Cool Careers you Never Considered and “Asian Guac”

I topped my Asian guac with lagostino tails and chia seed sprinkles, cause everything looks prettier with chia seed sprinkles.

I started thinking about careers today. I was still teary eyed from my therapy session this afternoon, and smoggy LA traffic wasn’t exactly remedying it. I started thinking about my career, and if I really have one.

I’m sure YOU probably are unsure about your career, even if you already have a solid, established one.

Its not the 50’s anymore and there are so many possible career paths you can take that you may have never even thought existed. I am a firm believer you should enjoy working to some degree. Otherwise, you’r just going to be an unhappy, bitter person. Also, I never judge a person by their job. Thats just silly. I’ll have the same respect for janitor than I would a doctor (maybe more, no offense to doctors, but some can be real A-holes).

I thought I’d show you some cool jobs I came up with after some research. Remember, you can always juggle two careers. I mean I’m a part time chef, part time yoga instructor, and who know, I might pick one of jobs from this list:

Pet physiologist: Don’t be so shocked. Even Sparky sometimes needs help to keep from gnawing on your shoes or ipod. Once the local vet has ruled out physical ailments that can contribute to rude pet behavior, people who love their animals may need to call in a trained, certified behaviorist or pet psychologist. People DO seek out for these! There are even certified applied animal behaviorists. This is good if you have master’s or doctorate degree in psychology, preferably with additional work in zoology and animal behavior. I’ve heard salaries vary greatly by locale, but can be upwards of $90,000 a year. And if your REALLY good, A&E will probably contact to make a reality show with you.

Food Taster: Do you ever wonder how Ben & Jerry’s comes up with crazy flavors like “Chunky Monkey” and “Phish Food”?  They call me! Kidding! They actually have an entire job-line called the Flavor Development Specialist, dedicated to designing and testing new ice cream flavors.  There is more to designing ice cream flavors than tasting them — it’s an entire science.  If you want to skip designing new foods and simply taste them, then consider being a Professional Eater.  This is a legitimate career — take a look at this article  It may sound like a weird job, but it’s probably very satisfying (in more ways than one). However, ED patients need not apply (yes, I’m allowed to make fun of this, gotta problem with that?!)

-Lifeguard at a Nude Beach: I actually hear they DO exist and pay well. All you really need is to pass a life guarding exam and be CPR certified. And know who to exercise self control….

-Youth boot camp instructor for juvenile offenders: Good if your a personal trainer and your sick of being at the local gym. Always fun to see people who’ve done wrong in some sort of pain….thats cruel of me, right?

Food tour guide: This is great for all you foodies that know the best places to buy food and the best local restaurants.  To be honest, if I was to go to big city I’ve never been before, like say, Beijing, I’d love to have a local for a few hours tell me where the non-touristy spots are to get the best, authentic grub. Most cities have a company that does this and you get tips! Some are “walking” tours too so you can save more money by giving up your gym membership. Once again, ED people should reconsider this….warning, I’m being blunt, if your too skinny, they wont believe you know where the good stuff is.

Furniture tester: This could be the perfect job for the couch potato in your family. Believe it not furniture manufacturers actually hire people to sit in those chairs, loaf on on those sofas, and stretch out on those mattresses to test them for comfort.

There you have it! Believe me, there are loads more unusual jobs I found (like “jelly doughnut filler” and “bingo caller”). Once again, I apologize for the eating disorder jokes, if your offended by them, well, I dunno go eat a sandwich cause I think I get a pass on them. Just like I’m allowed to make fun of Jews (cause I’m a certified Jewess).

And now, for my asian style guacamole!

I realized that many of you like my guac bowl, and who can blame you really. They pretty much are the bomb. So i decided to spruce up my usual guac today and go Asian. I simply blended:

-half a small avocado

-about 2tbs grainy mustard

-about 2 tbs braggs liquid aminos (less sodium than soy sauce!0

-1 tbs fresh grated ginger (or you can use ginger powder)

-dash of onion and garlic powder (or real onion or garlic, but had only those spices on hand)

ignore the filthy counter in the background, my roommate and I are walking zombies so cleaning is on the back burner, know any good maids?

This is the tricky part…..Blend!

11 thoughts on “Cool Careers you Never Considered and “Asian Guac”

  1. cool jobs…i asked ppl last week what they wanted to be when they grow up or dream jobs and i remember what you said…it’s so hard in this day and age to pick one thing, do it forever, i mean who knows what we will want in 5 yrs or 10 or even in 6 mos…i still have no idea and im 10+ yrs older than you!

  2. Those sound like fun jobs! I already have my “dream job” of illustrating greeting cards, but I still have MORE jobs I want to do! Personal trainer, children’s boook illustrator, nutritionist, personal chef…

    …but I think being an ice cream taster just moved to the top of that list! LOL 🙂

  3. Sucks about the yoga classes at the gym…now how am I supposed to get my weekly Zen?

    Are there any donation based (yes, I’m cheap) yoga classes in that area that you can recommend?

    By the way, my favorite “odd jobs” are fortune cookie writer (I met a girl who does this), and chicken sexer. The last one isn’t as fun as it sounds, basically you separate baby chicks according to gender. Oh the joys of farm living…

  4. I would love to switch careers. My professional job…well, doing it is like slowly cutting my arm off…it is painful…it is like being in grade-school again and having to force yourself through learning things you just don’t want to.
    Not sure what I was thinking in pursuing said career. Obviously I wasn’t. It is the exact opposite of me.
    Debt …my lovely debt makes it my reality.
    But I am nearly 30 now. I figure even if I am 40+ years old before I g than nothing!I want to…welel, 40 is better than nothing!

  5. Food taster’s definitely my kinda job! I remember seeing that Ben & Jerry’s section on Unwrapped before. The guy was testing out the new cookies n cream ice cream. Ummmm, getting paid to taste food all day? Yes please!

  6. I would love to be a Food Taster…I can’t think of a better job! But I would certainly run into some issues with being allergic to this and that. I’d probably be fired!

  7. OooO! I’m just finishing up my psych. degree, so I guess I could be a pet physiologist if I really wanted to 🙂 Picking a career can be such a difficult thing to do… I remember being overwhelmed in high school when I was trying to decide which direction I wanted to go in. I chose one eventually (psychology), but now that I’m almost finished it, I’m finding my interests are changing and I’m thinking about pursuing another degree in health and nutrition. I really do believe that we should love what we do, though, no matter what it is… and I completely agree about the doctor thing… some of them are just horrible people.

  8. Hi,

    New reader here 🙂 I’m from the L.A. area too, glad to find another L.A. blogger.

    I used to work in the hotel industry and we would have secret shoppers stay at our hotel. Their jobs were to stay at hotels, use their services such as spas, restaurants and bars with all expense paid by us (the hotel) and in exchange, they critique the hotel and give us feedbacks on the services we provided.

    I thought their jobs were cool 🙂

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