school; introductions can be the most difficult things to write, so just getting right into it isn’t a bad idea 😉

    And you’re definitely not alone in doing stupid things. I’m notorious for texting while I’m walking in busy places… I haven’t killed myself doing it yet *knocks on wood*, so I hope my luck doesn’t run out anytime soon, because it’s how I distract myself from crowds, which tend to overwhelm me. And slouching is like my biggest problem… I keep trying to remind myself to sit up straight, but somehow I always end up hunched over…

  6. um your entire list is like my life. hahahaha and the way i see it is that they’re not dumb they just build character…

    …atleast thats what i say when my mom comes along and pokes her finger in the middle of my back so i’ll stand/sit up straight…

  7. I saw Peanut FLour on Julie Goleans blog *LOVE HER* and I need to get some, of course I have to order online, no trrader joes around here, boo!!!!!!! I cant wait to try some! I love what you made with it!


  8. Everyone’s been usuing peanut flour lately!! I wish there was a TJs remotely near me. Even though I use soy flour which is the exact same..still lol. and you better be careful texting while walking across the street! We’ve had 20+ people get hit on a single street here for doing that lol. Except for one old lady that got hit- she probably wasnt texting.

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  10. I just made (and promptly ate) the whole batch of these, coated in powdered sugar…ummm YUM!!!!! I wonder if coconut flour would work? Or anything else? So good, and I love the light, summery I-can-eat-them-all aspect as well!

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