Chocolate Tofu Pudding and HAIR!


So…… good news! I got myself to bed earlier and woke up earlier today! yay me! this might not sound like a big deal but I loved getting my day started earlier!

So after my assisting at Yoga Works, I went to my hairdresser, conveniently two blocks down from the studio to revamp my coif. You see lately, I’ve been going through an “ugly”. My lack of sleep, lack of sunshine, and lack of time for hair maintenance left me, well, sorta like a muppet. My hair was getting super long and annoying.

horrible lighting I know, but you get the idea

Enter my decision to chop a good four inches.  To be honest, I dont love it. In fact, I’m still feeling rather unattractive, I have heard men find girls with short hair less attractive. I think its very a very “mom jean” cut. I had to cut it shorter though. Hopefully I’ll redo my high lights next week so i will get a little more dimension.

I know its blurry, and pardon my filthy towel

This got me thinking a lot about people’s relationship with their hair. Of course, I’ve talked a lot about people’s relationship to food, but its amazing the way hair affects people’s mood, energy, personality, everything really.

I have this fear I will go bald.

My mom got her first fierce chemo treatment when I was about 8 and I saw her lose all her hair. For a few months, she had a shiny, hair less head. She covered it with a wig in public, but I know it crushed her. She was ALL about the hair. She had big ass curls and she had A LOT of them. It was so strange to see her with no hair. But she had such a gorgeous, luminous face, bright forest green eyes, that I think she maybe even looked more beautiful without the hair to distract.

Once again, regardless of her beauty, I know her hair loss crushed her.

She had another round of chemo when I was 12, a year before she passed away. She’d have to lose all the hair she re-grew beautifully form the first round. This time, her attitude was different. I think she embraced it that time around. She wore a wig the first few weeks, than ditched it. I don’t blame her, its itchy and got really hot under there (believe me, I’d used to try it on all the time around the house). It was an expensive wig too! custom made by dolly parton’s wig specialist (its la, those exist around here), and made from real hair. It look EXACTLY like her natural hair! But she found the confidence within her to ditch it and sported a bare head proudly. Like a badge of breast cancer honor.

When she died. that wig gave me the creeps. I did something so sad one day, I put in on her pillow, on her side of the bed in my parents room, and stood far away to see if it looks like she was there, sleeping beneath the covers. But it was just scary and a I bursted into tears.

My dad informed me a few years ago that he gave that wig to his colleague’s wife who had chemo. I’m glad someone made good use of that wig.

Sometimes, I have a horrible day simply because my hair is not behaving. And this is the case with many people, even men. But I do try to remember about my mom’s attitude. I try to remember I have such gorgeous features that I dont need to have my hair mask. Plus, when I’m in a bad mood, it tends to be contagious and I wouldn’t want to spread that around. So next time you feel your hair is a mess or that “ugly” phase, be thankful you have hair, pull it back, and show off your gorgeous face.

I never have good transitions into my recipes, but heres what I had for my dessert part of my lunch! Chocolate Tofu Pudding!

in a blender I mixed:

-1 whole package (or box really) of mori-nu firm tofu

-2 tbs cocoa powder

-1/8 guar gum

-about 1/4 cup almond milk

-1tsp vanilla extract

(note you may add a sweetener, but I love the cocoaness of it all without sweetener)

I blended it and then made chocolate syrup by blending 2 tbs cocoa powder with 1 tbs coconut butter. Then I swirled it!

looks more like marble but I swear very edible indeed!

now go pull your hair back and admire your gorgeous features!


19 thoughts on “Chocolate Tofu Pudding and HAIR!

  1. I love your hair Eden.
    Very cute.

    I have short hair. If I were brave I would cut it pixie-style like Natalie Portman or Halle Berry…problem is that I don’t have their cutting-cheek bones and flawless faces (therefore, would not pull it off).

    I need to get mine cut again. It is very very thick and bulky. But it is also very very dry and “dead”….it is stringy in so many parts. Ugh, lets just say it is a mess. This is a problem because I have interviews upcoming and I kind of look “not so good” anyway, so the hair is a real mess!

  2. That’s such a sad story about your loss. You’re a brave, brave girl for facing it and sharing your experience.

    Mmm…you don’t like your hair? Cuz I love it! It makes you look sophisticated and really defines your pretty face 😀 Speaking of…I need a trim, like seriously.

  3. You do not look like a mom! The haircut is very cool and “now”! Haha

    That’s so sad about your mom. I don’t know if I should say sorry, but I am.

    Hair is a big problem for me. I say big, because I have a lot of it. I’ve always wanted the opposite of what I have. But isn’t that everybody?

    Um, not quite sure how you made tofu pudding without tofu. Confused!?

    ❤ Tori

  4. okay your story about your mom is beautiful like seriously amazing. i don’t even know what to say other then the fact that when you write your book i hope you put that seg in there 🙂

    on another note WHY are we twins i made that tofu pudding last night the SAME recipe and it was even before i read this post! i had it for breakfast and seriously its like my new addiciton. i’m giving myself props haha because that means i made the same recipe as a fancy pants cook. whaaatuuuuuuuup hahah

    • awesome! great (and fit!) minds think alike. Its seriously an addiction, I’ve had it almost EVERY day for like the past few months, and I’m not kidding!

  5. Beautiful post, Eden. I’m sorry you had to go through that when you were younger but I’m sure it’s only made you stronger..and obviously it has. I go through bad hair days all the time but remember back last year when my hair was falling out because of malnurishment. You never know what you have ’til it’s gone (or going..).

    And I absolutely love your hair. 🙂 It can be hard going from long-short hair but just know you look gorgeous! Plus, it’ll be soooo much easier to manage 😛

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your mom, hun 😦 But that’s really amazing that she was able to embrace the loss of her hair, and felt confident enough to go without a wig. Hair really can affect moods, and a bad hair day can very quickly turn into a bad day in general. It’s hard not to let things like that affect us, but it’s probably something we could all use a little work on. Your hair looks great, though, so I hope you’re not stressing about it.

  7. That must have been so tough for you to see your mom go through that… it makes sense that it would have a profound effect on you. But your hair looks great to me! Personally, I’ve always said that if hair is supposed to be a woman’s “crowning glory,” then I’m in big trouble… but I suppose that’s just part of the illness of society in which what you’ve got can’t ever be good enough. (My hair IS obnoxious and annoying!! Still — you do bring up a good point, that even if it is impossible to tame, I should be grateful for it.)

    ❤ ❤

  8. i love your hair.. the cut is lovely, and stylish, even if now it seems like it is too short! i for one, would be crushed if i cut my hair, its almost down to my waist, its taken me soooo long to get it this long..i cant do much with it..
    i could never get a short pixie cut, i have prominent facial features (read, big.. lol) and my forehead is about as big as a book- i think those pixie cuts are reserved for girls with pixie faces to match!

    amazing, touching story about your mom.. *hugs*

  9. First of all, I love your hair cut. I think it looks great, but I do know how it feels when you dont feel confident in the look. I mean, no matter what anyone says, if you dont like it, you will NOT feel confident in yourself. I hope that you can either get it shaped or highlighted so that you can feel confident in your new ‘do and stand tall and proud in the style you have!! 🙂

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